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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to andres in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    Such society never existed and will never exist. 
  2. Disagree
    It's me hello reacted to IbnSina in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    Honestly, at this point you have lost my respect.
    It is one thing if there is a strive to hold a debate regarding certain subjects or topics that you find interesting.
    It is one thing if you do not agree with some of aspects of islam, or what you consider to be aspects of islam, and you wish to discuss this.
    At this point, all your arguments brought forward sounds like some copy paste of a far right white racist movement that think islam is taking over their women and jobs.
    There is nothing interesting or new that you have said and if we were to be so ignorant as to not study the matters and so easily believe some hate filled person, then for sure we would not need to wait for you to come here and tell us, this is the age of information.
    I have, with full sincerity and care, asked you to create one thread for each one of the subjects you wish to discuss so that we may dissect the subjects and in a spirit of sincerity discuss this so that we may have clarity.
    You did not do this and based on the quote from you that I have quoted above, it is safe to say that you do not seek a discussion, you seem to be hell bent that everyone is wrong except for you and now you want to make yourself feel better by repeating yourself like a broken record in hopes that someone will echo you. You do not ask in order to get answers, you do not talk in order to receive a reply.
    I am really sad to see that your father and those abusers around have put you in this state of mind, but I am even more sad to see that you allow yourself to be so affected by them that you dig yourself deeper in your own grave of hatred. If you hate these abusers for what they have done/still do - just know that what your doing to yourself and what your allowing them to do to you is far worse than what they themselves have the power to do.
    I will make dua for you that Allahsسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى mercy will be greater than your arrogance and that you one day can see beyond these abusers, for sure you will find that it is not a matter of religion, its a matter of men around the world, but you will never see anything, nor hear anything, nor learn anything, if you think you know everything already, that is arrogance.
  3. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to andres in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    Christianity benefitted a lot from the reformation. Islam would do too. But this is impossible as long as Muslims believe the Quran is the infallible word of God.  I am positively surprised that 45%  do not wish to live under Iran-like rule. In a religious forum like this! It would be interesting to know what percentage would be in a more secular population like Iran. 
  4. Disagree
    It's me hello reacted to lola20 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    You're entitled to believe that, I guess. The imams were actual historical figures. I don't believe that they were infallible. And the Mahdi sounds more like a myth to me. 
  5. Like
    It's me hello reacted to lola20 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    I reiterate, there is nothing just about sharia law for me as a woman. There's nothing just about it for other minorities as well. 
  6. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to lola20 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    Yeah, these are the kind of horrific ideas I'm trying to point out to everyone? 
    Death for blasphemy. We will kill you for saying things about our religion that we don't like. 
    Even Christians have adjusted with the blasphemy thing to get with the times. 
  7. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to lola20 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    I can have a strong dialogue about the more violent parts of our religion without insulting anyone. We have a history of enslavement and killing non Muslims and killing gay people and treating women as second class citizens, this kind of thing is still happening today, and it isn't just culture. Parts of it is justified through doctrine. 
  8. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to lola20 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    No, they're definitely part of Islam. 
  9. Disagree
    It's me hello reacted to Heavenly_Silk in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    I'd rather live in an Islamic country with Shari'a law. That way, I feel I can prepare better for Imam Mahdi's (ajtfs) reappearance as that is what will be applied once he (ajtfs) returns.
  10. Like
    It's me hello reacted to Husayni in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    So you don't believe in hope? You actually believe all the horror and wretchedness in this world will just go by, with no justice coming ahead?
  11. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to lola20 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    Because I think dissenting opinions on whatever platform is productive, especially considering the fact that Islamic doctrine tends to "zombify" people. To be transparent, my goal is to spread a seed of doubt, at least, about the very vicious, violent, and misogynistic aspects of the religion. 
    Islam needs more secular voices. I am one of them.
  12. Like
    It's me hello reacted to Mohamed1993 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    A secular country provided you have no restrictions on the right to practice your faith. Whether other people are religious or not is irrelevant to me. While it is true that you may get tempted to commit forbidden acts if they are out in the open, it is also true that living in a secular country allows you to see that the people who drink/have casual relationships are not truly happy. It gives you more of a reason to avoid them. In the muslim world, it is a case of people thinking the grass is greener on the other side, as in they feel the culture of materialism and unbridled capitalism is awesome, which leads to a ton of forbidden acts in private. Also, bear in mind most countries are technically secular, many countries are secular but don't allow gay marriage and homosexual acts for example. These aren't motivated by religion but by culture. The Western nations are not the only secular countries. 
  13. Disagree
    It's me hello reacted to Abu Nur in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    What are you even doing in Islamic forum? You don't have better time than crying how much you hate Islam? 
  14. Will Look Later
    It's me hello reacted to Abu Nur in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    If there is possibility then I prefer a land where Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى laws are applied correctly. 
  15. Subhanallah!
    It's me hello reacted to lola20 in #29 Which country would you live in?   
    I'd commit suicide if I had to live in a nation with Sharia law and no way out.
  16. Like
    It's me hello reacted to David66 in Americans: The 2nd Amendment advocates gun control   
    Sorry to re-appear but I could not help myself.
