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  1. Please re read your statements, this may not be arrogance but there is a dangerous amount of pride here. Read about Imam Ali and his description of Shaytan's pride which stemmed from his belief that he was the most pious and knowledgeable. Only Allah can make you a teacher and boss , and he is the compeller, submit yourself fully and fearfully to his great might. Otherwise this sin is what Allah is always quick to shown as your weakness.
  2. Salam Alaikum Ya zamabala, I am afraid Brother Zamabala, you are judging Shiasm based on the Shia practitioners, that is indeed a very poor way to judge a belief system, and is serving to discourage you. The fact that you accept the Imamate of Hazrat Ali is encouraging, since Allah in his grace and infinite mercy, has led you toward the right path. Now if you have studied the Path of Imam Ali ( AS) you know that the Deen of Ali and His brother/teacher Muhammad (SAWS) was vary broad and all encompassing. From this deen comes Zaydism ( a more strict orthodox militant form of Shiism which encouraged active rebellion and fighting), the deep profound spirituality of the Arifeen like Abu Dar and Sulaiman Farsi and along a similar vein the various Sufi Tariqa all come from the deep well of knowledge that was Imam Ali. There are those who consider Ali a form of the GOD HEAD and have gone into kufr for their love of him, and wahabis and salafis who have gone into kufr by rejecting him. You are required to find the middle path, and if you have training in Buddhism you will understand this, and the you will also understand that similar to Budhhas first noble truth, the followers of Ali also belief that desire( worldly) is the source of all pain and and misery. Have you had a chance to read Nahjul Balagha, this will help direct your beliefs. From their go to Al-islam.org for other books that will help deepen your knowledge base. Now Most of us Ithna Ashari would find your more strident beliefs very austere , but that is more along the path of Abu Dharr, who isolated himself because he was disgusted with the hypocrisy of muslims and their rulers. We have evolved into a more libertarian ( not really the best term) but more direct very personalized relationship with Allah based on our eeman and our niyat. The concept of niyat is most developed in the Shia, where the actions and beliefs are important but what is in the heart is paramount. Shaytan was a faithful follower for thousands of years but his heart and his niyat were not pure, and Allah knew this and brought out this pride. Be very careful my friend, you have studied much and gained much knowledge, but know that sign of the highest knowledge is more humility, as shown by Imam Ali and his progeny. I am confident that you will find your way to true Shiasm, you are on a difficult path, dont give up , maybe even a more pure and higher form of the deen awaits you, even more than many of the community here, but it will require more knowledge and more humility. Wa salaaam
  3. Excellent so we , the americans, were totally complicit in providing this bomb. I will also bet a million dollars that no Saudi Idiots were operating the guidance system on this laser guided bomb. It was American technicians and specialists at the controls. This blood is on US hands. That means we guided this bomb into a schoolbus carrying children on a school field-trip/picnic. This makes me sick to my stomach. I am not surprised the State Dept. Harridan refused to condemn the bombing, when she knew it would come back to bite the US govt. Please Share and make this story go viral. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-12/guided-bomb-fragments-site-yemen-bus-airstrike-reportedly-trace-back-lockheed
  4. Major Yemen conflict talking points I have prepared for sharing. 1. As of March 26, 2018, 70,000 Yemeni civilians at least were killed by US-Saudi bombs at Homes, schools, farms, hospitals, markets, funeral and weddings etc over the last 3 years withvmore than 140,000 casualties overall. This is targeting has been used by US and its allies before as a way to inflict pain on civilians and encourage overthrow of rebel leaders ( has never worked since Vietnam) 2. Save The Children estimated at least 50,000 children died in 2017, an average of 130 every day. 3. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, has estimated that Saudi-led coalition air attacks caused almost two-thirds of reported civilian deaths. 4. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), estimates that more than 3 million Yemenis have fled their homes to elsewhere in the country, and 280,000 have sought asylum in other countries, including Djibouti and Somalia. 5. In 2015, Saudi Arabia formed a coalition of Arab states to destroy the poorest arab country in the world. The coalition includes Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan and Senegal. Several of these countries have sent troops to fight on the ground in Yemen, while others have carried out air attacks. 6. Yemen was ruled very peacefully for a millennium by Zaydi Shia imams until 1962, and the Houthis were founded as a Zaydi Shia revivalist movement. However, the Houthis have not called for restoring the imamate in Yemen, and religious grievances have not been a major factor in the war. Rather, the Houthis' demands have been primarily economic and political in nature. 7. In 2013, Yemen's National Dialogue Conference was launched, and was tasked with writing a new constitution and creating a federal political system. But the Houthis withdrew from the process because it left Yemen's transitional government in place. Further inflaming matters was the fact that two Houthi representatives were assassinated during the conference's proceedings.
