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  1. We must thank you sincerely for such an effort with your team. May Allah bless you, it is really an amazing collection of ahadith, and now accessible for those of us whose Arabic Is still limited. May Allah continue blessing you and your family for your sadaqah Jarriya to our community and world at large. Mashallah and Mabrook on your most worthy accomplishment.
  2. New Swiss study proves damage to heart in every mRNA vaccine recipient. Now granted small rise in tropinins is often insignificant symptomatically, but there is measurable damage. 1 in 27 get significant damage, sadly. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/swiss-study-shows-heart-injury-in-all-mrna-covid-jab-recipients-myocarditis-in-3/
  3. This the guilty now pleading for mercy, after being responsible for so much misery, side effects and deaths from their purposeful actions, by confessing ignorance.
  4. The issue for both the ukinazis and the Russian is that nukes can be released, but the fallout and decades of adjacent Radiation poisoning is left to the winds... and make oil, gas and grain/fertilizer supplies even more precarious. That doesn't mean they won't be used by an evil actor, who will gain by both above scenarios... False flag attack will benefit the AngloZionist empire, both financially and strategically and may fulfill the Islamic and Christian Eschatological predictions.
  5. It's unfortunate we don't pay attention to the slaughter... and life the Palestinians must live. If I told you what kind of lives they face , constant humiliatition at checkpoints which are everywhere, it's surprising they don't become suicidal. I've been to the West Bank before covid to train other doctors. I saw the difficult conditions, zones a b c and how the evil armed nazi settlers act like with the Palestinians , its horrible. With the world soon focused on the world cup, watch the Israelis attack Gaza and even west bank again. Additional the water, the soil and crops are purposefully destroyed or posioned, but try to get our uber humanitarians to mention such an issue ....we all know who they are, to address the Palestinian questions and we hear crickets....same with Shia massacres like in shiraz, or every week in Afghanistan... but for one Kurdish girl they will Write 100 replies....the hypocritical attitude is sad and shows the western propaganda brain washing. or against Russia they will be so vocal, but talk about Muslims being actively slaughtered...again ...nothing. I am trying to organize a teaching medical trip again to two hospitals in the West Bank in February and if we are fortunate even Gaza...but that is more difficult...because Israel loves their open air prison. Also the Hindutava movement is cutting and pasting the Israeli strategies in Kashmir....its all very sad ...but we must try to help our poor unfortunate brothers and sisters in these occupied territories.
  6. Uhhhhhhhh ....heloo bro, see how that knife cuts both ways. But I accept the slightly condescending ( I have learned from the master....there's that damn cheeky irreverence again) advice as a legitimate and highly valuable viewpoint , from someone whose opinion I respect....not always agree with , but consistently respect. And once you start agreeing with me , @Rejector @Haji 2003 and @Eddie Meccayou will have hit 99% Realistic Insight
  7. Anyone trying to pretend that NATO is a defensive alliance needs to read actual historical evidence, instead of parroting directly from NATO's website. https://theintercept.com/2021/06/15/meet-nato-the-dangerous-defensive-alliance-trying-to-run-the-world/ From the OG , original billionaire gangster, sponsored non western conglomerate viewpoint.
  8. https://www.indianarrative.com/world-news/ukraine-s-president-zelensky-hints-at-developing-nuclear-weapons-after-nato-declares-is-will-not-confront-russia-154922.html This may become a remarkably prescient article, given the dirty bomb false flag likely coming.
  9. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/02/is-it-time-for-ukraine-to-split-up/283967/ Looks like Putin is following the original western plan, good for him.
  10. https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/2022-06-01/ty-article-magazine/.premium/understanding-ukrainian-nationalism-and-claims-its-tainted-by-nazism/00000181-1a0c-d9b4-a199-be1e4a3c0000 Lolz, the Israelis call ukis nazis...they might beat you on perspective.
