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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    It's me hello got a reaction from Gaius I. Caesar in Why even try to convince?   
    Maybe I will try this soon. Thx!
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    It's me hello reacted to ShiaMan14 in Answer these questions, and I will become Shia   
    The shia faith is more complete than the Sunni faith.
    We have usul-e-deen which are the core beliefs:
    Taqleed, Adl of Allah, Prophethood, Imamat, Qayamat
    Them we have furuh-e-deen:
    salat, fasting, hajj, khums, zakat, jihad, encourage the good, forbid the evil, Tamalpais (nearness to Prophet and AhlulBayt), tabarra (distance from enemies of Ahlulbayt).
    That is what brother @skamran110 and I are saying - without understanding the shia faith or gathering knowledge, you ask some mundane questions.
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    It's me hello reacted to Reza in Answer these questions, and I will become Shia   
    I wish I got all this personal attention. 
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    It's me hello got a reaction from Jafar moh in Why even try to convince?   
    Every comments section of every single YouTube video containing ANYTHING about Islam, gets showered with hate riddled comments coming from uneducated simpletons.
    A while back, I had a debate with someone over a comment. He said, "muslims and islam need to go #@!% themselves just like mohammed he did to his 6 year old wife!" I explained everything to him, then he came up with something new...
    "Violent Verses" I then showed him where he was taking everything out of context. Then he kept on sending me insults, and didn't accept anything I said; even after I had provided sufficient evidence. It really bugged me.
     I spent so much time trying to educate this person on Islam, and even after losing the argument; he didn't even acknowledge what I was saying. He just started sending insults. I'm really annoyed how stupid people can be nowadays, especially with all of this media nonsense. I'm trying to find out how I can educate people on Islam. I just don't want to dedicate too much time into it, and see all of my effort put to waste. So I'm not sure if I should try to convince these buffoons. They don't really like to listen to people, even if they are right. 
    Sorry for the ramble. What I am actually asking is: Is it even worth trying to convince these kind of people
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    It's me hello reacted to guest050817 in Answer these questions, and I will become Shia   
    The wives of Rasullah s.a.w
    Again, the wives of Muhammed s.a.w were not one homogenous group. Shia's love and revere Lady Khadija r.a, Umm Salama r.a, Umm sauda, Umm Zainab, Umm Sauda, among others.
    However, we have our differences with wives, such as Umm Aisha. It is forbidden in shia islam to slander any of the wives. Rather, we discuss in an academic way our differences.
    I'd like you to take a look at why we differ with Umm Aisha:
    Example one

    Ayesha said: “Safiyya, the wife of the Prophet (a), sent a dish she had made for him when he was with me. When I saw the maidservant, I trembled with rage and fury, and I took the bowl and hurled it away. The Prophet of Allah (a) then looked at me; I saw the anger in his face and I said to him: ‘I seek refuge from Allah’s Apostle cursing me today.’ The Prophet said: ‘Undo it’. I said: ‘What is its compensation, O Prophet of Allah?’ He said: ‘The food like her food, and a bowl like her bowl.’” 
    1. Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Volume 6 page 227 Tradition 26409
    2. Sunan Nasai, Volume 2 page 148
    3. Majma al-Zawaed, Volume 4 page 372 Tradition 7692

    The reviser of Musnad Ahmed namely Shaykh Shoib al-Arnaut declared the tradition to be ‘Hasan’ while Al-Haythami said:‘The narrators are Thiqah’.

    Can you imagine if another noble wife of Rasullah s.a.w, Umm Safiyya r.a , out of care and love has sent the prophet s.a.w food, and Um Aisha , instead of recognizing the time, care and effort this wife has taken into preparing this food, out of anger, takes the food and hurls it into the ground, which is not only an insult to Allah swt, as it is a waste of food, but now you have a smashed bowl, an act commited out of extreme jealousy, and Rasullah s.a.w , a man so patient, even at this point being angered. If you took the name Aisha out of the equation and asked any muslim about this sort of behaviour, they would consider it completely out of order. 

    Example two:

    This time, even Allah swt has decided to reveal ayah's in the Quran about another event. 