    Once again an American liberal has fallen prey to fake news.  While even one school shooting is too many, the info Notme posted is false.
    All the Best,
  17. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to David66 in Iran vs KSA ?   
    Not a single rebuke from fellow Shia Chat members or Edits from Shia Chat Moderators?  But, to date, there are two likes?
    This post clearly violates Shia Chat rule number 4,
    No swear words, unmannered replies or racist comments, especially when directed at other members. A warning followed by a temporary ban shall be met. If a member repeats their offensive or racist language, a permanent ban will take place. No excuses. Overt slogans of "death" or "destruction" (or similar wording) of any specific government, nation, people, group, or religion is not permitted. However, constructive criticisms of the above are welcomed and encouraged.
    And, I question the morals of those that would allow a post such as Darth Vader's to go unanswered.  Many of you like to lament about the irrationality of "Islamaphobia."  Yet, you only clap and praise such racist and divisive post.
    It has been nice chatting with you all.  I have learned what I came here to learn.
    All the Best,
  18. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to kadhim in Islamophobia In The West   
    Did I mention extreme paranoia as one of the common psychopathologies within the Muslim community? Add that to the list.
    You said I should defend people. Defending them generally means making excuses and engaging in apologetics.
    Good idea. Question, though. What are you going to do when the leadership of these dispersed centers work behind the scenes to sabotage your efforts because they are jealous of your success and fearful that Muslims doing things right will expose how much they're doing nothing?
    Because, believe me, they will. This is the level at which things are.
  19. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to kadhim in Islamophobia In The West   
    Where do you think this is happening? Because everywhere I look, I see Muslim communities in a rapid process of disintegration. Maybe in Iran you're experiencing a different reality, but here in the Americas, our communities are literally falling apart, mostly because the people from the old country running the centers prefer national cultures to Islamic culture. I would agree that Islam is a plant that could grow wondrously well in the Americas and Europe, but the existing community structures show little to no interest in this. The conceptions of what they need to be doing to allow the faith to thrive and grow here are totally absent from their minds - they have their cozy little corner where they have their Pakistani, or Khoja, or Iranian, or Iraqi, or Lebanese, or Afghani culture and language a few times a week, with some random, mechanically ritualized religious activities, and they are perfectly content with this, and actively lash out at real efforts to grow something better.
    Example: Here in Montreal a few years ago, a group of youth from different cultural backgrounds and centers who knew each other from school took the initiative to go around about 6 months or more before Muharram, center to center, to encourage the idea of taking ONE night in the first ten nights of Muharram where the individual centers would shut down, and we would rent a big place and have a unified program for ONE frikkin night. Common sense, right? A tiny, easy, no brainer first baby step.
    We were shocked by the responses. "Oh, gee, that's a nice idea, but that would never work.." "Oh, but those ten days are when we make most of our money..we can't lose 10% of our revenue..." "Oh, sure, 'insha Allah...' (one of the fake insha Allahs mentioned earlier)" "Oh, I'm not sure if the people would like that ..they're used to things in their own language..." "Who are you to be suggesting these things?"
    I would tend to agree that when the smoke clears, the Muslim community in the West may well emerge stronger. But my strong feeling is that it's going to be a Phoenix from the ashes sort of thing, scattered survivors of collapsed communities gathering themselves together and starting again from scratch, doing things right.
  20. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to kadhim in Islamophobia In The West   
    External observer? Shame on you again. I've been in contact with the community for about 8 years now with people both in person and through the internet. I've had contact with Muslims from all over, been in a few dozen different community centers over this time. Plenty enough time for someone with his eyes and ears open to pick up on a thing or two about pathological patterns of human behaviour.
    I've been apologizing for them for years. It quickly becomes a full time job. I already have a full time job. I've had enough. It's time for them to change themselves so that there's nothing for me to be apologizing for in the first place.
  21. Like
    It's me hello reacted to kadhim in Islamophobia In The West   
    No, the Muslim community overall. These problems are very widespread.
    Not Iraqi. Canadian. Irish Canadian.
  22. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to kadhim in Islamophobia In The West   
    A lot of people say a lot of silly, delusional things.
    It's not just a matter of the "bad apples." It goes deeper than that to certain psycho-pathologies of the majority. Certain character flaws that are rampant in the Muslim populations and which, combined with the murderous insanity of the minority, combine to give Muslims the image of the world's worst community. Character flaws like:
    -Expecting respect as a religious minority while showing disrespect openly and behind closed doors for everyone else. "The dirty kuffar" etc.
    -The victim mentality combined with an utter lack of empathy. Complaining ceaselessly about "Islamophobia" and "persecution of Muslims" while rarely raising a single damned solitary word in opposition to the persecution our own people impose in places where our faith is the majority. You want to kvetch about religious persecution? CLEAN UP YOUR OWN DAMNED BACKYARD FIRST!!!
    -A pathological disregard for the concept of the sanctity of one's word. In my travels, people in our community are the least dependable people around. "Insha Allah" has been turned on its head, and translates these days as, "If God wills to take over my body by remote control and whisks me to the right place at the right time and forces my hands and lips, I might just do whatever it is I just pretended to promise to do."
