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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My Prayers
    Askari313 got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Actual Urgent Nikah problem   
    I have currently found out that my Nikah was void but I have been living with my husband for  over 5 years! Obviously we had a sexual relationship. I need to ask someone quickly how to fix the problem. Am I supposed to observe any idda and such. Or if I can read the Nikah right away. I have child and everything. I need someone reliable like representative ( I follow Ssyyed Sistani)  that I can call to clarify this. Please don’t recommend Mujtaba Kashmiri. 
    please guys. This is urgent. 
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    Askari313 reacted to sandy1 in weight loss   
    does anybody have a dua for weight loss? pleeeeease help :(
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    Askari313 reacted to MohammadAli1993 in Is it okay to watch scary movies?   
    I truly believe that scary movies come from the imagination of the Shayateen. I mean come on, no sane human being comes up with the twisted scenes that can be found in scary movies. I always feel weird inside after watching a scary movie. I dont know about you guys but it feels like i've watched a movie created by the Devil himself. Not a nice feeling after,,almost a feeling of guilt
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    Askari313 reacted to Akbar673 in Why are Shias so hated?   
    That pretty much sums it all up right there. Its our deep love and reverence for the rightful station of the family of the Prophet (PBUH) and the rightful heir Imam Ali (AS) which sets us apart from the rest of Islam and earns the hatred of those that have already been deceived into being led onto the wrong path. Its our love and honor for the Ahle Bayt (AS) which constantly exposes the evils of the usurpers.
    If loving the Ahle Bayt (AS) means I'll earn a lifetime of hatred and taunts from the ignorant masses then I'll consider every insult hurled my way as a badge of honor and only strengthen my resolve that I am fortunate enough to walk on the path which reveres and loves the Ahle Bayt (AS).
    The path of the virtuous is always paved with hardships.
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    Askari313 reacted to Ali_Ibn_Hussein in My Heart Has Hardened And Becoming Blackened....   
    You have grown accustomed to being in this status. Everyone has ups and downs in their spirituality - it is never static. Allah (SWT) sometimes incites doubt within us when we are low in order to push us to learn, read, watch lectures, and bring ourselves back up again.
    If you are making efforts to learn and are still having trouble, I recommend finding good company to be with. Out of all influences, a man is best influenced by his friends. I too am an 18 year old boy, and coming out of high school I realized that many of the people I was close to in high school were holding me down from what I could do potentially: both in my faith and as a human being. They were hard hearted people who strove off of hurting others and getting laughs by doing so - in surrounding myself with these people I too gravitated towards this sort of behaviour.
    It was the removal of these people from my life, and my new friends who like me are striving to do their best Islamically, that have allowed my rooh to flourish and my nafs to die little.
    Of course the nafs comes back strong at times, but we have to be on guard all the time. We can never slip. It is a struggle, I know it is.
    I do slip, I have slipped, but remembering Allah (SWT) in all aspects of life really helps. Things like making a niyat for everything you do (homework, leisure etc), make it a lot easier to live halal and enjoy it.
    Stay strong in your struggle, I know you can overcome this with determination. Don't tell yourself your heart has hardened, it will only harden if you let it. Fight it brother!
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    Askari313 reacted to ShehrB in Dead Heart and Ramadan!!   
    I would advice you to take small steps and start with improving ur daily routine by following the sunnah of Prophet (saw) and Ahlalbaith (as). Saying Bismilliah and Salaam before entering a house, speaking good or keeping silent, staying in the state of wuzu, washing hands before and after a meal are some examples. 
    I would also advice u to start listening to audio Quran chapter by chapter in a language u understand completely. 
    Seek forgiveness as much as u can because Allah says in Surah Zumar (39:53)
    “Say: O My servants who have transgressed against their own souls, despair not of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.”
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    Askari313 reacted to Ali_Hussain in Ghusl Janabat Questions   
    1 - Based on the previous threads on this, many people like to wipe their whole body with their hand for the sake of their own peace of mind, however, all that is required is that water touches every part of your body (starting with head then neck)
    2 - Not all scholars say that you should wash your right side, then left.
    Sayed al-Hakeem:
    Q [6] How does one perform Ghusl?
    A : While you intend to seek closeness to Almighty Allah, start the Ghusl by washing the entire head first, including the neck and then wash the rest of the body.
    Sayed al-Khu'i:
    370. If after taking the bath the person concerned realizes that he has not washed some part of the body but does not know which part of the body it is, it is not necessary to wash the head again and only those places should be washed about which there is a possibility that they have not been washed.