    In Saheeh Bukhari, a hadith deemed authentic by our sunni brothers and sisters, it is narrated: 
    " Who were those two ladies who had backed each other (against the Prophet)?" Before I could complete my question, he (Umar) replied, "They were `Aisha and Hafsa."

    Allah swt himself reveals ayahs about this event:

    Noble Quran: "If you two [wives] repent to Allah , [it is best],for your hearts have deviated. But if you cooperate against him - then indeed Allah is his protector, and Gabriel and the righteous of the believers and the angels, moreover, are [his] assistants."

    "Perhaps his Lord, if he divorced you [all], would substitute for him wives better than you - submitting [to Allah], believing, devoutly obedient, repentant, worshipping, and traveling - [ones] previously married and virgins."

    The event, accepted by both sunni's and shia's, is another one where Umm Aisha out of jealousy of another wife of the prophet s.a.w, makes a plan for him to be lied to, with another wife, so she could spark disunity between him and another wife, and to upset that other wife. 

    I only have to ask, is it right and just to lie to the prophet, and not just make any lie, make a lie whereby you make him feel ahamed of his breath, and cause disunity between and another wife - so much so Allah swt reveals in the Quran that your hearts have deviated, and if you continue the way you are, there is a possibility of Allah swt divorcing you altogether with better wives?

    How can anyone play something like this down? 

    Example three:

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 168:

    Narrated ‘Aisha: Once Hala bint Khuwailid, Khadija’s sister, asked the permission of the Prophet to enter. On that, the Prophet remembered the way Khadija used to ask permission, and that upset him. He said, “O Allah! Hala!” So I became jealous and said, “What makes you remember an old woman amongst the old women of Quraish an old woman (with a teethless mouth) of red gums who died long ago, and in whose place Allah has given you somebody better than her?” 

    Lady Khadija was the closes and most honoured of the wives of Rasullah s.a.w, for her immense sacrifice to Islamand devotion to Rasullah s.a.w. Aisha here, refers to her as a teethless old woman who Allah swt has replaced with someone better than her - meaning herself. In some narrations, this angered Rasullah s.a.w Again, can you see a pattern between her behaviour with those she is , with the utmost and highest respect, she by her own admission is jealous of?

    Example four:

    We not only find examples of jealousy towards other wives, arguably the one we find her most in opposition to is Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s

    Abdah b. ‘Abd al-Rahman from ‘Amro b. Muhammad from Yunes b. Abi Ishaq from al-‘Izar b. Hurayth from al-Nu’man b. Basheer, he said: One day Abu Bakr excused himself from the Prophet (saw) to leave him until he heard ‘Aisha saying in a loud voice; “By Allah, I have learned that ‘Ali (as) is more beloved to you than my father!”. Abu Bakr then came to hit her and said, “O daughter of so-and-so! I see that you raise your voice towards the Messenger of Allah?!”. Then the Prophet (saw) grabbed him and Abu Bakr left while furious. Then the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “O ‘Aisha! Have you seen how I saved you from the man?”. Then Abu Bakr excused himself and the Messenger of Allah (saw) made peace between Abu Bakr and ‘Aisha. [Khasa’is Amir al-Mu’mineen, al-Nasa’i, page 126, Hadeeth 110]

    Grading: Isnad Saheeh (Authentic chain)

    Points to consider: Why is she raising her voice at the messenger of Allah swt, in such a tone even her father is angered? Secondly, why do we find even the mere supicion that Rasullah s.a.w loves someone more than her father, , namely Ali a.s, anger her to such an extent she takes the name of Allah swt and raises her voice at the messenger of Allah swt?

