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  1. A little long on the copy and paste brother , but I still thank you , since hopefully it will open the eyes of our blinded brothers and sisters. Strong work
  2. This is the kind of post which is heartwarming and shows care for each other, the characteristics of Shia ney Ali. There is hadeeth regarding Salman Farsi and Abu Dharr ghaffari By Allah (I swear), if Abu-Dharr knew what was in the heart of Salman, he would kill him, though Allah had made a contract of brotherhood between them. We can agree to disagree, but we should not break the bonds of sisterhood or Brotherhood. Especially over Zionist and western media lies...that's what shaytan wants to break our bonds, if we are bonded together under the flag of our Imam z there is no false narrative and no force on earth which can conquer us. See the power of Arbaeen of Imam Husain grow, see the power of our ummah resist temptation and fight for our rights. Makr wa Makrullah, Inallah khairul Makeyreen, Watch the western powers, like the meccan kuffar, destroy each other with meticulous planning.
  3. I will try to give you a different perspective, especially among sunnies. My father was sunnies and and so was my paternal grandfather. Our paternal grandmother was Shia. My father became convinced once he started reading and listening to Islamic history. Once you also realize that all 4 sunnie madhab leaders were either directly or indirectly student of Imam Jaffar e Sadiq ( AS ) it changes your perspective. The reason was that many non Shia gained immensely from his father's and his lecture series given on a huge variety of topics from Science, astronomy, medicine, jurisprudence, logic, Philosophy etc....this was the beginning of the Islamic Enlightenment period and fostered the likes of Ibn Sina, Razi, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Rushd, Ibn tufail, ibn al nafees, Khawarizimi, Omar Khayyam, al Kashi...among many others. If you read Peshawwar Nights, I am sure most of your doubts will be quickly erased. I also suggest , then i was guided by Sheik Tijani, who we used to meet in Dar Al Hikmah in Dearborn. He is a bit of polemic, and is often the case with sunni to Shia converts...quite anti sunni. I don't agree with that perspective, most sunnies are not really anti Shia, their just misguided by their leaders. However, salafis and wahabis are close to kuffar and munafiqueen than muslimeen , unfortunately for them. The problem is that the Saudi regime has Been paying lots of money for the pro ibn tammiya, ibn kathir, sheikh albani and propagating wahabi sheiks to take over the sunni world.
  4. To think that a nation on constant attack and vilification since its birth, is now producing armaments that the most advanced militaries in the world desire. Talk about lifting oneself by theirn own bootstraps.
  5. Like the Justice Department requiring RT America to register as a foreign agent and the US banning three dozen websites (Press TV, pro-Houthi, pro-Palestinian outlets) for disseminating "Iranian disinformation" and growing calls by FCC commissioner and others The hypocrisy of the western powers is on full display at all times. whether they kill their own citizens, bomb/kill/maim others, push a satanic agenda , bomb a pipeline and then try to blame the owner, ...these are only seen by people who recognize the signs...others who worship at the alter of Western European Enlightenment...will never see or mention this hypocrisy. Instead they will blindly follow whatever the media trends and zionist programing tell them the enemy, and blindly attack with no basis in reality.
  6. I think both brothers have hit the proverbial nail etc.... It sounds like a mild case of OCD, however as is often the case and as you yourself have noticed , this behavior is reinforced by actions and can progressively get worse if not sorted properly. I would find a psychologist with expertise in cognitive and behavioral psychological experience. You likely don't need long therapy but just coping and management strategies. Self help books are also useful. It's not an end of the world and you will get thru with Allah's help, remember...from Dua e Kumayl Wa man ismuha dawaah Wa zikruhu Shifaa
  7. As a kid who grew up in the west, I can say that it seems that many children are attracted by the all pervasive western lifestyle...it's a phase and the 20s are the worst time....however it seems that 90% go back to their parents religiosity eventually...the 10% that don't, ....well even our Nabi could not convince or save everyone....and that was with people who sat with, ate with, even lived with and talked to him directly.... Think positive , don't stop giving advice to the wayward kids and treat them with both unconditionaland occasionally tough love. How about adopting some poor orphan children...then you get your wish and maybe this time around it's a win win for both.
  8. Bro that's a crude description of Brother Roots argument. If one is to look without any real emotion for Imam Husains suffering and family's suffering , and how social scientists in the west describe our Moharrum commemorative events...they say it is emotional manipulation ...I disagree violently with such a characterization, but that's what has been written by psychosocial analysts. Instead the mourning brings about a resurgence of humanity and empathy and sympathy and is also beneficially cathartic which strengthens the soul...and allows us to proceed in a self actualization pathway. Kadhim,but I say this with the greatest humility and not trying to be condescending.....but you need to see and be in Karbala on Arbaeen....first of all it's equal to 500 Hajj...so there's complete rationality of boosting your aakhirat plus points.... but it will invigorate your soul, and re inflame your passion for why you reverted, at what I am sure was great personal cost, but it is nothing less than soul inspiring and brings out a rejuvenation in faith in our Ahlul Bayt and their guidance and greater love for humanity. Then the days you don't always feel like fasting will be gone
  9. Why are we likely to continue with an investment even if it would be rational to give it up? Sorry the reason the fallacy doesn't apply has to do with Rational choices....it would be completely irrational to give up on our objective to fulfill our goals for our Imams zahoor, because a Kurdish girl decided to be very fashionable while visiting Tehran...and had a neurovascular event....unrelated to any morality police intervention. That flies in the face of rational thought brother....that's a whole baby bathwater argument....because of Mahsa we should destroy our assembly of experts and turn the country into Dubai....really....
