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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. :huh: walak yaa nami fee2 men sakret el mowt :P
  2. ooooffff, learned is still alive?? lah lah lah
  3. oh you people all suck :dry: cary's pleasantries and glowing positivity has finally rubbed off on me. what can i say :angel:
  4. Ali Mahdi, jazaak Allaahu khayr al jazaa' for these words. I get emails whenever you add a hadeeth, may you be blessed eternally for your efforts. ------------------ Shimon said: Tell me about the marks of the ignorant. The Prophet (Muhammad) (SAWA) replied: The ignorant is that who hurts youwhen you accompany him, reviles at you if you leave him, binds you with hisfavours if he gives you something and shows ingratitude if he is givensomething, betrays if you tell him a secret, and accuses you (of divulginghis secrets) if he tells you a secret. He becomes ungrateful, coarse andrude if he is rich, denies Allaah's graces openly if he is poor, exceeds thelimits if he is happy, despairs if he is sad, guffaws if he laughs, and lowsif he weeps. The ignorant reviles at the pious ones. He neither loves norregards Allaah. He is neither ashamed of Allaah not does he remember Him. Hewill praise you excessively if you please him; otherwise he will cancel thepraising and accuse you of things that you do not have. This is the habit ofthe ignorant. Tuhaf al-'Uqool (The Masterpieces of the Intellects) Al-Harrani Maxims of the Prophet, p.30
  5. Eh I cant believe my eyes! What u doing on here? :P

  6. 3id Mubarak. May Allah (swt) bless you and please remember me and my family in your duas, InshAllah.

  7. DAKHLO Rabbek aneh ya ammoon ^_^ wayleh su b7ebbek
  8. Salaam You should ask a learned person about the interpretation of the aforementioned hadith. But here is a translation of the above arabic hadith: On (the authority of Abi 'Abdillaah (as), who) said: If the sleeping (ones) exceeded the number of the alert (ones), the alert will depart from them (the sleeping, in greater numbers than) the sleeping will depart from the sleeping (ones). The way it was translated and quoted by "Ali Mahdi" is different, and indicates that the arabic it was translated from could very well have been different. Either way, surely you can understand both? The first one describes two kinds of people, from my understanding - those that are asleep in the time that most people are asleep (at night) vs those that are awake in those times - highlighting the fact that generally those that are asleep when most people are asleep are more successful than the latter. During the daytime, sustenance is acquired, most people are awake, people mingle with other people, criminals and wicked ones, wild animals, etc don't lurk like they do in the late night, etc.. Think about the types of people awake and busy during the day and waht they're doing, and those that are awake when most people are asleep and how they're spending their time. Also keep in mind the verses in the Qur'aan where Allaah (SWT) specifies that He (SWT) created the night for sleep and rest, and the day for acitivity, etc.. Many ahadith exist to support this also. As for this second translation above, from my understanding it is metaphorically referring to Ignorance vs Enlightenment/Faith. The ignorant are referred to as the sleeping ones, and the enlightened/faithful/knowledgable ones referred to as the alert/cautious ones.. Basically saying that if there exists a group of people with greater ignorant ones amongst them than enlightened/faithful ones, then the enlightened/faithful/knowledgable ones will depart from/leave that group of people, moreso than the ignorant ones will leave that group.. Get it? Basically it's a matter of like-minded and behaved people are more likely to stick together. An intellegent and wise man with high morals and manners is highly unlikely to spend too much time with a group of ignorant fools, who don't care for faith, knowledge, etc.. He may stay with them for a while for some reason, but will soon enough depart from them.. That's my understanding from reading the two translations anyway (second one was my translation). If any other interpretations can be provided, please do. If I've made any mistakes, please point them out to me. Wassalaam
  9. Maxims of Imaam al Saadiq (as) - A friend is tested through three matters. If he does them then he is a true friend, otherwise he is false. You should ask him for some money, deposit some money with him, and cause him to participate in an unfavourable matter. - The faith of those who enjoy three characterisitcs is perfect: they are those whose rage does not take them out of the right, whose satisfaction does not take them to the wrong, and who pardon when they are powerful. - The people of this world need three characters: luxury without tiredness, abundance with satisfaction, and courage without laziness. - The intelligent should never forget three things: the expiry of this world, the change of conditions, and the unexpected disasters. - Faith, intelligence, and painstaking are three matters that are not perfect in anybody. - Brothers are of three kinds: one is that who offers his soul for you and the other offers his wealth for you. These two kinds of brothers are genuine. The third is that who takes from you what he wants and needs you for enjoyment. You should not reckon him with the trustful (friends). - The servants will not attain the reality of faith before they enjoy three characteristics: knowledge of religion, moderation of livelihood, and steadfastness against misfortunes. All power belongs to Allaah the Most High, the Great. --- Tuhaf al 'Uqool (Masterpieces of the Intellect), pp. 382-386 [Abu Mohammed al-Hasan bin Ali bin al-Husain bin Shu'ba al-Harrani, 2004] ---
  10. aah well here you go ruqayah: http://www.inminds.co.uk/boycott-mcdonalds.html 7ada baddo berd2aan? :huh:
  11. Ikhlaas* (posting 9:58pm) . . . (Lord have mercy, here we go) --------------- HAHAHAHAA.. bahlool.. lek how's the daa7yeh entatteneh??
