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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I dont love them but ONLY Allah (swt) knows that. Dont get carried away
  2. i just wiki'd him, apparently he has close links to israel and the dutch secret service followed him into the israeli embassy many times and have had to deny that they were 'shadowing' him. IE he takes his cue from the accursed zionists, so it is no surprise
  3. stay and teach. ive decided im gonna make as many non muslim friends as i can and teach even a little thing about real muslims. most people are cool but just need to see we arent aliens.
  4. Oh look the arrogant iranian. the problem? shia procession comes under attack... a few murmurs here and there. Dulaimi and Hashimi blame us for it... not a peep Another member claim sunnis getting killed while shias arent... zilch. Hezbullah wins... Woohhoo lets all have a party. YOU may no think it makes a difference nice eyes, bu it seems other, non muslims members disagree. shameful.
  5. ^ I dont think they are kafirs. I put it in speech marks to signify that even though they are technically kafirs they are doing more than the rest of you. Neither do i want any of you to die, im trying to get your attention, cos the daily massacres are working.. Go israel is sarcasm. Both of you stop trying to be cute. Go defend your brothers and sisters. What the Hell are you talking about? CLICK ON THE LINK. thats the iraq forum remember that? You know iraq, that place where shias are dragged off buses and killed for being shias (happened AGAIN today). I didnt start any topic on there, lea
  6. Yes because shia hezbullah embrace the salafi concepts of Islam wholeheartedly. :huh:
  7. Remember this forum? http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showforum=45 [disgusting wastes of humanity and cowards are people who sit behind a computer screen and level accusations and foul language at others - WARNED] are staying silent while it takes "kafirs" like greg potemkin and lester to defend us. So much for islamic unity, you people dont even care for shia unity, except for when it comes to jumping on the Hezbullah bandwagon. I dont want you to go sunni bashing, on the contrary. But we are under attack and then the attackers have the cheek to blame us and say its our fault. Even som
  8. http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0823/p01s01-woiq.html Oh but of course she's a kafir. We shouldnt trust her. However shes the same kafir who said the "mujahideen" would win the war, and all you liars cried tears of joy.
  9. Sunnis are not being killed more than shias. Its about 50-50. Funny how you didnt say anything when your lord and master Zarqawi declared war on us. And now when the shias have had enough and are getting revenge you make all this noise.
  10. ^ Or possibly some wahhabis saw a chance to kill some heretics, and never being ones to miss out on such a chance, took it with aplomb. We dont know what happened for sure, but taking tariq hashimis word for it is like asking Gary Glitter if he touches kids for kicks. "Who, me guv? It was da shias wot made me do it" By the way this wasnt a sunni gunman shooting randomly back and killing a few civilians. This was snipers set up in position targetting people. No one responds to an alleged ambush by militiamen with snipers, you come out your house, all guns blazing. This had to be planned.
  11. Unfortunately your absolutely right. Its ok when our own are killin each other.
  12. I got a feeling they are gonna go and attack themselves, inside job part 2, and blame iran so they can nuke it. Cheney already said he would nuke iran if usa is attacked again, even if Iran has nothing to do with it. Newt Gingrich says political opposition is like 'an insurgency'. The USA is on red alert = martial law. Bush talks about islamo fascists. I been on infowars.com and it aint looking pretty. Halliburton camps for 5th columnists, peacniks and muslims. Someone on here said he had a plan to leave the USA at short notice. Get going.
  13. Same types kill shias for fun. Your moaning to the wrong people.
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