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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Kind of sick of this being painted as a Sunni vs Shi'a conflict. It's a conflict between Religious Pluralists and Takfiris. Sunnis make up much of Assads army anyway.
  2. The Alawis views are exaggerated greatly. They don't beleive Ali (ra) is God. They believe him, like Muhammad ( SAW ) is made from noor and part of an almost triune emination of Allah's light. While certainly esoteric, it's not viewing them as God, astaghfirullah. Alevis-Bektashis beleive much the same thing. Anyway, while not perfect and not a good person. Certainly not following the Sharia in his treatment of civilians and use of chemical weapons. Assad is a religious pluralist and moderate. Much better than the Takfiris that want to set up an Ikhwan or Saudi run Syria.
  3. It isn't behind the west in many ways. Many Parts are very conservative and protective of traditional values and cities are clean and hygienic. Whereas the west has largely fallen to ultramodernism. However, yes, I acknowledge that there are many parts of the Muslim world that are culturally backward, do not use Sharia correctly and kill and mutilate people basically for pleasure. This, I blame partially on Colonialism and Zionist Imperialism. And partially on Saudi-Nejdi-Salafi Imperialism and the spreading of that mindset.
  4. WS. You're right, brother. I shouldn't let myself get that angry. I'm just sick of them treating me differently. I shouldn't stoop to their level like that. But they are terrible people that want to kill us. All Muslims. Have you ever seen them speak? It's madness. But yeah. I shouldn't be like them there. Thank you for reminding me of my duty. We should still fight those who fight against us though.
  5. I'm not pro Trump and I think his views on Islam are pathetically illiterate and all of his fans on the "alt right" are subhuman monkeys. But the anti-Syrian "Refugee" position is not an unfounded position. These people are fleeing Assad. Thus, many are sympathetic to the FSA and other Salafi-Wahhabis. In Europe you see rioting, sexual abuse, and abuse to the Traditional Sufi-Sunni and Shi'a Communities. I don't want that in America, thank you very much. I'd rather do my Zikr without being harassed by a bunch of manchildren in shemaghs screaming "Kufr Bid'ah Shirk" at everyone who disagrees with them. However, I do hastily say that this is not all of them. And we should not be like Trump and just go "hurr durr ban all the Muslims from immigrating". We should just not let Wahhabis in. And there are many Wahhabis among them.
  6. Well, it's not exactly wrong to be perfectly fair. Do you really want to let Salafi Wahhabis into America that Assad was trying to fight off? No thank you.
  7. As-Salaam Aleykum. All I can grow is a Stubble. just a little cluster of wiry hairs on my chin only. And It's just been that way forever Is it permissible for me to shave it since it obviously won't grow? I'm not shaving it right now as a precaution.
  8. I don't think he's anti Islam. Just against non Liberal Muslims. He is a National Liberal. A staunch nationalist who abuses and hates anyone who disagrees with his extreme social liberal agenda. That being said, I view it as utterly pathetic that Muslims even think of voting for Hillary, An ultraliberal, a Middle East Imperialist, A Salafi-Wahhabi Funder and a Zionist. Solely because she says she's pro Muslim Americans. Are we really so effeminate that we'll just allow ourselves to support anyone as long as they coddle us like that? Really.
  9. Asalaam. Thank you very much. But when do I drink in between meals? At night?
  10. Ramadan Mubarak. Recently repentent and observant Muslim here. I've observed Ramadan multiple times. But I always have the problem of hydration. Food is basically a non issue for me at this point. But for water I drink all before the morning then pee it out in 10 minutes. Getting barely any hydration This is difficult for me because I work comstruction. And need that hydration. Do any of you have this problem and if so, how do you deal with it?
  11. Ibn Taymiyya and just Athari'i / Classical Salafi teachings are the cause of Sunni Islams general fall from grace. Every Movement that has caused us so much trouble, Wahhabis, Deobandis, Qutbism. All can be traced back to the dogma he started. Even those Sunnis that are not Salafis are often corrupted in this way. Even some sufis praise and draw influence from him. Leading to bigotry in one way or another. It's gotten to a point where one cannot seem to give a khutbah without apologizing and kissing up to over and over again to Athari'i/Salafi influenced people. It's disgusting.
  12. You're opinion I guess. But why blame the Aga Khan for this? I admit that I am very, very uneasy with just how insanely rich he is while some of his people remain poor. And some of his more excessive lifestyle choices. But he's a decent guy. He contributes to society with his absolutely massive charities and his championing of a peaceful form of Islam.
  13. I meant standard ensnarement and brainwash techniques.
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