  11. Western pablum regurgitation. it's actually kind of sad to see the University years wasted. Where one reads various viewpoints, learns different perspectives and talks to others and allows for diversity of thoughts and ideas. and there is parroting of CNN and other mindless talking heads and current western media narratives....verbatim. I am so glad I was an international relations major before med school, or might have turned into the typical worldly obtuse science geek. It was actually our Jewish professors who opened our eyes, and I have immense respect and admiration for them. While we agreed to disagree on the Palestinian question. Going against the grain, they showed us through practical history and politics, the vast hypocrisy of western govts and their insidious bellicose policies, meant to enrich the military industrial complex while bleating about peace and diplomacy with carefully constructed lip service.
  12. I wasn't aware I was talking about you Akhi, because that makes me want to paraphrase from Macbeth... Methinks the ( brother) doth protest too much. sorry too cheeky Please don't make an untoward assumptions....My little soliloquy refers more to another. Who likely grew up in post colonialist Indopak household, and developed a painful affectation of white man's burden worshiping, "gee Sahib" mentality. Most ,but sadly not all, grow out of that mindset in university or with increased diverse reading, where western Imperialism is laid bare.
  13. It's so sad to see some people who swallow every line of Western News and Propaganda. Even George Orwell recognized the insidious fascism and lip service paid to democracy and people power in his brilliant 1984 and Animal Farm...He was referring to hypocrisy of western govts and he meant the UK and the USA. The AngloZionist imperialist countries of the US, UK, And Israel with their lackeys in Australia, Germany and France have been constant warmongers and colonialist stooges. However , for our western enlightenment worshiping brothers ( we all know who they are) who grew up in the United States, and still believe in the Reaganesque vision of the US as "shining city on a hill" plagiarized from Jesus's sermon on the mount, you will not open their eyes. Whether in this thread and or the Mahsa Amini thread. I suspect their primary sources of information are CNN or obvious and insidious western propaganda, and unfortunately we will not be able to open their eyes despite our best attempts. They have never seen or seek out alternative views like on banned RT, or sputnik news, or consortium news, or anti war websites, and God forbid they read PressTv, or Tasnim news. Those fed on Western pablum will only blindly regurgitate the same. @Rejector @Haji 2003 @Eddie Mecca have done a great job in trying to open eyes that are firmly shut , I don't spend my time arguing with those who are proud of their ignorance. Also @Ashvazdanghehas done well, but he has a habit of copying pasting into off tangents( but sometimes highly informative material as well, so thanks bro) The ignorant man does not understand the learned himself. but the learned man understands the ignorant for he was once ignorant himself. -Hazrat Ali (عليه السلام). Those of us who grew up in the US and finally had our eyes opened realize where the west worshiping Shia Muslims come from. They falsely belive they live in a free society. Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.” ― Alejandro Jodorowsky. I think these two threads should be more informational , and that's what I use them for. The back and forth with the west worshippers and those with open eyes is tiresome. However, I suspect It will persist...sadly. Maybe the signs of the zahoor will finally open those closed eyes. Hope springs eternal...