  5. Here are some best articles for more info. Please share the pics of the latest Massacre, the power of the pen and images can be greater than the sword.
  6. This massacre, one of hundreds is being finally covered in the lame stream media. Just like Hasbara uses individuals to spread the zionist message, We should be throwing as much light on this Satanic Darkness. Ever message counts. Please activate your facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instragram etc. You can now use links to main stream publications since this is one of the few times it has been covered. I have even gotten my high school,college and medical school alumni friends, even the most apolitical, to condemn this atrocity. As brother Hadi is correctly predicting the 24/7 news cycle will be back to Kardashians and insane rapper stories. It is our obligation to open the world eyes and condemn Zulm. Imam Husain's (AS) example and message was propagated and given life by the hard work and efforts of Hazrat Zainab ( AS) speeches and sermons , we owe it to those who we proclaim as leaders and whose followers we are, to do the same.
  7. Now we all need to remember that the propagandists are all aimed to make Iran look bad, or like they are losing or it is collapsing into a civil war. Always dig a little deeper for the truth, go to alternative news sites, go to non main stream sources, the truth us out there but it is constantly being bombarded with falsehood and fake narratives. Thanks to brothers like Abu Hadi we get some real news and not the pablum served up by govt shills. Makr wa Makrulla, Inallaha Khariul Makeyreen.
  8. To all my doom/gloom brothers and sisters, understand that there is massive western propaganda to make the USA seem invincible, and the Pentagon pays billions of dollars to convince the world of that finality ; thru movies, think tanks, and fake news. please see pentagon sponsored movies: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-04/heres-410-movies-made-under-direct-influence-and-supervision-department-defense The reality is quite different. Remember back to the early phases of the afghan war, i was in the USA and was amazed there were thousands of sorties and still the US troops did very little other than egg afghan militias to attack the Taliban. In fact one the strategic targets had been hit, there were forced start hitting wedding parties and other soft targets to inflict pain. Similarly in Iraq, after military and other high value tragets had been destroyed, they were again forced to bomb civilians and civilian infrastructure again to inflict pain. They lost, and lost quite badly...whenever there was prolonged resistance and guerilla tactics. The loss of life while tragic and heart breaking, is only depressing if we have a focused worldly calculus, and don't believe in the Hussaini mission and a redefining of success. US troops are not made to fight long wars, they like shock and awe and lightning quick battles, anything long and drawn out is usually a failure, and then they try another "surge" to win again. I will let a US Marine Military intelligence officer whose predictions on Afghanistan and Iraq were dead on, explain it again. ( He was so accurate that trumped up charges were levelled at him to silence him) https://www.globalresearch.ca/three-reasons-why-fire-and-fury-wont-work-with-iran/5649870 Have faith in Allah, the prophet and his progeny and help from our hidden saviour. There have been multiple times in history where a numerically superior and militarily superior force lost to a less opponent or ore correctly failed to defeat, which considering the odds is a definite win.
