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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Based on the evidence in the Qur'aan, it was not all revealed in one night. Please read the verse below carefully and you will see that the Qur'aan was gradually revealed or revealed in stages but not all in one night: Qur'aan 25:32 Those who disbelieved said, "Why was the Qur'an not revealed to him all at once?" We have released it to you gradually, in order to fix it in your memory. We have recited it in a specific sequence.
  2. Dhulfikar its important that I must remind you that you failed to meet my CHALLENGE by producing just one verse where Allah uses the word "hadiyth" and either tell us to believe in it or follow it or that it is the sunna of Rasuwl Allah. Now since you challenged me in your statement up above, I will be happy to meet it head on. Dhulfikar look at the verse below and you will see that Allah uses the word "hadiyth" and He has condemned it. Allah makes it very clear that we are not supposed to believe in hadiyth that came after the revelation of the Qur'aan: Below I have provided the Arabic break down of this verse because your so-called scholars intentionally mistranslates this verse to conceal the truth: AS WE CAN CLEARLY SEE, Allah USED THE WORD "HADIYTH" AND HE CONDEMNED IT STRONGLY BY TELLING US NOT TO BELIEVE IN NO HADIYTH AFTER THE REVELATION OF THE QUR'AAN. IN ADDITION TO THIS, THERE IS NOT ONE VERSE IN THE QUR'AAN WHERE Allah TELLS US TO BELIEVE IN OR FOLLOW HADIYTH BOOKS. THERE IS NO VERSE IN THE QUR'AAN WHERE Allah SAYS THAT HE GAVE AYLUL BAYT HADIYTH BOOKS. NOTE THAT Allah USED THE ARABIC WORD IN THIS VERSE "BA'DA (AFTER)", THUS Allah TELLS US NOT TO BELIEVE IN NO HADIYTH AFTER THE REVELATION OF THE QUR'AAN AND GUESS WHAT SINCE THE SHI'ITE AND SUNNI SECT FABRICATED HADIYTHS AFTER THE REVELATION OF THE QUR'AAN THIS MEANS THAT YOUR SO-CALLED HADIYTHS BELOW ARE CONDMNED BY Allah TA'ALA. Sunni accept: Muwatta of Malik ibn Ans Jamu’us Sahih of Bukhari Sahih of Muslim Sunan of Abu Daoud Sulaiman Jami of Tirmidhi Kitabus Sunan of Muhammad ibn Yazid ibn Majah of Qazwani Shi’ite accept: Kafi of Abu Ja'fa Muhammad Man la Yastuhdirahul Fiqah of Shaikh Ali Tahdhib of Shaikh abu Jafar Muhammad Najhu’l Balaghah of Sayyid Radi FOR THOSE MUSLIMS WHO WANTS MORE EVIDENCE THAT HADIYTHS ARE NOT A SOURCE OF ISLAAM, VISIT THE WEBSITE BELOW: HADIYTH EXPOSED http://www.freewebs.com/tawhiyd/hadiythexposed.htm
  3. I read all of your 8 emotional statements; I say emotional because just like all your other previous comments about me, you have not proved nothing nor can your refute any of my arguments in the scripture of Allah (Al Qur'aan). The bottom line is this, if you are believing or teaching something in Islaam, you have to prove it in the Qur'aan. I initially opened this post and presented my arguments, research in a book that I entitled: Shia Challenging Questions. I presented it in this forum to allow people to critique it and present evidence from the Qur'aan to disprove my arguments and prove the authenticity of the Shia school of thought. As of this point in time you Magma nor any other Shi'ite Muslim has been able to refute my arguments in my book that all can download on page 1 of this post. The only thing that I've been getting from Shi'ite Muslims are: EMOTIONS, EMPTY STATEMENTS, ASSUMPTIONS, OPINIONS, WHISHFUL THINKING, PROGRAMMING, AND BRAINWASHING.
