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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    It's me hello reacted to SaniyehZahra in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    Thank you very much. I think these arguments have been the most convincing. It took 3 posts to get to this 
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    It's me hello reacted to Abu Hadi in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    The prohibition in Islam involves only sexual acts between two people of the same sex / gender. It doesn't prohibit two people of the same sex from being friends, helping each other, or even having a long term friendship in which they share their secrets and help each other financially, emotionally, etc. Which is basically what a marriage is, minus the sex. They can also have physical contact, hugging, holding hands, etc. 
    The sexual act between two people of the same sex is considered 'fahsha', (an indecency). As others have said this act is in the same category with adultery, bestiality, incest, pedophilia, pornography, etc. These are all acts which if practiced in a society, over time, they will break down family and community relationships, which are the basis of society. How they do this, exactly how, and over what time scale, is only known to Allah(s.w.a). But this is the consequence, and if you want proof of this, just look at societies where homosexuality is legal and commonly practiced, like some European countries and the United States and the UK. What you also see in these countries is that the vast majority of the families are broken apart. Kids don't respect their parents, and parents (most not all) don't take care of their children properly, they don't teach them or attempt to bring them up with good morals and values. You won't find a society where homosexuality is common without also finding a society where families are broken apart and other sins such as adultery are also common. 
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    It's me hello reacted to Sumerian in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    Ok, so if the only issue against incest is deformed children, then should it be illegal for a brother and a brother, or two sisters, to engage in incest?
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    It's me hello reacted to SaniyehZahra in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    Okay you have a right to believe this, the same way I have a right to ask a QUESTION. And i am slowly getting my answer. I don’t see how i am trolling.
    if i have offended anyone, that was not my intention
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    It's me hello reacted to AbdusSibtayn in Confused about my Beliefs.   
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    It's me hello got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Confused about my Beliefs.   
    I guess? But what else are you going to do?
    It has brought the United States and the West to dominate the world.
    Depends, many people aren't, and many people are. You are at the liberty to choose what you do with your life, you can choose to do something productive, or you could just sit around doing nothing for your whole life. Liberty and freedom give people the opportunity to be productive as much as they want, and the people who are the most productive, generally end up the best.
    What social unrest? Communists? Black Lives Matter? Social unrest is fine, otherwise how would you have change?
    Not really. That's if you choose to lead an insipid life, you are at the liberty to live a fruitful life if you wish. If you don't want to live that kind of life, then don't chase these illusions.
    I agree. It needs to be done soon. It's really a problem that needs to be addressed.
    Thanks for the reply.
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    It's me hello got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    Thank you! A secular argument for why it is bad.
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    It's me hello got a reaction from YAli in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    This is a secular argument for why it should be discouraged.
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    It's me hello got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    This is a secular argument for why it should be discouraged.
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    It's me hello reacted to Bakir in [Closed/Review]What is everyone’s problem with homosexuality?   
    By the way, I tend to reply more to arguments against homosexuality because these tend to be extremely judgemental.
    Now, to reply to the OP: What is wrong with homosexuality? As a muslim facing these desires in first person, and after talking with other homosexuals (atheists, christians and muslims), I would bring the next points:
    - Health problems caused by anal sex (even when both partners are clean and healthy).
    - Mental impact of anal sex, commonly described as a humiliating yet addicting experience. Around 20% of gay couples don't practice it.
    - Man to man relationships end up growing confusion, even affecting the way you understand your gender identity by the roles adopted in a couple, as well as affecting the possible children adopted by the couple.
    - Addiction to anal sex provokes a dehumanization of sex itself. Promiscuity becomes rampant in gays, affecting the way they relate with anyone negatively. In our narrations it is said that God puts the desire of women in those men who allow to be mounted by others (referring to the increasing desire).
    From my perspective, the main problem with homosexuality is anal sex and adoption. The rest heavily relies in education. I believe it is up to the people to decide whether to hold themselves and follow islamic teachings, sin and still follow islamic teachings, or leave Islam for these circumstances.
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    It's me hello reacted to ShiaMan14 in Confused about my Beliefs.   
    Brother - you can't confuse Islam with Muslims and even less confuse Islam with Muslim countries. As an example, Saudi not letting women drive is not Islamic but their own barbarism.
    no rape, no pedophilia - these are both the worst form of adultery and highly condemned.
    property rights - islam gives rights to property owners, what more is there to say?
    freedom of speech - Islam says there is no compulsion in religion. What more can be said?
    overall freedom - no such thing. There are limits in every country
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    It's me hello reacted to AbdusSibtayn in Confused about my Beliefs.   
