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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIRREEN LANAT why did it have to be a shia??? HISTORICAL ACHIEVEMENT FOR KHOJAS Hooray and Kudo to Ali Raza son of Firoz and Siddika Jessa for boldly solemnising his gay marriage. This is the first in our Khoja history and hope not the last! Slow but sure changes are happening. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWEGc8cAJV7/ As Dr Hasnain Walji rightly said, we as a community must take the reign of Shariat in our own hands rather than rely on scholars who are not
  2. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIRREEN LANAT We seem to be at the very start of a shift in shia/ sunni debates, where shia are proactively seeking out filmed debates with the people who are most aggressively anti-shia online. I think this is a very good thing, and its long overdue. there has already been two widely viewed debates - one from the boys at rafidha.org (something like 50k views) and one from brother @yusuf alsalhi both debates had similar strengths and weaknesses, i think we should comb
  3. Allahyari swears in quite a bad way those scholars who take their aqeeda from sufi like ibn arabi. he also curses sayed sadeq shirazi because if i remember this right, allahyari disagrees with WF in its entirety, while sayed sadeq shirazi has the same views as sayed muhammad baqir shirazi i.e. they believe in WF mutlaqa but the WF is a council not an individual. he basically curses everyone who has different views to him lol. there is zero evidence for this. for a start he lives/ is based in california lol. you have to remember that for most WFers online, the world is split liter
  4. why 21? whats the significance? I would assume you american heathens' favourite number would be 1776 that's interesting, why the number 19?
  5. Salam brother. I think you did well mashaAllah. my only criticism is the lack of moderation. someone needs to keep these people under control and on topic. the problem is that those who are not interested in the truth, just want shia to "lose" are not going to listen to your points. they will only see that hijab was louder, more eloquent etc therefore in their minds this means he "won" even though you clearly wiped the floor with him. as soon as he went off topic, i think that you should have been more assertive and demanded he remains to the agreed conditions. and then refused to stray
  6. Despite what people say about allahyari, he is an absolutely fantastic debater sgainst sunni. Not so effective when debating shia, and has a tendency to get wound up and start insulting his opponent. If he can remain calm though, even if 50 mohammad hijabs stood against him, he would still win. Hes an aggressive debater, and debating is all he does. Its his bread and butter. He cant be intimidated by the likes of hijab, and wont be bullied or mocked because he can give it back 1000 times worse. This is going to be very interesting
  7. yep! in fact, you could fit an infinite number of grahams numbers inside an infinity man i love maths. i get ridiculously excited whenever my inner nerd gets triggered. this is a cool video from the guys at numberphile, its one of my favourite youtube channels. they do nothing but awesome videos about maths
  8. what I love about infinity is that there is not one infinity...but infinite infinities. and some are "bigger" than others. for example there are infinite values between 1.1 and 1.2, or 1.11 and 1.12, or 1.0000000000001 and 1.0000000000002 and so on. there are negative infinities. its mindblowing infinity is less interesting than some REALLY big numbers.. for example, my third favourite number is called "grahams number". this number is so big, that if you were to write it out by writing a single digit of it on every atom in the universe, you would run out of atoms, before you r
  9. a really beautiful theorem in maths is called Eulers Identity: so you have a few infinite numbers like pi, e and i. if you combine them in a certain way by multiplication, these infinite numbers will create a product of -1 personally, i think thats amazing. to take a bunch of infinite, non repeating numbers, and using nothing more than multiplying them together, you make -1. the identity uses many of the basic foundations of maths - multiplication, raised powers, algebra etc. so it could be said to be a condensed version of everything we know about maths. I love it!
  10. pretty sure obligatory things like hijab take precedence over mustahab things like working, studying in uni or serving your country in public office.
  11. I think we need to be honest. there is a reason why even though the Imams (as) were arab, and surrounded by arabs, it was iran (persia) where their works and books and messages flourished during the days when arabs were happily slaughtering their way through the arab shia. look at historical facts - many of the early major imami scholars were persian. letters and books etc from Imams (as) would be smuggled out by arabs under persecution to persia to be reproduced and distributed. it was Iran that protected early shiism the most. lets not get nationalism or our collective hatred of
  12. Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as) Aliun Wali Allah Wajib BAR MUQASSIRREEN LANAT what is your favourite number and why? I have a few, but my #1 (lol) is: 1000000000000066600000000000001 also known as "Belphegors Prime" man this is the most metal number ever lol. lets look at it: - the name "Belphegor" is named after a demon from hell (whaaaaat???) - it is 1, followed by 13 0s (13! that's 13 more people than the number of people who think you are cool!) - these are followed by 666 (the number of the beast!) - foll
  13. the Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the greatest predators ever to walk the earth. people made it into a cuddly soft teddy called "barney". this is what soft headed shia online have done with our madhab. shiism is fierce, and has teeth. this isn't shameful or embarrassing. its the faith of warriors. usually I have found the greatest unity-peddlers online are the ones who usually fancy a sunni and want to prove to them that "i am not like other shia" so the sunni might start liking them. its pathetic. so much misinformation in this thread. i suggest first of all, you guys look in
  14. @Otto please listen to this advice. there are entire companys set up to help manage peoples debt. you are in the UK so all you have to do is just google "individual voluntary arrangement company". they will combine your debts and reduce your monthly expenses so at least you will be able to cut down on hours and live a slightly better quality of life. your credit score will be destroyed, but so what? not like you are going to be applying for credit cards is it? you arent planning on taking any loans are you lol? after 7 years you're clean anyway. take the hit. get an IVA, reduce your
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