  12. lak ya 7ammoodeh, go tend to your swans enta n stop creating havoc here. i don't have time to read petty posts like this in my email just because i subscribed to this damn thread ages ago :dry: but YES ruqayah re: "maccas" n all that rubbish, i can't believe ppl still buy that zbeleh.. go to the links in my signature mate for the drinks. as for mcdonalds there should be an article/few articles on that site somewhere.. check all relevant links n read up. re: westfield, yep the debate is a) as a customer, are you partaking in purchasing from Westfield itself or the individual stores? b ) clearly there is a greater danger for the store leasees in Westfield, as it can be argued that it is much more likely that their rent money and any other expenses going to Westfield mgmt, would contribute more towards its profits.. which are proved to be used (even if a tiny percentage) to bolster the Zionist pig-farm been meaning to ask question pertaining to a) to my marja3's office.. if anyone has done anything like that, pls msg me cos as of now i'm changin to "no email notification" for this thread, nor am i gonna check this site. suklan ya wled 3ammeh shalom ------------------- lol wlek get up n get a job yaa 3own, stop kickin around that soccer ball wlo. ste7eh 3aad
  13. wlek reeta row7a bala raj3a. the world can do without [$%^@]'s like this ----- http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=109673 Alan Jones blasts radio regulator Wednesday Apr 11 07:31 AEST Sydney radio personality Alan Jones has blasted the radio regulator over a ruling that comments made on his program incited violence and vilified people of Middle Eastern descent. Jones went on the offensive during his Wednesday program on 2GB Radio, saying findings by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) were biased and based on complaints of people who do not listen to his show. ACMA said Harbour Broadcasting Pty Ltd, licensee of commercial Sydney radio station 2GB, had twice breached Australia's broadcasting code in the days before the December 2005 Cronulla race riot. The regulator found the Commercial Radio Code of Practice 2004 was breached by comments aired on Jones' top-rating breakfast program during December 5 and 9, 2005. Those comments contravened the code by being "likely to encourage violence or brutality" and "likely to vilify people of Lebanese background and of Middle Eastern background on the basis of their ethnicity". But Jones attacked ACMA, saying it had "little radio experience or knowledge of talkback radio" and said he had never incited violence on his program. "Anyone who knows me knows I've never encouraged violence or brutality in anything ... and I did the exact opposite but our defences counted for nothing." One excerpt Jones read from a listener on December 7 recommended that bikie gangs confront "Lebanese thugs" at the Cronulla railway station. Jones on Wednesday played another excerpt from around the same time telling a listener not to promote the riot, which eventually ensued on December 11. "On countless occasions ... I had as I have regularly on this program opposed violence and brutality and urged people to allow the law to take its course," he said. He said the people who made the original complaints only heard excerpts aired by an ABC broadcast, which also provided information to its listeners on how make a complaint to ACMA. "The people who complained to ACMA had not heard any of my program," he said. "If people don't listen to the program all the time, why then are 26 seconds of comment that I might have made, chosen to hang me. "They can't have their argument both ways. "This outfit which regulate radio ... if that doesn't constitute bias I don't know what does." ACMA will be writing to Harbour Radio shortly about the action it may take against the broadcaster. Compliance measures could range from suspending or cancelling 2GB's licence to lesser penalties including fines and requiring staff to attend compliance training programs. Jones called ACMA's report false and said the regulator disregarded 2GB's defence, which was considered in ACMA's ruling. "To be charged with all of this is just unbelievable, especially when you've mounted the defences, and these were our defences, and at the end of the day, they didn't want to know about the defences," Jones said. He also condemned the process, saying he was unable to read the excerpts from his program that led to ACMA's decision. "Because of the charge laid against me, I'm unable to read you those pieces," he said. "This is like parliamentary privilege. "They can say what they like about me. "Can I sue them for defamation? - no, no, no." "This is very serious stuff - it's only serious because it's untrue, that's why it's serious and bordering on the dishonest."
  14. ^ lol dakhlo rabbak aneh. waa7ad btefham. --- cary, i say we all flock to central australia while we still can :unsure: bring ur saffron n i'll take some apples n argileh.. we can start up a nice business :shifty: mmmmm saffron argileh *drool*
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