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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood got a reaction from Netzari in Cia, Khomeini, & Secrets Of The Islamic Revolution   
    I am sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings, please do not go on if you're weak of heart or at your own risk! 
    This is very much possible considering Khomeni is not even Persian. He is british-indian. His father was British and mother was an Indian Kashmiri. 
    By now we should be aware how the Global Elites work, they create a situation i.e thesis (in this scenario the uprise against shah) to bring into effect their desired plan i.e antithesis (appointing khomeini incharge) to execute what the masses wouldnt otherwise let them do i.e synthesis (control on iran's oil and grow opium there). 
    See how the Syrians now can't stop chanting Bashar al assad is a dictator, EVERY POLITICAL LEADER IN THE WORLD IS A DICTATOT NO MATTER HE WAS ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY OR OTHERWISE.  Shah was a nationalist and wouldn't follow instructions from WEST on oil related issues. Also Sha wouldn't allow British to grow and then export opium from Iran. 
    Imam  Musa Sadr who was lebanese Shia Ayatullah was widely respected among Shias in the world and he never accepted Khomeini as Ayatollah and in 1979 Imam Musa Sadr was magically gone, disappeared, body not found. Khomeini was given the title of ayatullah to save execution. 
    Khomeini's father (william richard williamson aka Haji)  had worked at British petroleum as a political officer in Iran so Khomeini has a family hsitory of being in the business. 
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to Shia Shahid in The Hadiths Of Ifk!   
    The Shia view of the Ifk or the "Slander" is the same as the Sunni one - it was a false slander and Rasoolullah (saw) condemned and punished those Sahaba (yes they WERE Sahaba!) who took part in it. But later they repented.
    This is an authentic hadith, Aisha actually WAS slandered by some Sahaba. It's also back up by a Qur'anic verse. And it doesn't make the Prophet (saw) look bad, because he rightfully punished them for it. Physically, in fact. They got many lashes for their insulting rumors.
    Basically Aisha got lost during one of the Prophet's travels, eventually there was a man who helped her find her way back to the Prophet's camp. Then when she got there, a number of Sahaba thought it was suspicious that she was accompanied by a non-Mahram man (never mind the fact she was LOST and needed help!) and they thought it would be cool to spread a rumor.
    Well they lied. Aisha did not commit adultery with this man or anyone else, the Qu'ran says she was innocent of this accusation.
    The is the Shia view as well as the Sunni view. Shias do NOT, I repeat, do NOT accuse Aisha of adultery. END OF STORY. Anyone who accuses us of believing in this slander is a liar and is either totally ignorant, or a political Nasibi who wants to divide Muslims and weaken the Ummah, thereby strengthening imperialism and zionism. (can anyone say "$cholars for Dollar$"?)
    We may have a lot of problems with Aisha, but these are mainly related to her ARMED REBELLION and TREASON against Imam Ali and her politically motivated flip-flopping over the fate of Uthman and what should be done about it. These issues have nothing to do with her private life. It's also recorded that she used to fight with the Prophet's other wives, but this is obviously not adultery, it's excessive jealousy, which can also be sinful. Sunnis are well aware of this however, they also acknowledge she didn't get along very well with Umm Habeeba and Zaynab bint Jahsh, let alone the other wives.
    Our objections about Aisha only relate to her extreme unhealthy obsession with politics and belligerent behavior, not her sex life (which is free from any taint and anyway it's none of our business).
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to Iskandarovich in Cia, Khomeini, & Secrets Of The Islamic Revolution   
    You know how strong the ties of KSA with USA are. You know that the Imperialist powers want to get rid of Assad and that their tools are mainly people who consider themselves Sunni. 
    Now, what should one do to distract (Sunni) people from those facts and rumours that suggest the Sunni 'muhajidin' and extremist millitant groups are actually puppets from the West?
    Exactly! You accuse your enemies of that you are to be blamed yourself of. 
    The Shah had friendly relations with the Imperalists powers and was one of the first leaders of countries with a muslim majority who recognized Israel. 
    When the IRI came into existence the Israeli embassy was closed immediately and a delegation from the PLO was invited so te IRI could handle over the keys to them to open their own Palestinian embassy.
    There are so many examples that the IRI is not in favour by Imperialist powers and Israel that indeed this whole theory is more ridiculous than the belief in Santa Claus.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to Al-Hussayni in Cia, Khomeini, & Secrets Of The Islamic Revolution   
    There's always 2 sides to a story..look at both sides objectively & then come to a conclusion. I wouldn't be surprised if the theory were true.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to A true Sunni in Sunnis Thank Hezbollah   
    The exact opposite in fact. Hezbullah are followers of Ayatullah Khameni. They do not advocate tatbir. Similarly Followers of Aytaullah Fadlallah do not do tatbir.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to mina in Sunnis Thank Hezbollah   
    Hezb has one leader who forbids tatbir...
    Yes and with the relatively new group as-Sabirun.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to baradar_jackson in Sunnis Thank Hezbollah   
    If you're going to say something so blatantly untrue, you may as well go all out and say Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi himself invented tatbir.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to ShiaMan14 in Shia Challenging Questions   
    My humble opinion is that it is pointless to discuss anything until we can come to an agreement about the Prophet saw. Was he a man just like us who sinned?
    AlKhidr - I would like to call a truce and offer my virtual hand of friendship. You have clearly stated your thoughts on the issue of the Prophet saw and you have read ours. By now, you should know the high esteem we hold the Prophet in.
    Let's try to see if we can come to an agreement about him or simply agree to disagree.
    My only request is that if we can convince you that the Prophet did not make mistakes and did not err that you take out references to him from your pamphlet. With the revised pamphlet, we can begin to tackle each question at a time.
    I promise to not make personal attacks as long as none are made to everyone replying to you.
    Jazakallah khair, Khair al jaza
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to ShiaMan14 in Shia Challenging Questions   
    I agree with you about the how to verify Hadith and also not following any scholar or any creed blindly. However at the same time, we should not discount the role of the scholars in Islam. There are has always been a basis of studying den specifically fiqh from people. The Prophet used to send emissaries all across the Muslim lands and further to teach Islam.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood got a reaction from kamyar in Sunnis Thank Hezbollah   
    Oldie but goldie.
    Watch and share