  14. I am always a little hesitant to make clinical diagnoses over the internet with very limited information and inability to take a proper history and physical. Nonetheless based on the limited information you have given...you're displaying all the classic features of depression or a major depressive episode with suicide ideation and tendency. You exhibited anhedonia ( inability to find pleasure in anything) , feelings if worthlessness and hopelessness, you have now reached the level of denial of the creator , which is distressing to hear Unfortunately , according to your perceptions and likely many Truths, you have been dealt a very difficult deck of cards and they all seemed stacked against you. No close sibling relationships, no extended family, you have mentioned isolation due to cultural and racial differences and small village setting. You have not mentioned parental support network, or social support network. You had a possible exploitative interaction with a religious community known personality, and little other community support. Admit to not very observant of prayers...which something now, and you seem to say this is different from past. Problems with your appearance which has been told openly to you. little prospects for marriage, financial difficulties. and you wish someone would take your life so you don't get punished. All of the above would make even a very strong willed person have situational depression, and push them into a major depressive episode. So now what.... first admit the problem....Realize you need professional help...and stop procrastinating in getting the help....you know you need....since you're amazingly self perceptive and self aware, that takes a higher level of mental functioning, it's just a matter of taking the first step . then work on solutions well almost every major European country has online psych counseling, suicide prevention hotlines, crisis centers and local community social workers, counselors, teachers you can confide in and can get you the help, you're obviously crying out for. As you can see the shiachat.com community looks out for others. while much of the well intentioned advice is excellent, it may not be the right first step...later you should pursue some of the excellent suggestions from brothers and sisters but first get help and stop waiting. what you also experiencing is the obvious wawasey of Shaitan ( the evil whispering to make you feel sad, hopeless, suicidal, lonely, isolated) However remember Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) loves you and wants to help you. He loves you more than your parents, he gave you those parents to take care of you when you were helpless, but then why has he made you suffer so much? We cannot know the will of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), but we can guess. Maybe like many people who grow up in difficult circumstances, go on to do amazing things for humanity. our own Nabi Lost his father before birth, lost his mother while still small, lost his grandfather a few years later, had no real siblings at all, was surrounded by evil idol worshippers and dishonest and dishonorable people who cheated and hurt each other.... His grandson was slaughtered after his family and friends were brutally killed in front of his eyes...including a 6 month old child in his arms, and he knew what would happen to his youngest daughter and family. That's real pain and hurt and horror but he never stopped thanking Allah and praying. he and his companions/family made a great and ultimate sacrifice. so enough majalis....please sister help yourself to get real help and I know you're surrounded by resources....you're just afraid, scared, anxious, depressed, sad , melancholy and feel hopeless..... but be aware the LORD who can create the entire universe to the sub atomic level, ad it feels like he made this situation for you but he can easily and rapidly change it....but it requires you to humbly and tearfully beg for help. He can fix your situation in lighting speed.....but it requires you to really cry and sincerely ask for his help.... Read dua kumail or dua mashlul while crying. Imam Ali said if you have no one to talk to...talk to the wall. or write down everything about your life since your earliest memories. listen to the saddest masaaib and give yourself a chance for catharsis. but above all get the professional help you need and are required to get ...if you understand haqooq ul Badan. Now please don't look for obstacles to get help , I am sure you can find them, instead the beginning of any long or difficult journey starts with the first step.
  15. Empty non-sequiturs And yet still remarkably true. Capitalism and Adam Smith free market governance ....dead. Now the western govs which operate as corporotocracy and oligarchy, are now scavenging their own middle classes as economies collapse. Communism died long ago. Socialism is not practiced as idealized. Yet we should take the best of the West and East , and provide a syncretic fusion under the Umbrella of AhlulBayt derived Islam. We must stop copying western enlightenment, since it was neither western nor very enlightening. Human Rights were codified by our Leaders while others were draining themselves of blood and treating the 4 humors in tiny villages and enclaves, and screaming from the plague. Modern interpretations must be guided by Ulema who take a broad view, and we should not be railroaded into accepting others societalal and cultural values. To think it took the hypocrisy of the west in using a tragic accidental death, to doom itself. while the west falls the east and south are rising. Remarkably this coincides with the book of revelations, Christian Eschatology, Jewish Eschatology , Mayan predictions, ancient Egyptian predictions and our own Eschatological signs. Muslims and Christians come together as will our Imam and Hadrat Isa, to fight the Shaytani forces. we see Christians ( true believers not evangelicals or right wing types) joining forces with Muslims to defeat the rapidly dying AngloZionist empire.
  16. I don't know about what's in other people hearts, but everytime the Topic of our Imam and His Zahoor, I feel a uncontrollable feeling of peace and tranquility and we have a living guide who is as anxious as we are to see him. To help him in anyway to eliminate the Shaytaniat of this world, to right the injustices of this world and bring an overwhelming empire of q There are so many signs coming so quickly , so many hadith with highly specific signs, eg. the Bedouins competing to build high towers, the succession problems with Saudi kings, the militant LGBTQ
  17. yes sorry for the overlooked excellent personalities and longterm members. I knew i would have forgotten some, thanks brother.
