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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I belong where people are free,possibility is infinite! And their master is not the folds on their eyes and hearts,they serve religiously!

  2. Anyone who is thinking to bring pop corn hush hush. Nothing to watch here. :P Hey guys, i am sorry if what i posted made some of you upset but that's just information i read somewhere and it seemed relevant. It wasn't any sort of propaganda or trolling. I am always open to learning new things, no matter how contradictory or controversial they sound, i usually base my sources on controversies which i screen for truths. I didn't mean offence. P.S: Illuminati are real, Vaccines cause more sickness than prevention. None of that is a conspiracy.
  3. UGHHH It is NOT propaganda. I have shared what i have read which happened to hurt your sentiments and was given a name. EVERYONE IS MOST WELCOME TO MAKE WHATEVER THEY WANT TO OF IT.
  4. Better. You are welcome to consider me anything you like, i however wouldn't call sharing what i have read a mistake on grounds of morality or authenticity.
  5. There is no damage if it's not true. Since truth has a way of finding itself at the top always. I am not spreading it, i read it somewhere i found it relevant, i shared it. Is this a threat?? Why, i can not share things i have read without being threatened??
  6. This is not anti Iranian. It's anti USA to be accurate. I have read these things somewhere, which you might call a salafi website but this woman here is not a salafi , i do not see/understand her interest in writing this book. Facts become relative when it's two/three sets of them out there. You can relax since i am not the one who came up with the conspiracy it's already out there.
  7. I am sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings, please do not go on if you're weak of heart or at your own risk! This is very much possible considering Khomeni is not even Persian. He is british-indian. His father was British and mother was an Indian Kashmiri. By now we should be aware how the Global Elites work, they create a situation i.e thesis (in this scenario the uprise against shah) to bring into effect their desired plan i.e antithesis (appointing khomeini incharge) to execute what the masses wouldnt otherwise let them do i.e synthesis (control on iran's oil and grow opium there). See how the Syrians now can't stop chanting Bashar al assad is a dictator, EVERY POLITICAL LEADER IN THE WORLD IS A DICTATOT NO MATTER HE WAS ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY OR OTHERWISE. Shah was a nationalist and wouldn't follow instructions from WEST on oil related issues. Also Sha wouldn't allow British to grow and then export opium from Iran. Imam Musa Sadr who was lebanese Shia Ayatullah was widely respected among Shias in the world and he never accepted Khomeini as Ayatollah and in 1979 Imam Musa Sadr was magically gone, disappeared, body not found. Khomeini was given the title of ayatullah to save execution. Khomeini's father (william richard williamson aka Haji) had worked at British petroleum as a political officer in Iran so Khomeini has a family hsitory of being in the business.
  8. THINGS I AM IN AGREEMENT FOR I do agree with you on some points, like the fact that we have given so much importance to clergy which has no basis in Islam, we do what the maulvi/marja feed us without scrutinizing it, i am sorry to say that's a lot like christanity. Islam is complete in itself . we must always carefully scrutinize whatever the sheikh/marja tells us But yes the door to knowledge is open and things change with time so those who do not know should ask those who know but NOT FOLLOW THEM BLINDLY. I also agree with you over the fact that being a follower of Hadith can get very confusing and misleading at times, because we have two opposite sets of Hadiths for most things. For this Prophet Muhammad also suggested a solution which says "accept my hadith only if it is in accordance with the Quran, if it contradicts the Quran reject it" THINGS I DO NOT AGREE WITH It's not just Prophet Muhammad but all prophets were rightly guided people from Allah and the Imams (progeny of muhammad) are exalted in ranks than the prophets sent to bani israel. The verses i posted are from SURAH NAJM. As follows "Your companion [Muhammad] has not strayed, nor has he erred Nor does he speak from his own inclination It is not but a revelation revealed." The following verses are from Surah Nahl, verse 43, the ahlul zikr are the people of the House. 1. And We did not send any except men before you whom We inspired, so ask the people who received the Reminder if you do not know. Ahlul Zikr/Ahlul Bayt are the inheritors of wisdom and ilm from prophet Muhammad, so ask them when you don't know. You regard turning away from a blind man and abandoning relations from wife in bed chamber as a sin? PROVE IT FROM QURAN IT IS A SIN. It doesn't matter if the Prophet and Imams are white or black we love them no different. Since you seem to be asking for Proof from only the Quran, Mutah is mentioned in the verse 24 of surah 4. Allah has ordained the laws of marriage in that verse as 3 1) Nikkah 2)Mulk al yameen 3) Nikkah mutah (fa mas tamta'tum is the word, i do not know arabic but in the verse the exact word mutah has been used, between famast and tum). We have only proof from haditht that abrogates Mutah in sunni school of thought. So a quranite should agree for the validity of mutah!