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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to laithAlIRAQI in Sunnis Thank Hezbollah   
    Never seen this, very nice.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to ShiaMan14 in Shia Challenging Questions   
    Really, really - this is the best you can do. You need to try harder.
    May be I said it is great because it is so easy for me to refute everything in it.
    May be I said it is great because it is its so childish that we are discussing some pictures by an artist as if it makes any difference
    May be I said it is great because we are discussing colors
    May be I said it is great because when you visit someone who has a new baby and the baby is ugly, you still have to smile and say how cute the baby is. This is your ugly baby.
    May be I said i sarcastically because my full quote was, "I have read the document and I think it is great. But then I also think some Hadith books are great so what do I know."
    BUT the real reason I said it is great because I was executing a pincer move and it worked brilliantly.
    I asked you very politely to set rules and no personal attacks but you said, "You will not allow 1 of anything, you must don't realize who you are talking to.  I do not bow down to no so-called person on the internet.  I will speak my mind as I see fit.  If you enter the atmosphere of debate, it comes with the territory and plus you did not see me sit here and cry/complain about some of your snide remarks." You implied you wanted to hang with the big boys and now you cry/complain about, "YOU NEVER QUOTED ANYTHING IN MY BOOK TO PROVE YOUR ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT OF ME"
    I didn't quote anything from you book because I was hoping people actually read it but since you asked:
    "Rasuwl Allah who is the Seal Of The Prophets was not infallible and by the Shi'ite sect claiming that their Imams are infallible they have actually exalted and placed them above Prophet Muhammad." - PG 4 "Prophet Muhammad even made some mistakes and below is an example of one of them where he prohibited something that Allah made lawful"PG 5 "I have proven to you that Prophet Muhammad who received the revelation of the Qur'aan was a human like all of us and that he also made mistake"PG 5 "Prophet Muhammad's family so he is a member of Ahlul Bayt and the Qur'aan makes it very clear that he was not infallible because he was a human like us (Qur'aan 41:6; 18:110) and made mistakes"PG 12 
    Prophet Muhammad made another mistake in Sura 'Abasa verses 1-12 which is Qur'aan 80:1-12 because when the blind man who fears Allah came striving earnestly to Prophet Muhammad, He (Prophet Muhammad) turned away from the blind man but yet Prophet Muhammad gave some other man (his attention) who was arrogant by thinking himself was without need. Prophet Muhammad was too preoccupied with this man andturned his back on the blind man who fears Allah. These mistakes by Prophet Muhammad proves that the members of Ahlul Bayt are NOT infallible which DESTROYS the Shi'ite shirk interpretation of them claiming that the 12 Imams, Ahlul Bayt are infallible.PG 13 "I CHALLENGE THE SHI'ITE SECT TO PRODUCE ONE VERSE FROM THE QUR'AAN THAT SAYS PROPHET MUHAMMAD IS THE TEACHER OF THE QUR'AAN"PG 17   
    To my muslim brothers and sisters - I am sure you are aware of the hadith that Allah has created everything for the love of Muhammad.
    AlKhidr - A house is on fire with the Prophet and a copy of the Quran in it. You can only save one. Who do you choose? Every Muslim will choose to save Muhammad saw because Allah can always reveal ayats to Muhammad again but without Muhammad, who would receive revelation?
    I love the Messenger more because there is no message without him but I don't need to explain that to you. First we will have to get you to recite the correct kalima
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood got a reaction from laithAlIRAQI in Sunnis Thank Hezbollah   
    Oldie but goldie.
    Watch and share