    When Ubaidullah Ibn Utbah mentioned to Ibn Abbas that Aisha said “In his death-illness the Prophet was brought to (Aisha’s) house while his shoulders were being supported by Fadhl Ibn Abbas and another person”, then Abdullah Ibn Abbas said: “Do you know who this ‘other man’ was?” Ibn Utbah replied: “No.” Then Ibn Abbas said:“He was Ali Ibn Abi Talib, but she is averse to name him in a good context.”
    Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, Volume 6 page 228 Tradition 25956 The margin writer of Musnad Ahmed bin Hanbal namely Shaykh Shoib al-Arnaut stated:
    “The chain is Sahih according to the standards of the two Sheiks (Bukhari & Muslim)”

    This was also in Bukhari:

    Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3 hadith 761:

    Ubaidullah bin ‘Abdullah told me that ‘Aisha had said, “When the Prophet became sick and his condition became serious, he requested his wives to allow him to be treated in my house, and they allowed him. He came out leaning on two men while his feet were dragging on the ground. He was walking between Al-’Abbas and another man.” ‘Ubaidullah said, “When I informed Ibn ‘Abbas of what ‘Aisha had said, he asked me whether I knew who was the second man whom ‘Aisha had not named. I replied in the negative. He said, ‘He was ‘Ali bin Abi Talib.”

    Point number five:

    She raised an army against Ali ibn abi talib a.s. Some claim she was trying to avenge Uthman, but the consensus among all people is she made an error and repented. Rather than allowing the caliph of the time, Ali ibn abi talib a.s to sort things out, she brought dissent and took matters into her own hands, claiming the man in charge i.e Ali a.s, was not doing his duty. 

    Now, some sunni brothers and sisters mention the khawarij, and how it was really them that caused the battle.

    But the heart of the issue is that she should not have roused armies to try to avenge Uthman, against the orders of Ali a.s and against him, and not caused fitnah and left the matter to be dealt with by the caliph of the time, and not opposed him.