  9. in the profile picture is Imam Al Ridha's roza. He was given the title Al Ridha for his compassion. Let's follow imams in their personality traits, let's express our love like that.

  10. nope sadly no such adventures in the wild :(
  11. THANK YOU Thank you for your honesty again, that is precisely what i wanted people here to realize there is so much more to shia following than cursing! And tabarra sounds like the right way to me too I am done with this topic as well and i have my answers but then some over zealous brothers who apparently didn't read all the questions i have raised and things i have already agreed on, have to come and throw the "love of sahaba in my face" . I do not have to give the proof of who i love and who i don't to anyone here. Thank you again. Jazak Allah e khair!
  12. Cheap politics. Hunger for power/status. The Shiat e Ali from Iraq apart from Imam Ali's repeated tries at urging them to continue the fight refused to fight. Only if they hadn't stopped and only if Siffin was won! And it was from the battle of Siffin the group of kharijites rose during Imam Ali's caliphate one of which (muljim) attacked and killed him.
  13. It is NOT SILLY! I wouldn't stop chasing a thing which has weak link itself in Shia following which also happens to be a seed of discord between Shias and Sunnis because even though nobody really pays attention to this and hardly i have ever seen a Shia or a Sunni scholar mentioning verses from the Quran where Allah says "beleivers are brothers in faith" or talks about "those who are with Muhammad are soft among themselves and strong with the disbelievers". All i ever hear is a Sunni person quoting hadiths on the exalted abu bakr omer and aiesha and Shias quoting the how abu bakr omer and aiesha are cursed. So yes this is NOT SILLY. In times like today when we there are a 100 other evils one which can be dealt with head on and easily is the SPILT BETWEEN THE UMMAH. So no NOT SILLY! i do not see where in all of this post have i ever given this argument?? I need answers for my questions some of which the ingenius Shiaman14 did come up with honestly. We did end up the debate at a common ground please go read that :) I definitely agree with you about this, but you can NOT be doing what Ahlul Bayt didn't do. WHY? Because you are not smarter than them, or more far sighted or the flag bearers of religion or an appointed judge over people's fate. The Ahlul Bayt chose to remian silent and patient but it WASN'T "JUST BECAUSE". Everything they did had a deep science behind it which we can NOT IGNORE BY ANY JUST BECAUSES! (and i am the biggest critique of following things religiously which were incorporated into Islam by people who came a THOUSAND years later than imam ali i.e dua sanam quraish, biggest critique of a following without research.) I probably haven't repeated this enough number of times already that i am NOT DEFENDING ABU BAKR OMER or AIESHA. It would be very kind of you all to stop throwing that in my face in further replies. If you think Sunnis "IDOLIZE" Abu Bakr, Omer and Aiesha, i am sorry you are following the wrong guy from the pulpit. Everyone is doing the same mistake differently, Sunnis accuse Shias of shirk and shias accuse sunnis as shirk, while i see this game of blame as a revolt against system of Allah.