  9. My theory is that Imam Mahdi (ATFS) is providing his guidance to the Islamic Republic and its leaders, they may make mistakes as they are human, but their aims are true. No other country on earth has so many rich and powerful blood thirsty countries frothing at the mouth to attack and destroy economically, socially, militarily and politically. Here is actual Military Analyst giving his analysis of a Iran vs Anglo-zionist conflict could look like. https://thesaker.is/anglozionist-attack-options-against-iran/ It was truly eye opening and very informative.
  10. My theory is that Imam Mahdi (ATFS) is providing his guidance to the Islamic Republic and its leaders, they may make mistakes as they are human, but their aims are true. No other country on earth has so many rich and powerful blood thirsty countries frothing at the mouth to attack and destroy economically, socially, militarily and politically. An article by an Emirati writer: ■ Saudi Arabia paid 54 billion dollars to overthrow Saddam Hussein ■ Iraq became an ally of Iran ■ A few years later Saudi Arabia paid billions of dollars to bring down the Lebanese Hezbollah. ■ Three quarters of Lebanon became an ally of Iran. ■ Saudi Arabia paid billions to overthrow Erdogan ■ Turkey became an ally of Iran. ■ Saudi Arabia paid billions against plot on Qatar ■ Qatar turned to Iran ■ Saudi Arabia paid billions to drop the supporters of God in Yemen ■ Three quarters of Yemen became an ally of Iran ■ Saudi Arabia paid billions to America to drop the agreement on the Iranian nuclear file ■ European countries became an ally of Iran ■ Easy to teach animals Piano playing and teach birds to speak but difficult to teach some Arabs politics. Somebody on the Iranian side knows 4-D chess and are amazing at it. Now Saudi Arabia is giving billions to Israel and the USA to attack Iran, very soon they will see the outcome of that as well!! and now Saudis are on the verge of bankruptcy. Makr wa Makr-Ullah , inallah Kharul Makayreen.
  11. I can find no other source , but have not checked Iraqi Arab Media.
  12. I was sent this article this AM. Not sure why the the headline was written this way, Any news from our Iraqi brothers? https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180803-iraqs-al-sistani-survives-assassination-attempt/
  13. While I don't agree on all Robert Fisk, but his stature as a experienced Middle East reporter who actually lives there provides great evidence for the the roots of the fake Syrian revolt, to allow the Gulf to build their Gas pipelines.
  14. For my iraqi brothers, in this heat of summer I hope they buy electricity from wherever they can. I wish it was not the Saudis they had to turn to, but trade is trade. The muslims from the prophets time bought their needs from kuffar all the time, think of this as the same. However, even as at that time Muslims were encouraged to become self sufficient as soon as possible, I wish the same for Iraq and am very confident Inshallah.
  15. In other Saudi News, at least these Jews masquerading as Muslims, have allowed Paris Hilton to open her store in Mecca. Their priorities are very clear. My Allah bring his strongest curse on the those who harm the Ahlul Bayt and their faithful followers.
  16. Dear Forgotten the Hasbara plot line is wearing thin. Ok you hate Assad, thats great, hardly original, but this matters how? He is either a necessary evil or the more likely best actor in a terrible neighbourhood. I don't think he was in full control of the the hard liners in his Army when the Yinon Planned fake gulf money funded color revolt started. ( I'll bet a million you know all about Oded Yinon ) Assads senior commanders had significant leeway in dealing with dissent in various cities, especially when it involves treasonous liver and heart eating yazeedis and sufyanis. I think those vile inhuman child killing wahabi terrorists deserved and required harsh punishment and death. If he helped put some of those tafkiri ibn tammiya followers on the way to Jahanum, then I thank him from the bottom of heart. You need to stop swallowing every drop of western anti-assad propaganda, and learn to become a more critical thinker who understands nuances and pragmatism. However, as Alidu and carlzone have correctly surmised you are a non amusing one agenda item automaton, who has successfully persuaded no one with your facetious and simplistic arguments. Please stop, its just not working. Show yourself to be more than a one trick pony and bring something else to the table for critical discussion.