  18. That was an amazing answer from a sister who has has bad experiences as she has mentioned in the past. Allright I am gonna start making some deductions/assumptions here so let's go . Sounds like your from the UK. From your name , maybe a syed Shia from indopak background, sounds like you're not totally committed to the idea of being a gay unmarried guy for the rest of your life and maybe are lonely and looking for a life companion. In the not so distant past and even now, many gay men married women, because of a variety of reasons eg. wanted children, wanted societal acceptance, were lonely in the so called libertine gay lifestyle, parental/familial pressure, found a woman they could live and share a life with, helped out a woman in need as knight in shining armor ( the classic masculine damsel in distress story) . Marriage is blessing from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), he increases the value of salaat 70x just by getting married, it allows you to have halal children ( who are another blessing from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)), you are given a life partner who acts as a Labass for you ( with all that it entails. Men who get married are less depressed and are psychologically stronger ( data proven) . By the way many Christians believe in successful gay conversion therapy and perform counseling for such people who are not happy with being gay. There maybe a woman who is need of a life companion, her chances of marriage are not that high due to circumstances beyond her control, but would make an incredible wife ....Why not take a chance at goid things happening in your life bro. In fact I bet you would have better chance at a successful marriage than exclusively straight person. Many gay people for a variety of reasons connect better with women, than super macho types. I would find a religious counselor who believes in gay conversion therapy , be it Christian or Muslim or other, Talk to them. Its very sad that our Marjae rep was so cold and callous, I would talk to an alim in your country, who has counseled gay people before, forget the rep, he might be one of those only concerned with Khums collections....unfortunate, but have seen too many such individuals. Now as far as beginning a marriage on lie....I highly discourage such behavior, Marriages require trust ( among many other things)....that would likely destroy and damage trust. But if you're not really completely sure about being gay and are considering marriage then have faith in Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) who will alwys guide you to the right path. He loves us more than our parents, in fact he is the one who gifted us those parents, and wants the best for us, just as most parents are prone to do. There are plenty of sisters who are in bad situations as the sister above illustrated and you might be helping someone out, and Allah will reward that behavior with an amazing life partner, with beautiful healthy children and increased rizuk, since you made a sacrifice to be on the right path, to make your elderly parents happy, etc. Don't deny yourself a chance to be happy in a halal relationship, and if in the UK, there are plenty of amazing syed Shia girls who have limited choices and you maybe her Islamic Knight in Shining Armor.
  19. did you not hear about occupy wall street...with the very famous tear gas pic. This hypocritical stance is embarrassing. or the constant Paris tear gassing... or similar instances throughout the west, at whose altar some worship.
  20. Human rights are great, except for Palestine, or Lebanon, or Saudi Arabia. Yes the western enlightenment has contributed to the uplifting of Humanity. The Muslim world could learn a lot from the Scandinavian countries regarding social protection nets, economic disparity, medical care, family well being, but many of these concepts were first seen In the Govt of Imam Ali...as highlighted by Kofi Annan in his letter to the UN and NGO offices around the world. So we take what's good in the west and let's leave their garbage and bad baggage behind.
  21. I am not sure, maybe stick to the chemistry set brother, it will make you feel more tranquil and have less animus towards your muslim brothers instead of always siding with the kuffar and munafiqueen, on every political issue. Especially Hijaab.