  14. SALAM! Very happy to have come across this post! I am also very happy that we have people who demand a logical debate! Due to contraints of time and other commitments i have read only the first one of your challanges. I am not here to save a sect, nor do i represnt one For i do NOT believe in secatarian division. 1) Like you have mentioned yourself, the Holy propeht is referred to as a "BASHAR" in the Quran. There's a difference between "Bashar" and "insan". You will notice when you read the Quran that Bashar is used for good people and Insan for the bad ones. so they are not the same. 2) The verse you have mentioned in context to prove the Prophet did a mistake has a story behind it, if you read it you will come to know the Prophet did NOT commit a mistake, he only vowed to stop having relations with one of his wives which is NOT a mistake/error/sin. Similarly turning away from the blind man is not a sin. 3) The Quran mentions " " Your companion [Muhammad] has not strayed, nor has he erredNor does he speak from his own inclination It is not but a revelation revealed. 4) Prophet Muhammad is the representative of Allah so He does what Allah wills, in that sense he is free of error. 5) As for verse of purity , it does not indicate the infallibility, but the rank of the People of the House! As the descendants of the Prophet inherited him in wisdom and knowledge, since we have Haidth Al Safina and Hadith Al Saqalain to tell us that. Plus the People of the House have been called the Ahlul Zikr in the Quran. Hence it tells us their ranks and explains the need to follow them.
  15. I am sorry to hear that. If there is a slightest possibility and if you really want to, go talk to her. All the best!
  16. Please go ahead and marry her! Don't make haram on yourself what Allah has made halal.
  17. The unity between Shias and Sunnis CAN NOT BE COMPARED TO THE UNITY BETWEEN JEWS AND MUSLIMS, OR MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS Shias and Sunnis are brothers in faith. We need to educate people about what Shias believe and why they believe it and Sunnis need to do the same. Then every one can check facts and stick to what their heart approves of. Look what has happened to us today, WE HAVE DRAWN SO MANY LINES IT IS SO HARD TO GET RID OF THEM AND THE MORE WE DELAY IS THE HARDER IT WILL BE. Whoever came up with the idea of this post is the ONLY ONE SEEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE, rest of us are too bus defending 'our sect' instead of "saving islam". Those who are accusing the only rightly minded person here of "Inferiority complex" Please read what the Quran says "Hold onto the rope of Allah (Quran and Ahlul Bayt) and do not be divided" "Mohammed is the messenger of God, and those who are with him are severe against the rejecters, but merciful between themselves. " Notice "THOSE WHO ARE WITH MUHAMMAD" are merciful between themselves. "AND SAY I AM THE CLARIGYING WARNER". AS WE HAVE SENT DOWN ON THE DIVIDERS. THE ONES WHO HAVE MADE THE QURAN OBSOLETE. BY LORD WE WILL ASK THEM ALL REGARDING WHAT THEY USED TO DO. " From where i see it, being divided is not a leverage Islam allows Muslim community, we are all brothers in faith.
  18. Let's be clear, i am the biggest advocate of everyone knowing the history of Islam after the Prophet but biggest critique of cursing outloud .I AM NOT DEBATING TO PROVE ANYONE'S REVERENCE, NOT DO I REPRESENT A SECT, NO WAY. I would love if all read what happened at Jamal and Saqifa and why and how Imam Ali is the successor of Prophet Muhammad. Now you have become the JUDGE and sentenced some PEOPLE to be worthy of cursing! Please tell me how and when did you acquire that status? You are repeatedly saying Allah HAS MENTIONED CURSING IN THE QURAN, DO YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THE PART WHERE Allah SAYS THE WIVES OF PROPHET ARE MOTHERS OF BELIEVERS WITHOUT MENTIONING ANY EXCEPTION? I am not denying what Aiesha did but i CAN NOT AND WILL NOT DENY THE VERSE WHERE Allah CALLS HER MY MOTHER. WHEN AND HOW DID YOU BECOME THE JUDGE BETWEEN QURAN AND HISTORY?? How do explain the Hadith of Imam Jafar As Saqid about denying the cursing of his own grandfather (Abu Bakr)?? "JUST BECAUSE THE AHLUL BAYT DIDN'T DO SOMETHING DOESN'T MAKE IT FORBIDDEN?" If it's not the Ahlul bayt then who is it you are following? Are you saying you liked the idea of cursing and started it? Watch the video for Mughaleen , i posted the thread for it in this post. Then we will talk!
