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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hmmmm typical alien tactics........ive found one on shia chat
  2. Maybe make your skin darker to match your hair, instead of making your hair lighter to match you skin
  3. generally repition overcomes nervousness, eg nervous at giving speeches, start with small crowds u will be less nervous each time.
  4. Q.A


    man up stand up to those who are humiliating you, or shave, your choice, but shaving wont solve problem of others picking on you, they will find somthing else if you have been an easy target with your beard.
  5. just the viiew of hx compared to the sunni view. majority of arabs revered as great leaders and men of enlightenment are show through history as cowards and people of low wisdom, the hx of imam hussein shows what kind of people the arabs were at the time, including "shias" eg kufa supporters of the imam. And regardles of sunni/shia if anything they are the opposite of a chosen group of people, a people indesperate need of help and guidance due to their low thinking and ignorance. prophets were sent to every nation no priotiry was given but some needed waaaaay more help then others it seems.
  6. i think the shia view is the opposite
  7. So no links with space thats dissapointing, the idea of it being a lead wall is underwhelming, i hope one day a scholar will look into it, the road that dhulqarnayn took sounds like a worm hole. it seems we only discover science in the quran by hindsight rather then looking proactively, imagine one day light space travel is discovered by non muslims then years later muslims start saying oh yeah that was inthe quran, how wasteful would that be by us.
  8. "... wisdom in these bats that are clutched by the brightness that spreads for every thing, and are spread by darkness that clutches every living thing." "An example of His delicate production, wonderful creation and deep sagacity which He has shown us is found in these bats which keep hidden in the daylight although daylight reveals everything else, and are mobile in the night although the night shuts up every other living being;" the difference between these 2 translations is alot
  9. Know that whatever of a thing you acquire, a fifth of it is for Allah, for the Messenger, for the near relative, and the orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer...(8:41) “And those who hoard up gold and silver and spent it not in God’s way, announce to them a painful chastisement. On the Day of Judgment when it (the gold and silver) shall be heated in the fire of Hell, then shall be branded with it their forehead and their sides and their backs (saying unto them) “this is what you hoarded up for yourselves, therefore taste what you hoarded up”. (Chapter at-Tawbah, verse 34-35) I live in a wellf
  10. From sitw of Nasheer najafi Rule no.1755. Khums (the one-fifth levy) is obligatory on the following seven things: Profit or gain from earnings. Minerals. Treasure trove. Amalgamation of lawful wealth with unlawful wealth. Gems obtained from sea diving. Spoils of war. A land which a Dhimmi (a non-Muslim living under the protection of an Islamic Government) purchases from a Muslim. According to the 60th verse of chapter Al-Tawbah of the Holy Quran, Zakat can be given to the following eight types of people: The poor The destitute Agents who collect Zakat Those non-Muslims who are inclined
  11. I was reading pickthall translation of surah al khaf. The verses on dhul qarnay was very interesting. I sounded to me like it was talking about space for travel, worm holes and aliens. Any one kniw if any shia scholars have ever spoken about quran and space travel
  12. Sit back smoke a spliff. Joking i play sports so some individual trainig in my sports helps me rela
  13. I said it was a bit off topic, but has some relevance as topic is about propaganda effecting societies view on homosexuals, so an i dea how shichat community would react would be intersting. But i agree not completely relevant. It s cool if you dont wish to answer. Any one else want to answer my question?
  14. Near death experience are quute interesting there are cases of people describing there iin surgery when put under general anaosthetic very accurately from a position above every one, like floating near the ceiling. This was from a dcumentary u watched so take it with a pinch if salt
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