  17. I read your precious article from the Begin-Sadat center for strategic studies of Bar-ilan University. My dear agnostic brother, i think you may have suffered some serious head trauma to take that garbage article seriously. I never discount what my enemies say and make sure i read their articles, but frankly that is progandizing BS presented in an intellectual foundation with requisites references and footnotes. The professor makes excellent historical and factual points, but his interpretations are totally politically ridiculous and meant to cause division. It was crafted in 2011 at a time when Syrian problems were starting, it was meant to isloate the Alawites and hasten their destruction, which would only benefit the Zionists and the Wahabis. "BY WAY OF DECEPTION THOU SHALT DO WAR" the mossad motto and applies to most pro-zionist Israelis and their Hasbara shills. Obvious deception meant to divide the shias and the syrian govt. Bravo to Carlzone to picking up on the obvious weak attempts at inserting inflammatory and controversy to divide us. Nobody here loves Bashaar Assad, but we would all chose him, everyday of the week and twice on Sunday, over the heart and liver eating vile yazeedis and sufyanis. Now take yourself back to the the Hasbara headquarters or the Taghuti Persian Center and let them know that those pesky Shia saw thru your BS immediately! But we will give you style points and and B+ for effort. If you want we can help you overcome your agnostic attributes and come back to the fold of Allah and the Ahlul Bayt.
  18. Read an amazing article on current and past geopolitics where the author indirectly references Imam Husain and his mission and how it is relevant to the struggles Shias continuously face currently. http://www.unz.com/article/americas-allies-against-russia-iran/ He references in his article : http://washingtonsblog.com/2018/07/the-saudi-and-american-way.html Any comments from out esteemed group would be interesting.
  19. My young brother you are in the throes of a terrible addictions, unfortunately the path to get out of this deep dark hole is not easy and you will stumble many times, just as other addicts often do. The neuro-chemical pathways you have activated in your brain which give pleasure are so strong, that studies of animals and people, and pleasure center activation in the brain, will starve themselves just to continuously activate these pathways. As a physician who has helped other with addictions i will attempt to give you a list of strategies that can work, however none of them will be easy. The end strategies will be the extreme and will require the assistance of medical professionals experience in treating sexual addictions. The most important first step is the real deep down desire to stop and the willingness to break this addiction. 1. Make your heartfelt vow to Allah and his Blessed Prophet and Esteemed Progeny that you are going embarking a difficult journey and require their blessed intervention. 2. Start fasting, continuously and as much as possible. It is well known that the pleasurable neurotransmitters decrease when there is caloric and water restriction. Try to stay in the state of wudhu as much as possible. 3. The cold shower suggestions is effective but the effect is short lived, still I encourage it. Also you need to provide yourself with a painful punishment, like 100 pushups, 100 squats and three cold shower etc ( think of what is mentally and physically painful for you without causing permanent damage) if you stumble. 4. You need to sometimes replace this addiction with another addiction, Now I am not encouraging another addiction, but trying to motivate you to change your thinking and the neurotransmitters so they activate in other ways. e.g. extreme exercise can also release endorphins and enkephalins in the brain and provide a pleasurable high, but it takes extreme fatigue and muscle activation. 5. Cognitive and behavioural therapeutic exercises which will discourage your bad thoughts and actions. e.g. Imagine that you are in front of the the blessed personalities I mentioned when you start to have bad thoughts or they can see and will be ashamed of your actions. If that is too abstract, then imagine your mother became aware of your actions and you are dependent on her and your sins also come on her, and you are continually embarrassing her in front of Allah and his Prophet. 6. Yes Mutah is a reasonable suggestion, but if not done with the right person, you may just jump from the frying pan into the fire. 7. If all else fails there are medications which can chemically castrate males and are used for unrepentant child molesters and other sexual deviants. First of all they require a physician to prescribe, they have many many side effects, include testicular atrophy and femininazation of masculine features , and if used in high doses there are cancer risks. You would need to find a physician who is well versed in endocrinology and in use of such chemicals in males, and they would have to agree. This path would be 100% effective but entail many many risks. There are some excellent suggestions from other including don"t be alone, stay away from temptation, salaat and heart felt dua like Dua e Mashlool ( due for the youth stricken paralyzed for his sin). Also it is well known that giving to those more unfortunate ( time, money, volunteering, teaching) than yourself gives great pleasure and activates noble pathways in the brain. You need to realize and read about addiction and addiction therapy, twelve step programs and the like that exist for such sexual addictions, but above the all the most effective step in these programs is the belief in a higher power, who is always willing to help. " Take one step to Allah and he takes ten steps towards you" I wish you luck and pray that this message helps you off the path of Shaytan and his evil whispering. Take care my dear brother, If your name is Ali, then you have a huge obligation to not bring shame to such an illustrious blessed name.