  22. Singlehandedly? Does embracing Xi and Putin not count in your books, Eddie? it doesn't count in anyone's book. Are you claiming that China and Russia are opposing the American Imperialism in the MENA region. Because making self serving oil deals in yuan, or working with OPEC+ is naked self interest. So Yes @Eddie Meccais completely correct, there is only one nation in the MENA region who gets hammered opposing AngloZionist imperialist tendencies and policies. The only one to actually help others in Lebanon, Palestine , Yemen , Syria and Iraq to resist with armaments, training, money and the very famous Iranian drones( which are quite well built that Eben the Russians buy them and use them to kill Ukinazis. ) Don't start with tired trope of Zelenksy being Jewish, there were plenty of Jewish Kapos who helped Hitler. Stephane Bandera is a hero In the Ukraine and Azov Battalion has SS emblems on their uniforms and flags. So wake up and smell the coffee. Ok so it's not 5 how many do your think control the American Global Media empire How about 6 is that a better number. The CEOs of these organizations support which middle eastern country...oh yeah only one. Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years. (uhhh he's ✡) sounds like that's what Oliver was saying regarding foreign policy, and by the way domestic policy Is very similarly controlled by vested moneyed interests. Your attempting to claim that there is freedom of the press in the west..... complete and utter bull... ask Elon Musk. or Joe Rogan... The viewpoints that the corporotocracy wants are what's relayed. That term comes from a Princeton study of the US govt. That's what Eisenhower warned about... the military industrial complex. I would now call it the pharmaco industrial, military ind..., and Media ind complexes which run the govt. Any govt which opposes their policies is attacked, sanctioned , robbed, cheated, and conspired against. Your belief in the western hypocritical free press notion is laughable and quite gullible. it's a common belief among the Pakistani uncle class who became American intellectuals... since they abandoned their homelands and their people, contribute nothing to their people or country of origin, or poor co-religionists ...other than hot air....but feel free to criricize those who are fighting uphill battle against western Imperialism. How Many times have you fought against Israel, or American Imperialism....yeah I thought so....but God forbid Iran doesn't imitate western hypocrisy...you are on the front lines to attack other Shias and their ulema... wonderful. I am sure Imam e Zamana will count you in his Army. You might actually think you're fighting oppression....but as in noted earlier ...you very gulliblely caught by the well described Pentagon psy op. so I guess you're a member of the Jaishey Pentagon.
  23. The Pentagon psyop army is hard at work trying again to overthrow the Govt. Fake accounts, Bots, making ridiculous claims, causing mayhem in adjacent countries and then blaming Iran. The fake psyop was recently exposed by alternative Western media sources. Anyone who relies on Western media narratives and never questions the obvious propaganda....is just another Robotic karadashian follower, in my humble opinion. https://thecradle.co/Article/Analysis/16372 "Decoding the Pentagon' s online war against Iran" I wonder if topic starting @khizarr will realize how he was used by a sophisticated psyop army to peddle a false narrative.
  24. Ukraine will be shell of a country... a partially eaten carcass...upon which the anglozionists will feast , like the vultures they have alwys been.
  25. It’s a solitary report, it has come in contradicting forms, it is from the Sunni corpus and doesn’t exist in the Zaydī corpus Brother i don't understand all the animus towards usulis or twelvers of any grouping. Imams Baqir (عليه السلام) , Jafer e Sadiq (عليه السلام) , Musa Kazim ( AS) and Ali Reza (عليه السلام) all had immense respect for the knowledge, aqueedah, love for justice, incredible Quranic knowledge of Zayd Ibn Ali Zainul Abedin. He was said to be most like Imam Ali in appearance, mannerisms and nature among his brothers. Why instead of looking for differences and disagreements...why not find our commonalities. Considering we are already a minority sect and your a minority ( the biggest minority in Shia after twelvers) within...it seems kind of self defeating to make attacks on each others faith. We have so many similarities to highlight. I think Shia chat should be all inclusive all Shia ney Ali. We can consider the splintering of our ways is really a family dispute, and with most family disputes it's best to keep these dispute low profile , and not allow our enemies ....and Allah knows we have enough of those from western govs, Salafi butchers, zionist criminals, .... I think we should join forces and gang up on the Ismailis.....or the bohras...... we could kick the sh@$ out of those sixers wusses.... don't you agree...? fivers and twelvers Unite!! I was being facetious to make a point , I loved the fact that our bohra brothers and us attended majalis together in our hotel in Arbaeen and we discussed many common community and social problems afterwards..... We are tied together By Imam Ali, Hadrat Fatima and Imam Husain...those three I am sure would hate to see their grandchildren fighting... or even arguing needlessly.... Honestly we should fight against the above mentioned true enemies...
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