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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to ShiaMan14 in Why Isnt Any Imam Mentioned In The Quran?   
    The Quran is written in such a way that it speaks in generalities about the future and has details about the past. This is one of the key reasons why it has lasted without being corrupted by man.
    It is up to us to find out the truth. Quran points in the direction. That is why The Prophet saw left behind the Quran and AhlulBayt.
    BTW - I could be wrong but I don't believe the Quran mentions a single name of anyone from the Prophet's time and thereafter except for Abu Lahab (epithet). Everyone else is just referenced.
    (please correct me here)
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to ShiaMan14 in Cursing The Khulafa And Aiesha!   
    Dear sister - please note that I am no authority so the other brothers/sisters don't have to agree with my stance on anything. However, like you I too thought that we had reached an amicable understanding on this issue. We agreed that:
    The focus on la'an from both sides is misplaced. Shiaism is more than just sending la'an on people. The actual tenet is tabarra and it is more than just sending la'an on people. You distance yourself from the people and the actions that hurt the AhlulBayt. On a side note, I heard a great poetry once that Fadak was given to Hz Fatima a.s. as part of Khums. We curse the people who stole fadak from her but then we don't pay khums ourselves so in effect we curse ourselves too.  La'an is permissible but you are against it in a public setting. Plenty of shia scholars have the same stance as you. Moreover you are even okay with la'an the way it is stated in ziarat-ashura. I am not sure what more is left to be discussed on this matter but at least I am done with this topic.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood got a reaction from Gaius I. Caesar in What The Hell Did Muawiyyah Mean?   
    Cheap politics. Hunger for power/status.
    The Shiat e Ali from Iraq apart from Imam Ali's repeated tries at urging them to continue the fight refused to fight. Only if they hadn't stopped and only if Siffin was won! 
    And it was from the battle of Siffin the group of kharijites rose during Imam Ali's caliphate one of which (muljim) attacked and killed him.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to tendersoul in Additions In Adhaan   

    What brother Irfan313 said Is absolutely correct.

    But I would like to add the wisdom as to why the addition in shia is not innovation verses it is innovation in sunni.

    Here is brief audio about the wisdom of azan by my teacher:


    The original azan which is mentioned by Imam sadiq does not consist of Ashahadu Ali-un Waliullah,

    However saying it does not invalidate the azan by stating it.

    But stating As Sala o Khair ul minal Nawm is a total innovation.

    Why? Because Angels do not sleep !

