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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I play violin and I am currently working on this piece
  2. It's funny people like you will accept scientific evidence only when it doesn't conflict with your preexisting world-view, but when it does conflict, it must be fake evidence.
  3. Lol, this is completely baseless. It has no evidence. Of course you don't, because your argument is fallacious. Allah SWT making things haram isn't evidence. Let me ask you a question, IS GOD LOGICAL? If yes. Then god should make logical rules. Of course I am, because they aren't gods. This is really productive, I really like this. Oh and by the way, you didn't address my hypothetical scenario.
  4. Maybe WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE FOR THIS? EDIT: It's HIGHLY likely that the researchers haven't even HEARD of Shia Islam.
  5. Yeah! So western researchers FAKED research to deceive Muslims who don't believe masturbation is permissible. That makes perfect sense! Scientists are all in a global conspiracy to deviate people from the path, that makes so much sense! SCIENTISTS ARE IN A GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO MAKE MEN MASTURBATE, OH NOOOO! They can manipulate research, but so far, you have the most ridiculous reason for your suspicion. You would have to prove that they are wrong, and how they went wrong during their study. Scientists don't just stand around and formulate conclusions, they have to test before arriving
  6. I don't care what they advocate. I care what they do. And they rule in a secular manner, so it's okay.
  7. I can say the EXACT same about you. But I don't.
  8. I have done this, but it wasn't on purpose.
  9. Well how about you take a look at this? I won the prize today! LUCKY MEEEEEE
  10. I gotta go head to the gym and then go to my college classes, so I may be back in a bit, or I may be back at night time. Hope to see you guys then, so hopefully we can continue this discussion.
  11. I've been called a blasphemer on this forum before, oh, and an apostate. It seems pretty popular to me. And the prejudice that we face in the west, if ANY, is far less severe than what we would do to minorities in an Islamic society.
  12. I agree, but what I am saying is that this is a popularly held opinion in the Islamic community.
  13. Oh, forgot to address this. Hezbollah is secular.
  14. My summary of Muslim behavior is derived from this forum.
  15. "Oh hey guys, we are the religion of peace, we don't instigate conflict. We don't want to cause anyone trouble. The whole world is conspiring against the Ummah to take us down, because we are so great. We are the most logical religion, I don't see why anyone would convert out of Islam!" - Muslims Also Muslims - "I think if you blaspheme you should be punished, possibly with death. I also think that if you leave MY LOGICAL RELIGION, we should deal with you by killing you. Also we should restrict alcohol because I don't think it's good, even though it makes no difference to me what you do w
  16. I see lots of issues with ALL OF THEM. Some of the limits are more justified than others.
  17. i think you are misunderstanding me, I just think that the "Islamic Republic" will be far different from now, in like 20 years. Hopefully it will at least.
  18. One example: Punishment for apostasy. Second example: Punishment for blasphemy. Third example: Restrictions on alchohol. Fourth: FREEDOM OF SPEECH
  19. They aren't homogeneous, I just think that they will end up changing a lot of things that currently are in the status quo. Just my opinion.
  20. I said people should live without arbitrary restrictions, then I was asked if people should be allowed to go nude in public. I said people should be allowed to, to a certain extent. I added that clause in the beginning, and you were so excited to hop onto it, like it was a victory for your argument. You say it as if I ran out of things to say, and then out of desperation I said that there is an extent to your freedoms.
  21. Ok The youth of Iran are going to get tired one day, and they are going to institute massive change. I'm calling it now.
  22. What? So basically you are forcing me to hold the position that people MUST be free to do whatever they want with no restrictions whatsoever. If I even deviate from that one bit, you then call me out for semantics. This is a clever plan you have devised, gotta admit. It really seems like you just want to score points. You win! Is that what you wanted to hear, or do you want to have a nice discussion?
  23. How am I getting semantical? I clearly defined the extent at which it goes too far, because if we don't have a definition that we both agree on, we can't get anywhere in dialogue.
  24. Would you care to show me where I am totally lost?
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