    Assalamu alaykum,
    Are you trying to find a place for yourself on the modern Western ideological spectrum? It's futile. All ideologies are mainly rhetorical covers for politics of convenience. Ask yourself- where has all this freedom and libertarianism brought us? Are we any more fulfilled, productive individuals? In case you say 'yes', then I can say that the current social unrest and decadence in the 'advanced' Western countries begs to differ. Lives have only become more insipid by our chasing illusions and shallow truths, and having become a part of the rat-race.
    In case you are asking how the Muslims ought to integrate in the political systems and political cultures of non-Muslim countries, especially in the West, then that's a different issue and debate altogether, and we need to put together our greatest heads to decide our future course in this respect during the Ghaybah of our Prince(ajf).
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    It's me hello reacted to Walaa in Confused about my Beliefs.   
    You shouldn't think of your identity issue in a way that puts a lot of pressure on you. I used to keep on trying to evalute each and everything going on in the West or even internationally . I was brought up in the Emirates  and lived for some time in France so i could relate in a way. Trying to put lots of mental effort on the hopes of finding a balance between Islam and the way everybody else thinnks wont work . It's better not to think about every new idea that you hear about  inorder tonaccept or reject it . What is just weird or haram will stand out almost instantly .I do just that . No need to make a big deal out of it . As a 2o year old I believe it's not that hard to judge whats going on worldwide .Being muslim does not contradict with most of what u said above with respect to freedom,property rights etc .. So stressing about wanting  to know who u are as amuslim is just a waste of time .I believe that you're sort of disappointed with the way muslims espicially arab muslims sometimes deal with everyday topics with ignorance stemming form their culture and what they're used to ,and not with respect Islam and the teachings of the prophet .Islam is about respect, love , and tolerance . Dont let the West fool you with their fake promises of freedom and equality . Life isnt just about that . Theres more to it . But as a matter of fact ,we do need the implementation of such values in our Muslim world so that the younger generation wouldntfeel lost between modernity seen in the west and social ,political , and scientific  ignorance  in the East . Same goes for muslims living abroad .
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    It's me hello reacted to ShiaChat Mod in Gifted?   
    ^ This is true. 
    @It's me hello School is not just curriculum. Elementary grades focus on listening to the teacher: follow rules, don't climb on your chair, stand in line, keep your hands to yourself, be quiet, etc. The older you get, the more you learn, and going to middle school and high school teaches you much more than book knowledge. You learn social skills, how to get along with classmates and teachers. Do the homework and projects and get graded on them, learn what you are interested in and what you don't like, etc. School is the first step in finding your life's work. Keep studying.  
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    It's me hello reacted to Hameedeh in Gifted?   
    Some elementary schools in the US have a "gifted program" where teachers identify to the school psychologist students who they think fit the gifted description. After the school psychologist contacts a parent/guardian to get permission for testing, the student would be given tests, including an IQ test. If the student is diagnosed as gifted, usually once a week the student is pulled out of a normal class and will join other gifted students to work on a special project that will challenge and stimulate critical thinking skills. Of course if the school has no funds for the gifted program, this won't happen. 
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    It's me hello reacted to Reza in Gifted?   
    I'm pretty gifted and have the highest IQ and EQ of everyone here. 
    I like the term "gifted", because it reminds secular folk that a gift giver exists. 
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    It's me hello reacted to Mohamed1993 in The man who stabbed 2 guys!   
    You sure he was an atheist? Not some rightwing Christian evangelical?
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    It's me hello reacted to Haydar Husayn in Objective truth is a racist myth   
    This is how you interpret the following? Seriously?
    “Historically, white supremacy has venerated the idea of objectivity, and wielded a dichotomy of ‘subjectivity vs. objectivity’ as a means of silencing oppressed peoples,” they explain. “The idea that there is a single truth–‘the Truth’–is a construct of the Euro-West that is deeply rooted in the Enlightenment, which was a movement that also described Black and Brown people as both subhuman and impervious to pain. This construction is a myth and white supremacy, imperialism, colonization, capitalism, and the United States of America are all of its progeny. The idea that the truth is an entity for which we must search, in matters that endanger our abilities to exist in open spaces, is an attempt to silence oppressed peoples.”
    I don't understand this. Why do people need to protest against someone speaking to an audience that had invited them? These speakers aren't forcing their views on anyone who doesn't want to hear them.
