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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. not for nothing. for intellectual honesty. I stand by this: to be one of Ali son of AbuTalib a.s.w.s's people is to be one of al-Ali's (Allah's) people. however, the reason i said it then may not have been quite honest. it was to defend something i had said inconsiderately and in a flow of emotion, maybe even exhibitionism, maybe something worse. The respected gentleman was saying something like -as far as i understand it- we cannot claim to be the shia of Allah because Allah is beyond our comprehension to the extent that, for example, we may say He deserves all praise, but cannot praise Him, except through formulae taught by Masumeen a.s.w.s. So to that extent, we can only be said to follow masumeen a.s.w.s (if that). but Zaidi sahib, if al-Ali is beyond our comprehension, so is Ali ibn AbiTalib (salawat on the family of Muhammad). this has been dragged out for too long, all for the inconsiderate use of one word by one who cannot even be said to be a muta'alim but hopes to be counted among their ranks one day, who only hopes he is not counted among juhallaa at the close of his youth. so pray for me. let us not waste anymore time on this meaningless thread, but rather return to the words of Ahl al Bait alehim us salawat o salam in the hope that each may find the wisdom that is his/her rightful portion from the treasures of Aale Muhammad, salawat ala alehim ajmaeen.
  2. quite logical. i may have been using sophistry to defend my earlier statement.
  3. i dont know. i wrote it in the spur of the moment. what does that say about my aqeeda? judge for yourself and enlighten me. ive only ever heard even muhibs known for extreme love for Mola Ameer ul Momineen say or write jalla jallala hu and thats it! i did a google search for Ali aza wa jallah and the only link that came up was this thread. do i consider Mola the pinnacle and source of all izzah and all jallal? yes. do i know how Mola cursed and burnt those who called him God? yes do i understand that Mola died during sujood to give the message that he was but a servant of God? yes does the first statement conflict with the two that follow it?
  4. then get a mod to delete it, dont bully me, i cant delete it or edit it anymore. i wasnt born to a shia family, im a drunkard, im a drug user, im not a religious scholar, i may not know the aadab of living a good life. so why are you sorry?
  5. acha sorry, but there is an Ali who is in fact aza wa jallah, not even a hardcore wahhabi would deny that, and to be a shia of One is to be the shia of the Other no one is trying to fool you. aap sai certificate nahi chahye apne khuloos ka. aap ki acceptance nahi maangta. i accept i may be a fool myself, no problems with that. chhorain baat ko. baat ki spirit dekhen. sorry for urdu, mods. yes mulla sadra. thank you for giving me benefit of the doubt.
  6. all numerology since the time of the sumerians is shia numerology if you use it for the purposes of nusrat e Ali a.s.w.s but then again, what do i know, im just a malang who failed A level math... will wait for @Qa'im
  7. you can only convert to shia if you are already a shia. go read plato, all knowledge is recollection, and this knowledge above all. you just need to remember that you are a shia of Ali a.s.w.s ... if you are, indeed, a shia of Ali aza wa jallah... i sometimes have doubts about myself remember your troth, remember your bond, remember the face of Ali, and all will be well inshaAllah also the above.
  8. that is some next level math, bro, i only know the abjd that makes up 92/110/786 waghaira... the kind that shows up on google images when you type abjad is 10 a good number? im 10 according to above math another fun fact: numbers for imami and muhammad are equal... what do you have to say now? huh? huh?!!? on a much more serious note: you said " however (If I remember correctly) the imams actually FORBADE non masumeen from knowing/ learning about ilm jafar." my questions: 1. is ilm e jafar the same as ilm e aa'dad? or alternatively what is their relation. i am concerned mostly about it being prohibited, or to what extent it may be prohibited: like between reading codes into the Quran/true ahadis on one extreme and composing a qata e tareekh on the other, what are we allowed or not allowed to do. please research and share. 2. you have posted hacking tutorials and your nick is digital ummah, why are you not crazy about shia numerology?
  9. no its not: moaviya (la) = 40 + 70 + 1 + 6 + 10 + 5 = 132, Fatima s.a. is different. although number in abubakr equals number in haideri, like you said fun fact, but not a problem if are a Pakistani (((lanat on (ali sher) haideri!!!)))
  10. nah, ive said all i could, but in conclusion: ashfaq ahmad is exactly what he presents himself as, or what his admirers say he is: i.e a "baba ji" ... only thing is, a baba ji is not exactly the benevolent figure that his poor admirers think he is
  11. @starlight Ji, this is a civilized forum, and i am afraid i will overstep my boundaries if i speak my mind about ashfaq ahmad. basically the same problem i mentioned I have with Umaira Ahmad: he sells self-righteousness, he sells the middle class morality of comfort and self-indulgence, he sells religion and makes it cheap in the process. In short, he is a reactionary, he promoted reactionary tendencies in society at a time when we progressive thought was under attack by the state itself, this comfortable religiosity of the petite bourgeoisie that stifles existence itself. ... too much? ...
  12. Jani with the question, Isa and Moosa ARE our prophets, especially since the testament given to the One who belongs especially to us (i.e Quran refers to them and exhorts us to take heed from their lives). Belief in them is wajib, as per Quran, zyada tez na bano.
  13. hujoor, chhor dain yeh umaira ahmad type lekhakon ko... iss sai pehle ashfaq ahmad, qudratullah shahab waghera nai pichhli naslon k zehen bigare thai, yeh aaj ki naslon ka zehn bigaar rahee hain, selling bl**dy middle class morality, selling religion, selling self-righteousness, bhool jaen inhe .... sorry .... love, lho
  14. salawat bar Muhammad wa Aale Muhammad The Queen of Lahore does not care for eid, for her sons have not come back to her Her Father is Ali, her Brother Abbas, when she came to Lahore she was all alone She came to Lahore and centuries passed, among all the believers who came to her They sought and found their hearts desires, her heart’s desire eluded her The Queen of Lahore does not care for eid, they have killed her husband, her brothers, her sons ..... Lanat infinite, endless, baishumar on the killers of Ameer Muslim and his sons a.s
  15. Ya Ali a.s.w.s madad, salam! I have a couple of questions and a dua for whoever answers: 1. what does 'hali' mean? I have heard it used as a title/name for mola Ameer ul Momineen but don't know what it means.. 2. Did any of the Aimmah a.s.w.s ever travel by boat? did any of Them ever travel the sea?
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