  10. sorry brother but that's false analogy and I'm surprised you used that to buttres your argument. I expect much less simplistic thinking and a more nuanced thoughtful contrarian viewpoints.
  11. The Brother is 1000% correct and it's not a fallacy. Sacrifices of blood and treasure should not be thrown away because a few kids are not happy they can't shop from Amazon, watch Netflix quickly, can't watch Kardashians freely, and go on Tiktok and display their newest dances. Because we know that Muslim kids in the west are never influenced by such materialism and cultural and religious destruction. They never get involved with drug, alcohol, x rated actions...their all angels and Mujahideen. Listen to Shaykh Azer Nasser, we had awesome discussion with him in Najaf and Karbala. I left the Western world because of the horrible pervasive negative influence on my kids and never looked back, despite being a born and bred American shia Muslim and even living and working in Dearborn. Alhamdulillah , Allah has blessed us infinitely in our decisions. I now have children in Iran who chose to study there, and despite being blacklisted by Western Banks , we still keep accounts in Iranian Banks and support our Iranian brothers thru medical relief, training and other means. I'm sure that all the Pro liberal Democracy and freedom loving Muslims who continue to worship at the alter of Western Civilization, which as we know thru the white man's burden... has brought humanity to the world, and would never steal resources, starve people, bomb or drone innocents, use underwater demolitions to destroy pipelines, raze countries and nations to the ground for oil and gas wealth.....yeah they should be our ideal and mentors in political science and freedom. They're not hypocritical in the least...they have freedom of religion, and self expression, and the press....oh yeah not if you want to wear hijab , or are a branch Davidian, or if you want to be anti Bankster ( occupy wall street gets the mace) , or if you alternative viewpoints. Not the same MSM Pablum that our liberal brothers eat up, forget about press TV, or Aljazeera, or RT they get licenses yanked ....freedom of the press if you're showing a zionist viewpoint, sure ...anyone else ....sorry we can't allow you to open people's eyes... talk to Julian Assange, or John Kirakou, or anyone from VIPS ( Veteran Intelligence...) ask Ray McGovern about freedom of expression when he as CIA analyst was beat down by govt thugs. Those of you that still worship at the alter of Western Civilization, stop the hypocritical crap...open your eyes.... Re read 1984 and watch V for Vendetta. The Islamic Republic is a thorn in the throat of the Shaytan and his henchmen and henchwomen and may they continue to choke on that sharp thorn. ...., A govt dedicated to our Imam and His rule will constantly be vilified, sanctioned, conspired against even by so called Shia, attacked, and they will never rest until WF is abolished. Imam Ali's own followers were not happy with his rule...you're expectations for a govt of Non Masoomeen is way too high. However, there is only one govt which supports Shia when slaughtered in Iraq, or Syria, Afghanistan or Indopak, Lebanon or any other country. I will still accept them warts and all, because they provide weapons and training and support to real Shia Mujahideen not just Western lip service when Shia blood is freely spilt. or more hypocritically support fake narratives about a medical relate death...and use it as club to destroy the Shia ummah. Guess who and what they are actively doing to find and oppose our Imam... https://katehon.com/en/article/israels-hunt-imam-mahdi-iran-and-war-ukraine read about how Sammarra Shrine was destroyed and who's DNA they were after.... Open your eyes brothers and sisters, and stop giving aid and comfort to your enemies....that's treason...just like the treasonous brigands who revealed Hajj Soliemanis and Abu Mahdi Muhandis position to the drone/missile operators.
  12. The interest rate rises will devastate housing, economy, stock market and exports globally, but look for Europe and North America to take big hit. As in the 1920s with global economic depression an enemy will be found to attack. China will take Taiwan, and control all chip making for at least 3 yrs, until new foundries and chip making equipment comes online. Russia and its allies in the SCO will be demonized. I would not be surprised if cool heads don't prevail and tactical nukes are let loose. As Einstein I think said, world War IV will be back to sticks and stones. I hope the zahoor comes first before the criminals are allowed to ravage our planet.
  13. Brother, I acknowledge the fact that the video was mis attributed to mahsa amini who the actual woman in the video will probably be discovered by internet sleuths. happy to accept your curses or other admonitions to fix my shameful behavior. I formally accept the mea culpa... However , my motivation in sharing the video is between me and my creator and he should punish my based on my niyyat and then actions. I will trust his judgment. It was sent to me by a person I trust, and I forwarded to the group, should have waited for the hive mind neural network of the world wide internet to identify the video first and verify its authenticity. I hope that will satisfy your blood lust for the blood of your brothers in faith or holier-than-thou feelings. We all make mistakes, since we are not Masoom, and I'm more than happy to accept my faults.
  14. I think I acknowledged that it could be fake news since it was sent as a whatspp video, but if you claim it's youtube video from 2019, man up and post the link. ( Uhhh he did ) I forwarded it as received and let others to review and decide for themselves, unlike you I don't have the totalitarian viewpoint that I am alwys right and you must listen and obey....ironic your behavior...isn't that what you claim to be against. I understand that there are billions of dollars being thrown around to PR agencies and Three letter agencies to keep a non story going , the cctv footage was clear she fell face first and bounced off a bunch of chairs.
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