    Sahih Muslim, Book 01, Number 141 :
    Zirr reported:
    'Ali observed: By Him Who split up the seed and created something living, the Apostle (may peace and blessings be upon him) gave me a promise that no one but a believer would love me, and none but a hypocrite would nurse grudge against me.
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    It's me hello reacted to guest050817 in Answer these questions, and I will become Shia   
    You have made important steps in asking and seeking to research - by asking shia's themselves, rather than to believe a lot of the misconceptions spread around on the internet. I will try to answer these questions, to the limit of my ability, and then refer you to further resources. 
    The companions:
    You see, i personally feel it is wrong to use one word for such a large, diverse group of people. The companions were not one homogenous group and so when referring to such a large body of people, one can not say 'you disrespect the companions'. The shia position on the companions of Muhammed s.a.w is that based on pragmatism, evidence, and realism - rather an the idealistic perception that they were all generally good and righteous. We believe, as the Quran categorizes, the companions were of varying ranks, from those who absolutely strive to be like, to those who had deception in their hearts and harmed the Prophet s.a.w and his Family.
    We revere a large number of the companions. You often hear that shia's just revere Miqdad r.a, Abu Dharr r.a, Salman r.a, and consider the rest to be lost - no ? The interesting thing is, if you look at the top ten narrators of hadith in the ahlu-sunnah wal jamaah, you'll find four of them are respected by shia's. They are: Ibn Abbas r.a , Abu Sai'd Khudri r.a, Jabir ibn Abdillah r.a, and Abdullah ibn Masud r.a.  
    We shia's revere many companions, from the maytr's of the holy wars, such as Badr among the other wars, to those who died during the life of Rasullah s.a.w, such as Hamzah r.a, Hazrat Abu Talib r.a, and a plethora of others. Who can miss Hadrat Bilal r.a the first muazin? 
    However, we hold differences on certain companions, due to their behaviour towards Muhammed and his purified progeny. Abu Bakr, the first Caliph, and Umar, and i mean this with respect - usurped the caliphat from Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s. In Saheeh Al bukhari itself, it states Ali opposed Abu Bakr for 6 months, and Fatima died angry with Abu Bakr. Do we think for a moment the daughter of the prophet, Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s, and Ibn Abbas r.a who went to claim Fadak did not know their right - or the Sunnah, but Umm Aisha, who was in her teen's at that time , knew more? 
    One must question, how did Hussain a.s the Grandson of Muhammed s.a.w get so mercilessly slaughtered on the plains of Kerbala only 50 years after his death by order of the leader of all the muslims at the time, Yazid? The answer is very simple. Yazid was handpicked by his father Muawiyah - this is by consensus, sunni's and shia's accept it. Muawiyah, was part of the banu ummayah, the clan of Uthman, and the clan of Abu Sufiyan - an enemy of Muhammed s.a.w 
    Umar ibn Al Khattab, by creating a biased system which led to Uthman being selected, enabled Uthman as Caliph, to favour his Banu Ummayah clan, giving them power and influence, and leading to the strengthening of Muawiyah, who fought Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s in many wars, and forced Hasan a.s into a peace treaty, chose Yazid as his successor, and Yazid slaughtered Hussain a.s mercilessly. 
    The majority of our Marji tell us however, it is forbidden to slander the symbols of our sunni brothers , namely Umm Aisha, and the first three Caliphs. Thus, we shia's academically and respectfully discuss these issues, give our opinion, and leave it at that. For the unity of our Ummah, our ulema have forbidden the slander of these personalities.
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    It's me hello reacted to Kareemsydney in Convert to Islam (Sunni) -Salams!   
    Asalaamu alaikum all,
    just want to send out Ramadan Kareem to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. I am a  37 year old convert from Sydney, Australia and I wish we could all just get along. I am Sunni but follow more of the Sufi stream of Islam. I harbour no ill against my Shia brothers and Sisters and many of your practises interest me. InshaAllah you are finding Ramadan a rewarding month for you. 
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    It's me hello reacted to بعيد in Games You Play :)   
    Skyward Sword
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood/Revelations
    Splinter Cell: Conviction (soon)
    Kingdoms of Alamur (soon)
    But I don't play like I used to.
    Oh, and first person shooters are overrated. Got off that bandwagon a while ago. :P
    Screaming 7 year olds shouting in my ear? Nooooo thanks. Haha.
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    It's me hello reacted to Shia_Debater in Games You Play :)   
    ahhhh runescape... the game that wasted a couple of years of my life... it was sooo fun when everyone in my class played it though :D
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    It's me hello reacted to ShiaOfMahdi in Lanat On Ea Sports Games   
    The Wii and the Mario sports games is what got me into a sports lover.
    I just can't stand Madden and FIFA being the repetitive cash grabby product they are. I mean they are so rapid fire and they look like a rehash each time like Call of Duty.
    I mean at least the Mario sports games are far more enjoyable because they are not so rapid fire and they are at least once per system. I mean Camelot, Square Enix, Namco and Next Level Games put more thought and fun ideas in each of the Mario sports games to make them stand out and simple. EA doesn't. It's a heaping pile of a mess like Mega Man, Street Fighter, Mario Party, Sierra's Quest series, and so on and so on. It's a collector's nightmare. I mean what's the point of buying each and every one if you know that you're essentially getting the exact game over and over again.
    Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is a very enjoyable golfing game and it has far more originality than any EA Sports game during that generation's heyday. Same with Mario Strikers and Mario Super Star Baseball and so on and so on.
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    It's me hello reacted to Saintly_Jinn23 in Dr Sekaleshfar lecture on homosexuality in media   
    Homophobes don't have rights, silly
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    It's me hello reacted to monad in Dr Sekaleshfar lecture on homosexuality in media   
    I wonder if he can get a good lawyer and sue for defamation and loss of livelihood. 
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    It's me hello reacted to Ibn Al-Ja'abi in Dr Sekaleshfar lecture on homosexuality in media   
    Two points:
    1. He didn't disable his page, Facebook took his page down.
    2. Just to show how little attention there was on his video prior to the media going out of control on Sunday, a friend and I were skyping and brought up the video 2 am Sunday morning -- we didn't know about the attacks until the next day -- and at this point there were only a few negative comments and dislikes -- due to a small media scandal by local media from a few months prior. I left the tab open and later on Sunday night after the shooting took place and the scandal around Dr. Sekaleshfar took place, I saw I had the tab still open and I took a screenshot of it, this video was not even in the public radar until this fiasco and this public hype to crucify Dr. Sekaleshfar. There is an interview with him available too (I really don't care for the article, I just wanted to see the clip with the interview), where he tried to explain his side of the story, unfortunately the journalist interviewing couldn't get past the fact that he said there was a punishment, and was too politically retarded to understand an ISIS sympathizer is not going to be taking views from a Shiite cleric. He's also been asked to stop lecturing at the center in Australia. I just feel really bad for him, three years ago I don't think he could have imagined what would happen let alone prepare for the backlash.
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    It's me hello reacted to baradar_jackson in Dr Sekaleshfar lecture on homosexuality in media   
    It's hilarious.
    There are approximately ten trillion ISIS, FSA, and Jabhat al-Nusra fanboys in the US.
    But the person to essentially get kicked out, was Dr. Farrokh, the most peaceful person you've ever met. What a disgrace. It's a shame he won't be given a visa again, probably. His speeches were very nice.
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    It's me hello reacted to maes in Lanat On Modern Gaming   
    Are we allowed to curse games publicly !?
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    It's me hello reacted to Khadim uz Zahra in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    And the guy whose gaming setup puts all of ours to shame.
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    It's me hello reacted to The Green Knight in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    Says the guy who plays world of warcraft, which is a life-sink equal to three marriages? :P
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    It's me hello reacted to von Lohengramm in Dr Sekaleshfar lecture on homosexuality in media   
    I'll copy and paste a comment I made in another thread regarding this:
    Why has this video only blown up now? His lecture on homosexuality (which is now contaminated with hate comments by dumb, ignorant, racist, sodomy-lovin' halfwitts) is three years old.
    And if these clueless twits actually cared to watch the full video instead of instantly disliking it and spouting the same regurgitated drivel they have been all their lives, then they'd know how Dr Sekaleshfar (may Allah bless and protect him) elucidated the various stipulations and prerequisites in order for the hadd to be applicable. This news report has basically taken a ten second clip from (an hour and twenty minute lecture) and made it out as if being gay is deserving of death, when in actuality, as the Dr explained, it is the act of sodomy that you are killed for.
    And he is absolutely 100% correct when he said there's nothing to be embarrassed about the death penalty. Sodomites are burnt alive. Deal with it.
    The filthy, lying curs who were involved in making this report can go to hell. Even the title is clickbait.
    It's upsetting to see such a polite, cordial, soft-spoken man put in the limelight like this. 
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    It's me hello reacted to von Lohengramm in Dr Sekaleshfar lecture on homosexuality in media   
    Yes, it seems inhumane and barbaric to us --- it will probably seem like that to everyone today, but I don't really care. Why? Because it is the law established by the Allah, executed by the Imams (as), as per authentic Shi'a narrations. It therefore must be carried out, whether we like it or not. By the way, the Dr only said they should be executed, he didn't say anything about the method (the burning by fire was something I added, and is pretty much obsolete in contemporary Muslim countries); he in fact stated that the judge should be inclined towards mercy, as forgiveness is what Islam encourages. 
    The point is we should try to understand the laws rather than dismissing (or rejecting) them outright as 'primitive' and 'backward' practices. Or when Imam al-Hujjah (aj) arises will you tell him such punishments are 'vicious' and 'oppressive'?
