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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Brothers and Sisters, I hope you all are well. Firstly, I didn't know where to post this but this is just a humble request to the shiachat staff and members of this site. If at anytime in the future, you have a problem with my profile or account Waffles, I kindly ask that you discuss the issue in public, so that the awam can see what's going on also Inshallah and make a fair assessment. It would be beneficial to all iA. Secondly, I will be donating this account to the Shiachat Awam soon. I am currently working on a manifesto for this account. It will give both current,
  2. I went to Oregon today and was really saddened by the amount of homeless I saw. Its truly a problem over there. Every city block we walked through, there was a few homeless people. Another was sleeping with a blanket wrapped around them behind a public bathroom in a public park. Students and Elders both. Three people begged me for change. America what have you become? :'(
  3. Who do they donate money too though? If its an opressor just to get back at those, who hurt them can you really blame them? They suffer from emotional pain inflicted by others yet they are criticized when its not even really their fault. Its human nature. Not everyone has the power to simply keep getting beat up and letting it go. Its hard.
  4. Star I'm serious. Its possible. I have contacts within the party and government so yeah. :D 

    We can help out the person who was fired recently as well. Lets do it!

    1. starlight


      no,l want to stay here and serve my people .

    2. Waffles


      Come on now dude. I know there's a traitor inside of you somewhere lool.

  5. Altaf Bhai is a good honest man! He cares about the Muhajirs and fights for their rights. Not all Pakistani politicans are bad. I can get you an H1 visa btw if you want. There is an MQM office I saw nearby LOOL 

  6. There's nobody I know here and you're the closest person only 11 hours away lol. So yeah. :)

  7. Yeah haha. I'm sorry dude. I didn't want to come on here to contact you but I didn't really have a choice. I'm kind of bored. Can you text me iA?

  8. Hydrabadis are terrorists now? LOOL I was just kidding btw. I would never actually do that lol haha. Would be pretty epically funny though 

  9. LOL I'm part of the Hydrabadi Mafia Baji ;)

    1. starlight


      if you terrorise the team be prepared for a ban. :threatenlumber:

  10. Knowing turkey, they'll probably do it again. Turkey is apart of NATO. Turkey wants to join the EU. Both those organizations ask turkey to jump, Turkey asks how high. But Nato will never defend Turkey in the case of a war. No way. Neither will the EU admit Turkey. Because Turkey is filled with Muzzies haha.
  11. Salam Brothers and Sisters, I have a question for you all. Its a very sensitive one. Before adding on, I would like to say, I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who was an old member here. We all I assume have seen what emotional suffering and helplessness feels like and what it means. That moment when you can't do anything after you've been humiliated. For some people, those moments come and go and it isn't a problem. However for others, that moment sticks in their minds forever and they never forget. For that second group of people, whenever they think about that moment, wh
  12. Getting married back then wasn't as complicated either loool.
  13. There was no ISIS, Boko Haram, or any terrorist groups killing whole families back then as there are now. Even if there was terrorism back then, it def wasn't as global and widespread as it is today. I'd rather a people or generations of people die by polio than be witness to the massive destruction of whole regions by these groups as we see happening today. Today if there is a natural disaster somewhere, sure a lot of people would know about it but do you really think the money you or I give to help relief efforts goes to help the actual people in need? Or does it go into the pockets of
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