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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam I think one of the hijab benefits is helping to maintenance the family. for example, when the women and men failure to comply with hijab, in their dresses or eyes, and showing their beauties to each other, it is an intrinsic property in human that he wants the best! when you see a beautiful women than your wife, or a sweet spoken woman, or a athlete man who shows their muscles or car and etc, you like it in your mind(even if you don't telling it), and your love to your family will be decreased! It's the reason that show-off is prohibited in Islam. so, hijab is a rule to prevent some show-offs!
  2. try it! has no costs! but in medicine point, if you coplulate about 24 hours around ovulation(it's almost middle of the period) your chance to have a son is the most! also if you and your wife remove dairy for 3-6 months before that, it could increase your chance to have son
  3. Hello and Thank you christian lady! about my name I should say my meaning of GodMan is someone who believes only the God and do everything to satisfy him. he is the soldier of God (something like this is my mean of that name), but if it doesn't mean like what i wanted, let me know... I think you are a native English and can help me to correct it! Also you can call me anything you like. I didn't and don't know about Matthew and his opinion about daily bread, but yes, that example came to my mind at the moment. But about your main content, yes, all of us not only think our religion is the best, but also believe ourself are the best human and we understand better than others I think, If we want really know what religion is the best, we should explore our inner questions at first in our religion, and when we thought no, it's not enough reasonable answer for my question, start to searching in other big and famous religions. If we found the better answer in other religion, it noticed us to search and know more that religion! If I said I think our religion is best, cause I can get my all answers in our Quran and or Hadiths, completely and rationally. And when I came to a dead end in my religion. maybe I will search about other religions like Christianity.(although in our Quran Allah says christian religious leaders hide the annunciation to the last prophet Muhammed(SAWS) , or I hear there is some wrong beliefs in Christianity that says Jesus is the son of God(we think as similar as Allah created the Adam he created the Jesus and Allah has no child), or God and Jesus do wrestling and etc, that we Muslim can not accept these things). Finally about misuse of religion and killing the people, yes, our religion accepts and believes to 124,000 prophets of God, and says all of them are similar and in the one way, and each prophet completed the last prophets religion and remove from bad people distortions, and reached to Islam as the last religion. Also we(Shia) believe, the religion is completed in content and base, but it needs a good teacher like prophet to explain it to people and answer their questions and don't let the bad people to distortions. So we believe on 12 Imam's after our prophet, cause the relation between God and people should not be disconnected. And we believe our 12th Imam(Imam Mahdi (AS)) is alive, and also your and our prophet Jesus(PBUH) is alive too and they will come a day and survive the world. And many other religions like Jewish believe on savior(although with different definitions). So, If someone is a really Muslim, he should respect the other people believes, and he is not allowed to kill anyone! In Quran, Allah says you can only kill Kafir's(they don't believe on God) who offense you and want kill you! in this condition you can defend yourself and kill invaders. Although there is an Ayah in Quran says forgiveness is better than killing! even if someone killed your family! An other interesting thing in our religion is that, we believe(and it mentioned in Quran too) that, if someone really believes on his religion, and he did researching and find his religion the best, if he dies, Allah will audit him on his heart believes and his religion in doomsday! (It means Paradise is not only for Muslims, and If you really searched and found your religion the best, and you did your religious obligations good, you can go there too!) Peace and Allah bless you!
  4. If Iran didn't help Syria army, maybe Israel was there at now!
  5. Read the nahj al balagha and enjoy it
  6. Muslim refers to all Muslim (everyone said shahadatain) Kafir refers to someone who don't believes on God. Mumeen is someone, his/her faith is deeply in his/her heart. not only in words. Munafiq is someone he/she says I am Muslim but he/she is not in his/her heart and wants to cheat others! Mushrek is someone believes on God in words, but he/she hopes to another in heart! (Maybe most of us are Mushrek in different levels!)
  7. I think religion is an introduction of God! Everyone by thinking can understand that the world should have a reason(creator). and who is it? and religion explains and answer to this main question.
  8. If I want to be honest: After he died! For ordinary people, I think only the die can resolve the problem(achieve yaqeen) But I think there is another way and it's Zohur! Zohur of Imam Mahdi maybe can solve it, or help to solve too!
  9. One Allah,One Quran, One prophet, and one Sunnah should be our motto
  10. Salam I think if all Muslims know Arabic, and Arabic was the international language of Muslims, this would be nice and helpful to be near together
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