  19. Salam Since you have come up with very honest answers i feel extremely happy we are reaching common grounds somewhere. Hence i feel i can rest my case with following conclusions. 2) Tabarra sounds okay to me. I have read Ziarat e ashura, i found la'an for banu umayyads in it. Not the people under discussion. 2.1) For me anyone who makes curses on those whom Ahlul Bayt didn't send curse on is a mughaleen. 5) Firstly, the right to announce anyone's fate strictly lies with Allah. secondly, You can not compare Yazid to the people under discussion. REASON BEING WE HAVE EVIDENCE FROM THE Quran which says "Allah is happy with those who took allegiance under the tree" which also includes Talha and Zubair, now we know what Talha and Zubair did. Because we have evidence from the Quran which says "the wives of the Prophet are mothers of believers", and we know what happened in history. Because we have evidence from the Quran which calls Abu Bakr the companion or in some translations "friend" of the Prophet. We have evidence Abu Bakr was Imam Jafar Sadiq's grandfather (Imam's mother was umme farwa, daughter of Muhammad bin abu bakr). So with regards to the people under discussion the situation is not easy as with Yazid. Also in the people under discussion the situation is sensitive pertaining to the threat to the much needed Shia Sunni unity. As for Aiesha, she is still the mother of believers because she is Prophet Muhammad's wife. This was very informative! Thank you! :)
  20. LOL. Let me point out we are not speaking of cursing in general here but cursing Abu Bakr, Omer and Aiesha! You can not bring Quranic verses on cursing and assume i would believe the Quran promotes the sole reason the Shia and Sunni fight! Sorry, NO. I have mentioned many references as to why i think it is not proper to say "Lanat ullah aleih" for these people outloud. That's not how you assert your love for Ahlul Bayt, at least that is NOT my way. Please come up with the refutations of the things i have mentioned and do not try and interpret the Quranic verses about cursing in general like they are talking about cursing Ayesha, Omer and Abu bakr. Thank you! :)
  21. Sunnis and Shias IF both learn Islam with open eyes, would realize we have a lot more in common than the things that divide us. Honestly and sadly every Muslim is encouraged to follow WHAT THEIR PARENTS FEED THEM IN NAME OF RELIGION, AND ADOPT A SECT IN THE FAMILY THEY ARE BORN IN. The problem lies where over time of 1400 years a lot of fabricators who happened to become the Islamic Fundamentalists added things to fuel both extremes of Shias and Sunnis and gained acknowledment in Muslim society solely because of the fact that PEOPLE STOPPED LEARNING RELIGION ON THEIR OWN. I have tried telling some close Sunni people what happened in history and you would be surprised how accepting i found them (i never use lanatullah aleih in my speech, ever). Likewise I was speaking over the phone with my Shia Best friend and asked her about somewhere i could go hear a majlis with a condition the person at the pulpit does NOT make la'an, she laughed in my face and said real scholars never say such stuff from the pulpit, that was my happiest moment from today! We are facing multiple enemies. Before we could worry only about the Shaitaan, now it's shaitan, dajjal, gog and maggog all attacking us from all sides, hungry for us to fight and kill each other. This article proves how Shia Sunni split was manufactured by the Zionists. LET'S MAKE SURE THEY FAIL AT IT. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=104x3008556
  22. Then let us gather and curse the whole UMMAH , since everyone must have lied at least once in their lifetime. Read what Imam Jafar Sadiq says in my latest post. "summa ummuka, summa ummuka, summa ummuka, summa abuka ".
  23. Quranic revelation says: "WE have sent down this Zikr and WE are the protectors of it." We have already agreed on the meaning of tahrif of the Quran. I would like people to come up with the answers of the questions in my latest reply. Thank you.
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