  20. Yup that confirms his death, the leader of the skripal fake poisoning debacle is having phone calls with a dead guy. I couldn't written a better Bollywood movie plot.
  21. regarding arrival of Al Qaim, there is a hadeeth which mentions the king named for animal (fahd) with lazy eye, hus brother Abdullah and then chaos will reign and succession will change hands many times and then one prince will face death at the hand of a servant, and the authorities will attempt to hide the death for 40 days. If MbS was hit with two bullets of high powered artillery he may be able to survive for sometime but may eventually succumb to his injuries. As a physician, who has seen and treated military high powered rifle injuries, these blast and penetrating injuries such as these are devastating at close range, with people eventually dying of complications even in the best hands. His missing in action and weak evidence for his continued public presence, pics to far to confirm identity, eyes covered up, and non dated appearances and absence at US sec state visit are obvious attempts at dispelling truth. I say let the 40 day countdown begin soon. ;)
  22. I think it is time to recycle these topics. one hadeeths mentions death at the hand of a servant, and the authorities will attempt to hide the death for 40 days. If MbS was hit with two bullets of high powered artillery he may be able to survive for sometime but may eventually succumb to his injuries. As a physician, who has seen and treated military high powered rifle injuries, these blast and penetrating injuries such as these are devastating at close range, with people eventually dying of complications even in the best hands. His missing in action and weak evidence for his continued public presence, pics to far to confirm identity, eyes covered up, and non dated appearances and absence at US sec state visit are obvious attempts at dispelling truth. I say let the 40 day countdown begin soon. ;)
  23. Rijaal when done by alims and talibs is still not an exact science despite some sects complete blind reliance. Think about it my friends, imagine trying determine hundreds of years later that whether so and so was a trustworthy narrator transmitter , i challenge you to find out your great great great grandfather' neighbor was trustworthy person and never ever lied!!!!!!! Seriously you call that a science without any doubts or errors, if so tell me what you guys are smoking and drinking. At best it is a educated guess. I challenge anyone to find an independent source who proclaims rijaal to be an exact science. That is why we attempt to rely on hadith directly from Rasul or Ahlul bayt with as little interference by fallible humans, on whom you rely too much with no safety net below.
  24. Your religion maybe the Sanad , my religion is ; the revelation of Allah and the words and actions of his beloved messenger and his beloved progeny. Rijaal is a subjective art dressed up as a intellectual science by pseudo-intellectuals like Nader Zaveri. To base your arguments on such a weak foundation is pitiful. We judge hadiths if they are first from Rasulullah or his Ahlul Bayt and is there any deviation from Quran or Sunnah. We then can judge based on the opinions of our Ulema who study some 30 plus years before being allowed to give opinions, unlike the self styled (Nader Zaveri) psueudoscholars of the internet.
  25. Like everything in Islam since Shaitan refusing to bow to Adam , it all depends on your niyyat which is paramount. That niyaat is in the heart of the requester and between him and His Lord our best theories are again only our theories mate. Is that really so difficult to understand.
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