    -The previous mentioned insistence on blaming all personal problems on nefarious external conspiracies, invariably traced back to the Americans or the "evil Zionist Jooooz."
    -In Europe in particular, our people show a disturbing proclivity to be welfare cheats and criminals.
    -A psychotic preference for grand words over small but concrete meaningful actions. Baghdad Bob could only have been taken seriously in the Arab/Muslim world.
    Our community is far, far, far beyond the point where soft, gentle reminding. It needs tough love. Straightforward, unmerciful criticism, delivered with a sledgehammer so that it penetrates through the ears and eyes, beyond the defense mechanisms of laziness, lethargy, passivity, and apathy direcly to the cerebral cortex.
    Potential is nice and I recognize the brain power potential. But let's see results. Let's see potential put into action.
    Blah blah blah. Cultural genocide? What is this? Shame on you and whatever useful idiot leftist ivory tower intellectuals are feeding these useless verbiages that enable us to put blame for our problems on others. Shame on you for belittling real genocide with this nonsense.
    Everyone knows folks from outside fiddled with the developing world and have been fiddling with it. It's not news.
    The problem is that Arabs and Muslims don't simply "read history to learn from it." They learn it as a crutch. You use that crutch to excuse yourself from doing the basic things that are within your control to shape your own destiny. Implictly, most Muslims and Arabs think of themselves as helpless victims of deterministic movements of history rather than as conscious, free-willed actors able to exercise some control over their own affairs.
    The Americans/Jooz are not preventing Muslims around the world from:
    -Respecting human rights, including rights of women and rights of non-Muslim minorities
    -Keeping their word when they promise to do something
    -Being honest in business and other everyday dealings
    -Preferring simple concrete actions to grand rhetoric
    -Taking learning and hard work seriously
    WE are preventing OURSELVES from doing these things. "and surely God does not change the state of a people until they change what is in themselves."
    They're admittedly lightyears ahead of most other Muslim nations, but they're still a bit away from making net contribution to global humanity.
  23. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to kadhim in Islamophobia In The West   
    No it's not. This is a delusion, and the faster you get over it, the better.
    What is "Islam?" What is a "Muslim?" How any nominal "Muslims" understand this "Islam" as you comprehend it, how many of them are "Muslims" by this textbook rosy definition we like to hold up? Westerners naturally know "Islam" only through what "Muslims" do. Can we fault them for basing their perceptions of us on what we do rather than on some theoretical construct in old books that most of us don't have knowledge about and don't live up to in our daily lives?
    And all in all, for the most part, what "Muslims" do and represent is backwards depravity. What's not to be disgusted about in that? It is perfectly legitimate to be disgusted at a group of people for what they do, say, and fail to say and do.
    And we have only ourselves to blame for that. Internal disintegration is the inevitable consequence of a mindset that continually attributes the responsibility for its shortcomings on external factors rather than looking inwards for ways to self-improvement.
    Well, first of all, they have their divisions as well.
    But if the question is why are they respected, the reasons are many, but one would be that they get things done.
    They contribute. They raise money for general charities, build hospitals, build schools, build places for the arts, etc. They value education, thinking, learning, and active involvement. They read.
    A global population of 15 million Jews has won over 100 Nobel prizes. Over 1 billion Muslims have managed something like 2, and at least one of them, Abdus Salam, is widely considered a non-believer in his own country of origin.
    The colonial past had an impact on people. but the question is this: Is it more useful for Muslims to whine endlessly about this past, or to look in the mirror and think about how we can improve ourselves today and in the future? The answer is clear, in my mind.
    What contributions do you have in mind? They've made some very impressive internal developments in technology, but in terms of "contribution to civilization," they have a ways to go yet before they're making a net surplus.
    Their publishing and translation houses have made some excellent books available to the non-Arabic and Farsi speaking world, but that's about as far as it goes.
  24. Completely Agree
    It's me hello reacted to kadhim in Islamophobia In The West   
    Islamophobia is virtually non-existent in reality in point of fact. Pure, unadulterated, irrational haters are few and far between and the label "Islamophobe" is largely an invention, a rhetorical sledgehammer to make people who disagree with us be silent, for fear of being perceived as "racist" or "politically incorrect."
    The correct way to characterize the situation is "disgust at Muslims." Disgust for the murderous inhumanity of the minority. Disgust at the constant whining, at the outrage and insistence on taking offense in the face of the most trivial actions by Westerners and the general silence in the face of brutalities committed by our own people.
    Disgust at the general lack of meaningful contribution of Muslims today to global civilization as a whole and to the particular societies in which they live. Disgust at Muslims' insistence on putting the blame for all their problems everywhere except within themselves.
    The solution? Muslims take responsibility for themselves and collectively advance themselves by a few centuries in worldview and join the modern world with a commitment to contributing to it. Anything short of that is playing games.
  25. Like
    It's me hello reacted to Saintly_Jinn23 in What Is The Ruling For Apostasy?   
    If Islam is so right and true, why do you need to kill people to prove it is right?
    The idea that apostates deserve death is illogical.
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