    When you listen to the audio you will understand a lot better and will DEFINITELY help you in your research

    All the best Insha Allah
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to Marbles in Experiences In The Wild   
    I'm sorry for those who miss the verve and brio and vim and vigour of youth. Those years are so full of promise, derring-do, élan, boldness, self-belief, overconfidence. And of course none of this possible without a good deal of stupidity, sometimes sheer folly. You are different when you're past that stage. That's why I would never do the things at 30 that I did when I was 18-21, some of which are...
    1. I was 18. Taliban ruled in Afghanistan. Three of my cousins and I travelled from Quetta to the Pak-Afghan border. We decided to stay the night in Chaman (border town on Pak side) and go across the border to Vesh where you could buy all sorts of smuggled goods for throwaway prices. Locals on both sides were allowed to move across the border without documentation. Since all are Pashtuns and speak the same language, you can't tell who is a citizenship of which country. But they didn't allow anyone from outside the region to cross the border.  My cousins were Pashtuns but the problem was that I wasn't, so there was a strong chance that I, being a darkie from the plains, would be spotted and turned back. To get round this we sought the support of a distant relation who served in the army. He agreed to help us, reluctantly,and only on the condition that we'd go no further than Vesh. We agreed. After waiting for wo days we're welcomed on a semi-official minibus that was going across the border. The driver knew we had army reference with us, so he treated us like princelings. He told us he was going to Kandahar (which isn't very far) and offered to take us all the way there and back. A cousin of mine and I were thrilled and wanted to go. To see the Talib fairy land with our own eyes. The others did not. But we ended up taking a detour through the wild, rugged terrain but did not quite enter the city because it might have turned out to be too dangerous. We dined and rested at a dingy caravanserai on a side road before heading back. We spent to the tune of 48 hours in the Afghan wilderness. It was as though the bus was a time machine and I was back into a cross section of 10th century CE. It was so surreal. Only on our return did we realise the stupid thing we'd done. What if we had been caught and held there?  Btw, in Vesh I bought a Hi Fi system, a camera and some other tidbits.
    PS: This misadventure was inspired in part by our common uncle's stupidity who had travelled through Khyber pass to Afghanistan in the early '70s on his motorbike, in winter time. He came back with almost frost bite conditions. But he was soon all right.
    2. I have never been a hunter but I have accompanied them on overnight trips to the Cholistan desert where the famous Cholistan Jeep Rally is held. Once we forayed deep into the desert to hunt deer, so deep that an army vehicle visited us out of nowhere when we're camped and secured for the night. They told us we were too close to the border and should head back at least 10 KM inside. We told them we've taken permission from the last army checkpost to come this far. They said they knew but the major sahib has changed his mind. Darn. On our way back a friend said for a moment he thought we'd strayed into Indian territory and Indian soldiers had come to get us. That would mean life sentence in an Indian prison (The border is barbed-wired and lighted today. I don't know if that the case at that time).
    3. Enough of the border stories. Here's a fun thing I remember from a decade ago. A friend and I used to dress up our best and walk into any wedding reception that we could find. Full of easy confidence of youth, smiles on our faces, we would go straight to the stage and congratulate the groom warmly. He would welcome and be thankful but would never find out who these well-wishers were. We did it to win a silly bet that we would eat wedding dinners everyday for the whole week. To prove we had to take pictures and show it to the rival party. We won! (This doesn't fit the criteria of the question, I just realised, but since I have typed it out I'll let it stay).
    4. Speaking of adventures in natural settings, in one my cliffhanger hikes in the northern wild, I slipped and landed face down in the lake strewn with stones. It could have potentially killed me but thank God I only strained my arm besides getting bruises all over. I haven't bothered with tough hiking since then. 
    Hmmm..what else...
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to apofomysback in Experiences In The Wild   
    you do know i serve rat poison sandwiches right?
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to knowledgeseeker in I Am Lost   
    Salaam Alaykum, 
    I feel lost in life. I want to do many things, however I am not passionate enough about them to actually get up and start working.
    For instance, I want to gain islamic knowledge and I am awed by the people of knowledge - however, when it comes to actually reading, i procrastinate.
    I don't know what to do - i have zero motivation and i procastinate a lot.
    any ideas how to get out of this cycle? 
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to AlKhidr in Shia Challenging Questions   
    You have said "Pick the most challenging one".  In my document, all of them are Challenging questions that I know you cannot meet any of them head on but let me pick one of them for you so we all can see you buck dance and shuffle your way out of answering it with evidence in the Qur'aan.  Lets see you answer this challenging question below with evidence in the Qur'aan???:
    The Shi'ite and the Sunni sect both have fabricated two separate sets of hadiyth that they teach are authentic.  Below is the list of the Shi'ite and Sunni set of hadiyth:
    Shi’ite accept:
    Kafi of Abu Ja'fa Muhammad
    Man la Yastuhdirahul Fiqah of Shaikh Ali
    Tahdhib of Shaikh abu Jafar Muhammad
    Najhu’l Balaghah of Sayyid Radi
    Sunni accept:
    Muwatta of Malik ibn Ans
    Jamu’us Sahih of Bukhari
    Sahih of Muslim
    Sunan of Abu Daoud Sulaiman
    Jami of Tirmidhi
    Kitabus Sunan of Muhammad ibn Yazid ibn Majah of Qazwani
    How could this be when Prophet Muhammad was ONE man.  How could one man have two separate, conflicting sets of hadiyth????  This right here let you know that there is a game that is being played on the Mumineen (The Believers) and those who are sincerely seeking truth by the Shi'ite and Sunni Ulama. The Shi'ite rejects the Sunni hadiyth as authentic and the Sunni rejects the Shi'ite hadiyth as authentic.  In due time by the will of Allah Ta'ala the Shi'ite and Sunni sect will realize that both of their schools of thought are false and unfounded in the Holy Qur'aan.
    (1) We are suppose to believe in hadiyth or
    (2) We are suppose to follow hadiyth or
    (3) We will get guidance from hadiyth or
    (4) Hadiyth was revealed or sent down (nazzala) to   Muhammad or
    (5) Hadiyth is the sunna of Muhammad
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to Ethics in #8 Imam Ridha (as) [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    Born in Madina, 148 years After Hijra. The eight Imam was the son of Imam Musa Ibn Jaffer al Kadhem. This documentary takes a look at his holy life and the great teachings of Imam Al Ridha.