    I like how this is worded as if Ann Coulter and 'activists' on the right and the left share equal responsibility for the threat of violence. How about people grow up, and let invited speakers address the people who have invited them? No need for protests, and hence no need for counter-demonstrations of support, let alone violence.
    Deserve to be protested? On what grounds? For having unpopular opinions? Maybe all these crazy liberal types should have been protested more back in the day when they first started spouting their garbage, which might have saved us from the situation we are in today. As it was though, they were allowed to speak freely. Maybe they should extend the same courtesy to others.
    If liberals aren't afraid, why are they always trying to stop people from speaking, or holding views they disapprove of? You don't see the same kind of behaviour from conservatives (whatever their other faults may be).
    This would all require a degree of maturity that the average college-age liberal is completely incapable of. They live off emotion and outrage.
    I think the obvious answer to that is no.
    Good questions.
    'Implicitly deny their very right to exist'? Lol. Talk about hyperbole...
    How deluded to you have to be to think that only your side are capable of making intellectually valid arguments? It's this type of attitude that is behind these ridiculous protests in the first place. What's the point in letting someone speak if they have nothing valid to contribute anyway? Ironically, these attitudes are more akin to those of intolerant religious fundamentalists (which is what these people amount to), than those of the 'children of the enlightenment', that they like to style themselves as (well, aside from those who have come to realise that the enlightenment was just as a massive racist conspiracy, obviously).
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    It's me hello reacted to Mansur Bakhtiari in Objective truth is a racist myth   
    I would not be pissed AT ALL if North Korea decided to spit on us with a few atom bombs at this point. 
    We're a degenerate species tbh.
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    It's me hello reacted to Mansur Bakhtiari in At Least 90 Killed, 300+ Injured in Kabul Blast   
    Its a bloodbath in general! There's the Manchester attacks too.
    Plus two men stabbed for defending Muslim women on a US bus
    And btw more details. According to CNN the injured toll is up to 400 now.
    @Mohamed1993 they were in a diplomatic area, they were targwting foreigners. They killed 11 Americans.
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    It's me hello got a reaction from Mansur Bakhtiari in At Least 90 Killed, 300+ Injured in Kabul Blast   
    My mother was talking on the phone with my Aunt, who lives in Kabul. In the middle of the conversation, my mom heard the explosion from her end. She heard the live explosion, and 80 people died in that instant. It's crazy how this stuff happens, and we never really talk about it as much as terror attacks in the west.
    My Aunts' neighbors are waiting for their dead children at the moment, they were standing guard in the area.  It's really sad.
    If you haven't read into it, or want to read more, here you go.
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    It's me hello reacted to Laayla in At Least 90 Killed, 300+ Injured in Kabul Blast   
    Bismehe Ta3ala,
    Assalam Alikum.
    I'm a muslim and I don't understand how a so called "muslim" kills children, fasting men and women.  Then what about the non muslims who would be more confused that how exactly is Islam a religion of peace?   
    To our non muslim brethren, you must know that our merciful Prophet Mohammad has no type of association with these barbarians.  This is a war of power, politics, and control and they use "Islam" as their purpose.  
    Islamic history is brutal and from day one there were enemies to stop the spread of this beautiful religion.  If they couldn't stop the Prophet from the outside, they pretended to convert and caused mischief from the inside.  The Abu Sufyans, Muwaiyas, and Yazids are still alive and well in this era too.  
    God hasten the appearance of our beloved Imam, because mischief, corruption and blood has spilled all over this world.  People can no longer see clearly of what is truth from falsehood.
    To God we belong, and to Him we shall return.
    Inna lil Allah wa inna elahi raj3oun.
    M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 
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    It's me hello reacted to Mansur Bakhtiari in At Least 90 Killed, 300+ Injured in Kabul Blast   
    لعنة الله على الظالمين والمطرفين
    My prayers are with the families of the victims 
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    It's me hello reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in At Least 90 Killed, 300+ Injured in Kabul Blast   
    Yes, i understand what your saying but their mindset will never make any logical sense at all because they want Allah swt to reward them and what Allah swt rewards them for is what He has told them He will reward them for in His book, but their actions are going against His commands given in His book, thus it makes no sense at all. You are not allowed to attack unless attacked, especially during the month of Ramadan according to the holy Qur'an.
    I wonder if they have even read the holy Quran at all or if they were always gullible uneducated idiots who got paid in lies, drugs or money to kill people.
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    It's me hello reacted to LeftCoastMom in At Least 90 Killed, 300+ Injured in Kabul Blast   
    This was on my newsfeed first thing this morning.
    It is horrific.
    Prayers for the families.
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