  4. I read everything that you have presented and you have actually mentioned some points that are good but where you mess things up is when you quote something like this from a tradition or sources that are words of man: "Jalal al Din al Suyuti, in Durr al Manthur, says that laylatil qadr stands for the Holy Prophet and his Ahl ul Bayt." "Present this surah as a decisive argument for the continuity of the divine vicegerency on the earth." Only a Shi'ite Muslim will believe this because the verse in the Qur'aan does not say anything about Ahlul Bayt or the khalifas/imams being referred to in Sura 97 that we have been addressing; again look at the verse without the spiritual blinkers: Qur'aan 97:1-5 1. We revealed it in the Night of Power. 2. And by what means would you perceive what the Night of Power is? 3. The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. 4. The Angelic Beings and the Spirit descend therein, by their Lord's leave, to carry out every command. 5. Peace enveloped (this exalted Night) until the advent of the dawn. THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS VERSE THAT IS TALKING ABOUT AHUL BAYT OR THE KHALIFAS OR IMAMS. THIS IS THE PROBELM WITH SECTS, THEY JUST MAKE THINGS UP AND HOPE THAT THEIR FOLLOWERS JUST BLINDLY ACCEPT. PROPHET MUHAMMAD IS THE ONE THAT IS BEING ADDRESSED IN THIS VERSE NOT OTHER MEMBERS OF HIS FAMILY. WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS QUOTING WORDS OF MAN BUT NOT THE QUR'AAN TO BACK UP OR PROVE YOUR POINT. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN PROVE SOMETHING IS BY SHOWING THE EVIDENCE INSIDE THE QUR'AAN, NOT QUOTING A BUNCH OF MEN WHOME Allah NEVER MENTIONED AS AN AUTHORITY.
  5. If you have issues with Rashad Khalifa's community you should take it up with them because I'm not a member.
  6. Dhulfikar its about time you got honest and admitted you were referring to hadiyths all along. This is why I have CHALLENGED you to prove that your Shia set of hadiyth books are a source of Islaam and you evade this CHALLENGE and I know why because Allah in the Qur'aan from cover to cover never used the word "hadiyth" and never told us to believe in them and He never told us that hadiyth is the sunna of Rasuwl Allah, this is something the Sunni and Shi'ite sect has invented after the death of Rasuwl Allah. There is no such verse that exist in the Qur'aan and you know it. I have presented my CHALLENGE at the beginning when I first opened this post and no one has been able to shut my mouth up by producing just one verse. Dhulfikar, you need to drop your eagle and just admit the truth that you cannot prove your belief of hadiyth. If you want to belief in something that is not supported in the Qur'aan then that's your purgative but don't sit here and try to act like your hadiyth books are backed by Allah. All verses in the Qur'aan emphatically states that Allah revealed the Qur'aan to Prophet Muhammad and no hadiyth.
  7. I read all your posts on Sura 97 but I did not see you answer my question and I really don't understand what you believe about that Sura.
  8. The deal is very clear, none of your imams or khalias is mentioned in the Qur'aan for us to believe in or follow. Allah will not make something like this ambiguous, only sects, cults, organizations that try to brainwash people prey or exploit things of this nature to deceive the masses.
  9. The men that the Shi'ite lists as Imams, I'm talking about the list of the ones the Shi'ite says are infallible, thus none of them are mentioned in the Qur'aan by name. However, Abraham is and we are told to follow the Religion of Abraham (Milla Ibrahiym) not the imams under the Shi'ite sect. This is a weak case with the Shi'ite sect. The only thing you can bring to the table is say they are implied??? This notion is subjective, the facts are this in the Qur'aan Allah tells us who to follow, what to follow, what to believe in and Allah does not live this open for conjecture or wishful thinking like how you say "they are implied". That is a very very very weak case about the Shi'ite sect. Al Haqq is not implied, its directly written in Kalima Allah.
  10. Why don't you share with me what you believe? Why you don't answer my questions?
  11. Yes you are right about how we don't see eye to eye about this because you and I go way back at the beginning of this post with each other. I will add these points, you see Allah never mentioned in the Qur'aan Ali nor any of the 12 Khalifas the Shi'ites recognize. However, The Nabi (Prophet) that you mentioned which is Abraham is mentioned by name in the Qur'aan and Allah COMMANDED, INSTRUCTED,DIRECTED Prophet Muhammad to follow the Religion of Abraham and Allah in the Qur'aan also tells us that He chose Abraham in this physical world and in the Hearafter and Allah also told us in the Qur'aan that any one who forsakes the Religion of Abraham makes a fool of himself so there is no doubt about it that Abraham has rank in the House of Islaam over those men whom Shi'ite believes that Allah has NEVER EVER MENTIONED IN THE QUR'AAN. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand this.
  12. Of course they were all before Prophet Muhammad during Laylatu'l Qadri (The Night Of Power). You didn't answer my question, do you believe they came down before Ali?
  13. Now I understand Gaius what you was talking about, you mean they believe that in general.
  14. Of course they came down before Prophet Muhammad. Remember verse 1 says "We revealed it in the Night of Power." You see the Qur'aan was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and no one else so the Angelic Beings and the Spirit was down there with Prophet Muhammad. SMHA do you believe they came down to Ali?
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