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    It's me hello reacted to Ibn Al-Ja'abi in Death for Homosexuality?   
    Bismih Ta'ala
    Assalamu Alaykum
    This is the issue, the subjectivity of "I believe" or "I accept/can't accept" should not enter the objective discussions of Shari'a. You are a man, Ja'far Al-Sadiq (as) and Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) were A'immah. What you know and what they know greatly differ. If they said that the sin of homosexuality has a Hadd on it, then it has a Hadd on it, it's not in your capacity to over rule them.
    And in regards to your opening remark: "It's wrong because it goes against compassion and empathy for people who neither oppress others nor kill others", doesn't the Qur'an prescribe a harsh punishment for those who engage in fornication?
    "The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse - lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah , if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment." (24:2)
    Who did they harm? I mean their crime was between them, and no one was killed or oppressed, yet they still receive one-hundred hard lashes without any mercy. You have to admit that a crime is not always a crime against society where someone is harmed physically, but the morality of the society is also harmed and the individual is punished for harming society like this. The sodomites might not harm anyone when they commit sodomy, but their crime effects the morality and the moral landscape of a community, and for that Allah has prescribed for them a Hadd.
    And in regards to that snarky question you posted at the end, first I need to just say it's a rather cheap comment in general. It is basically saying, "You can't question the system of governance in whatever society you live in while still living in that society, go back to where you came from!" Hudud are not done in the lands of the Kuffar, that is something that is known. "If you hate secularism, emigrate to Iran or something." Insha'Allah.
    And in regards to what you say about what you said how there needs to be a balance between Shari'a and spirituality, implying Shi'ism lacks it. I'd tell you to pick up Mafatih Al-Jinan, Sahifat Al-Sajjadiyya, Zaad Al-Ma'ad, or any compilation of Ad'iya and Ziyarat, or read any book by Allameh Tabatabaei or Imam Khomeini. Shi'ism definitely has spirituality ingrained within it, we don't need to resort to going to the heresies of Sufism to experience it. Alhamdu Lillah.
    Wa Assalam
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    It's me hello reacted to Ibn Al-Ja'abi in Death for Homosexuality?   
    Bismih Ta'ala
    Assalamu Alaykum
    I have no idea what you're on about. I'm not ordering people to build Shari'a courts inside our Masajid here in Canada, but I don't have this nonsensical view you're aspousing that our Shari'a is inherently wrong - for whatever reason you don't provide. This mindset of viewing our religion and our Shari'a as inferior, as you are doing, comes about due to individuals assuming western secularism, humanism, and liberalism is the only way one can successfully govern. This Gharbzadegi, as it had been termed back in the 60's, is nothing except a poison to the mind and soul.
    And if you are really going to go and say that belief that our Shari'a is indeed superior, and is indeed from God, and is indeed correct is a throwback to Quraysh, then I have no idea how you will manage yourself on Qiyama knowing that you said regarding these laws Allah gave us, and the Ma'sumeen (as) relayed to us and explained about to us. 
    wa assalam
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    It's me hello reacted to Ibn Al-Ja'abi in Death for Homosexuality?   
    Bismih Ta'ala
    Assalamu Alaykum
    This thread is an absolute joke of a thread, the majority of it seems to be opinion confirming arising from having an inferior view of Islamic ethics and law, and a superior view of secular humanist ideals. Homosexuality and sodomy are sins, and the punishment is death. The only punishments that have been abrogated during the time of Ghaybah (occultation) of Imam Mahdi (aj) are the punishments of zina (fornication) and withholding zakat:
    He said: Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام said: There are two bloods which in Islam are lawful [to shed] from Allah that no one shall give judgement in by the ruling of Allah, until Allah عزوجل sends the Qa'im from the Ahl al-Bayt عليهم السلام; so he shall rule in regards to them by the ruling Allah عزوجل, without wanting evidence upon that: the muhsan fornicator he will stone and the preventer (i.e. withholder) of zakat he will strike his neck.1 (Kamal ad-Deen) (Sahih)
    Shari'a is not vigilantism, it requires the proof of witnesses and other stipulations before the punishment can be carried out. It is not something that any kangaroo court can just do, if you refer to the books of Fiqh, such as Shara'i Al-Islam Fi'l-Masa'il Al-Halal Wa'l-Haram, you will realize the complexities of our laws. I advise you to read the sixth chapter in volume one of Islamic Political Theory, of Allameh Muhammad-Taqi Misbah Yazdi.
    wassalamu alaykum
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    It's me hello got a reaction from Hameedeh in Inspirational person died   
    Okay thank you.
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    It's me hello reacted to A follower in Ahmedinejad's Book on the Holocaust Lie   
    Kadhim - Could it be possible you are over-reacting especially since you have not even read the book or know of its content? I mean should you not wait at least to read the book rather than judge it by its cover?
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    It's me hello reacted to guest050817 in Thank you Allah for those who...   
    Thank you Allah for people who stick to the proper format for threads.
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