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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to Abu Nasr in Shia And Sunni Marriage... Again.... Sorry   
    By marrying a Sunni girl you'll get to raise your children as true Shias (Sunnis).
    And she, by marrying you will get to raise her children as true Sunnis (Shias).
    The middle way is always the right way.
    That is if you both agree to walk this middle way instead of following zealotry.
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to apofomysback in Shia And Sunni Marriage... Again.... Sorry   
    The decision was based solely on the fact that boys typically follow their father's footsteps in my surrounding.The father takes them to the mosque, the father teaches them about religion and most other aspects of life, whereas mothers are mostly focused on teaching the daughters about religion. yes mothers can teach the boys too, but generally, it's the father who does it. 
    I don't mind my children turning out Sunni. So long as they are good humans. 
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    FromShiaSunniBrotherhood reacted to YaaAllah in Shia And Sunni Marriage... Again.... Sorry   
    Salam Alaykom dear brothers and sisters. 
    There is this girl, who(m?) I love dearly. We have been considering getting married for like 2 years. She is sunni which I have a problem with. She did have a problem with me being shia when I told her. Later she was ok with it and eventually accepted it and still wanted us to get married. I would love to do that, but the only thing is that she is sunni and I wanted her to become shia. We talked about children and she was ok with me raising the kids as shiites, but I still have a hard time with it, because she will be the mother. Of course she will have big impact on the kids. Them getting confused is not what I want. I just want them to be raised as shiites. 
    Her parents like me, they respect their daughter and are supporting her in her decision. My aunt, who is like a mother to me(my own mother has passed away) is not against it nor for it. 
    I did istikhara, got different result every time.. good, neither, bad, really bad.
    We do not talk anymore/right now (we've gone back and forth for a long time and so many times). I cant imagine marrying someone else, so please keep those advices to yourselves, I would appreciate solutions for this to work. 
    In my mind, the plan I have, is to learn more about the division between shia and sunni and discuss it with her father during a fishing trip. Does this come out as an arrogant way? (I have some issues when it comes to social things...) And maybe I could convince/plant a seed in her father's mind about shia. 

    Her father doesnt see the division between shia and sunni as a big problem. How can I make it sound like it is? Because I think it is. The way we pray for example, if it only is about folding or not folding hands then all the other important aspects about prayers are not important either. Then everyone should however they like. 
     Please help. Leaving her is out of question.
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