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  1. My cousin lives in Afghanistan and her friends were all unfortunately at that school when the attack happened. She was at a different center when this all went down. Sucks.
  2. A lot of people in this thread believe that the stabbing was a good thing, so why would they have any incentive to believe it's a false flag? Also the fact that so many Muslims support this kind of thing makes it improbable that it was a false flag.
  3. I'm not talking about powers that be. I'm talking about regular people. When regular people see this kind of stuff on the news, it only affirms their beliefs that Muslims are barbaric. When it comes to Muslims, yeah you can't expect that. We have a problem with violence. Also an expectation of something doesn't mean it's justified. Maybe you have less pity, sure. But to say it's justified because they should have expected it is crazy. If you leave your doors unlocked at night, you don't deserve to be robbed. Islam pays a price for this kind of senseless violence, but I guess you just don't care. Is it that hard to just ignore idiots? We aren't animals. The shias have been slaughtered because they were too afraid to stab a second-rate author to death? Give a comparable example, I'm actually unaware of anything like this happening. The perception of Islam is changed. If you actually want Islam to grow, then you have to appeal to people. You don't appeal to people with modern sensibilities by stabbing your opponents to death for speech. By this logic there's literally nothing a Muslim can do to sour the image of Islam, which is ridiculous. So much for setting a good example. Lol, Uncle Tom? Go out in the real world and ask people how they view Muslims in the wake of this attack. Nobody will have a favorable opinion. The best thing anyone will ever say about Islam is that, "most Muslims aren't like that." Meaning the only condition they would accept Muslims is if they aren't violent. But you would fail utterly jn this regard. If you cared about Islam, you would appreciate how important it is to set a good example for non-muslims.
  4. The author isn't given a free pass. In your eyes it seems like anything less than a stabbing or execution is a free pass, I assure you it's not. The way you deal with people who are spreading misinformation is by utilizing correct information. Again, nobody will respect us with your mindset. I'm very curious, do you just not care how non-muslims view Islam? Do you concede that we will have a terrible image if we proliferate this kind of stuff? Or do you genuinely believe that we will get the respect of non-muslims by stabbing people to death for the words they utter? People in this thread are talking about how the enlightenment has completely changed the paradigm of thought in the west, and they're right. But what are you going to do about it? We live in that world and nothing is going to change that. If we want to appeal to anyone we will have to slightly change our norms, AKA not stabbing people for being an outspoken atheist. Nothing too crazy.
  5. That's a very blurry line. That's why I would never rely on that kind of judgement. If we are talking about matters of life and death, we should be very clear about the boundaries we set. You may call it insulting, but they may call it criticism. It's a mostly, if not fully subjective determination.
  6. This would justify killing just about any atheist that has significant problems with Islam and that writes or speaks about it. If you're okay with vigilante killings of every single outspoken atheist, then that's cool. You should just admit to that. Just say that you want outspoken anti-Islam advocates to get stabbed to death. However if you actually care about spreading a positive message about Islam, you should probably look into not killing people. Nobody will be like "Ohhhhh, he just got stabbed and mutilated to death by a Muslim? Maybe I should become a Muslim, they seem like a very reasonable group of people." What do you hope to accomplish by this? Do you guys just blindly follow any authority without questioning for 1 second? You are literally hurting Islam worse than any one of these idiot atheists could. Every time something like this happens, people who hate Islam are frothing at the mouth to take advantage of the situation. They use events like this to make Muslims look like barbaric savages, and honestly they wouldn't be wrong. After reading this thread, it seems like a lot of Muslims believe it's okay to murder someone who disagrees with you.
  7. Tolerating something is not the same as supporting something. Also, people who believe in vigilante stabbings of people who speak bad about Islam are significantly more harmful than anything any one of these guys have ever written. You wonder why nobody respects Muslims in the west or any of the civilized world? It's because of this barbarity. If you want to continue to harm Islam, you do you. You will win nobodies respect with stuff like this and will only encourage acts of defiance like @kadhim has already mentioned. God has given you a brain, use that brain to counter misinformation rather than resorting to violence.
  8. I'm sure you guys have won the hearts of non-Muslims by endorsing the stabbing of someone who was merely saying words. Great stuff guys. You are doing islam a great service in the world by supporting vigilante stabbings. Keep up the good work.
  9. I play violin and I am currently working on this piece
  10. It's funny people like you will accept scientific evidence only when it doesn't conflict with your preexisting world-view, but when it does conflict, it must be fake evidence.
  11. Lol, this is completely baseless. It has no evidence. Of course you don't, because your argument is fallacious. Allah SWT making things haram isn't evidence. Let me ask you a question, IS GOD LOGICAL? If yes. Then god should make logical rules. Of course I am, because they aren't gods. This is really productive, I really like this. Oh and by the way, you didn't address my hypothetical scenario.
  12. Maybe WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE FOR THIS? EDIT: It's HIGHLY likely that the researchers haven't even HEARD of Shia Islam.
  13. Yeah! So western researchers FAKED research to deceive Muslims who don't believe masturbation is permissible. That makes perfect sense! Scientists are all in a global conspiracy to deviate people from the path, that makes so much sense! SCIENTISTS ARE IN A GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO MAKE MEN MASTURBATE, OH NOOOO! They can manipulate research, but so far, you have the most ridiculous reason for your suspicion. You would have to prove that they are wrong, and how they went wrong during their study. Scientists don't just stand around and formulate conclusions, they have to test before arriving at a conclusion. Of course. Just a quick hypothetical. If it is said in our religious rulings that cancer is actually good for you, would you question ALL the empirical evidence contrary to your religion? If the religious ruling turns out to be false, does that mean that it needs to be updated? Yes No
  14. I don't care what they advocate. I care what they do. And they rule in a secular manner, so it's okay.
  15. I can say the EXACT same about you. But I don't.
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