    3 - Intent is with the heart, there is no need to vocalise it, as long as you know what you are intending, then it is fine.
    367. In sequence bath a person should first intend to take a bath. Thereafter he should first wash his head and then his neck and thereafter the remaining parts of his body and it is better that he should wash the right part of his body first and the left part afterwards And in case he only moves each one of these parts under the water with the intention of ceremonial bath (Ghusl), it is difficult to consider sequence bath having been performed properly and the precaution is that one should not content oneself with it. And in case the person concerned washes his body before washing his head, either intentionally, or on account of forgetfulness or because of not knowing the rule, his bath is void.
    Question :
    If a person is doing Ghusl-e-Janabat Irtimasi, must he say "I perform Ghusl-e-Janabat Irtimasi" in his Niyah? If not, is, saying "I perform Ghusl-e-Janabat" enough?

    Answer :
    It is sufficient to intend getting nearness to Allah by getting Taharah. {Meaning, it is not necessary to mention your intention verbally. To pass it through your mind that you perform Ghusl-e Janabat is sufficient.
    4 - Sorry, I don't understand.
    5 - Yes it is allowed, but not obligatory
    Question :
    Is it necessary to clean the body from impurities before performing an obligatory Ghusl?

    Answer :
    It is not necessary that the entire body of a person should be clean before Irtimasi and Tartibi Ghusl. So, if the body becomes clean while diving in water or pouring water over one's body with the intention of the Ghusl, the Ghusl will be in order.
    6 - Yes
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    Askari313 reacted to Abu Nur in Thoughts on Nouman Ali Khan?   
    One good thing with Al Mizan is that it is always backed by Ahlulbait (as) narrations, while Noumans is not.
    Tafsir of Quran through Quran itself is same method the Quranist use, the dangerous is always the opinions or conclusions they derive.
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    Askari313 reacted to Replicant in Bibi Zainab's Veil   
    Let's just say there's a difference of opinion before this starts getting heated and people start accusing each other of being too emotional and bashing Shia speakers who narrate the events of Karbala for lying.
    In the end, it does not really matter. They were held captive and their modesty was taken from them (whether it's their veil or headscarf or both). That is enough of an atrocity for us to mourn over.
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    Askari313 reacted to Hameedeh in Blast near Karbala   
    Innaa lillahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Raaji'oon. "Indeed to Allah we belong, and to Him we return." 2:156. (fatiha)
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    Askari313 reacted to Husayni in Blast near Karbala   
    May Allah bless their souls! Inshallah they can meet the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in paradise!
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    Askari313 reacted to Hameedeh in Blast near Karbala   
    Sorry. Some of us didn't know about it. The news here in the US is about James Comey and President Trump. The international news is about Theresa May and the British election. Thank you for posting this topic to let us know. 
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    Askari313 got a reaction from Sirius_Bright in Blast near Karbala   
    Why y'all not talking about this??
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    Askari313 got a reaction from Muslim110 in Alcohol, Haram Or Not?!?   
    There are so many things that contain alcohol through fermentation. Yogurt, cocoa butter/powder, cornstarch, etc.?
    Edit: and also let's add in the extracts which are derived from alcohol. And if it's not Alcohol  then it is animal by product. If its not that then is your fruits and vegetables being dyed which can use solvents that are animal by product.only way you can guarantee 100 % halal is if you grow it in your backyard.
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    Askari313 reacted to IFK in Q&a With Sistani About Fasting   
    Salam, just a quick question..
    I gargled in wudu..and was afraid of swallowing but then recently they said that before praying, its highly recommended to brush/ wash mouth and scent yourself etc...so I did it with that niyyat.. and a little bit of water went until my throat...
    I immediately spat it all out ofcourse after my gargle...but is my fast valid? As per the above - it wasn't deliberate for sure...rather, I was being super careful not to do it...but just want to confirm.. because I know people usually just avoid the gargling part of wudu while fasting....
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    Askari313 reacted to Saintly_Jinn23 in Wet Dreams...   
    I was under the impression that that theory was contested.
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    Askari313 reacted to Al Hadi in Declaration of war....   
    When your grandson returns  lol.
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    Askari313 reacted to Hassan- in Husband or Family ties   
    So your question here is, should you listen to your husband if he tells you to cut ties with a family member, or should you disobey your husband and not cut ties with a family member. People here can tell you what's morally right to do, but I take it you want a proper fiqh answer for this, and to tell you the truth this is a hard fiqh question. Your best approach is to consult a knowledgeable scholar, or send a question to your marja online.
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    Askari313 reacted to Abbas. in Got a message from Najaf.org   
    english@alhakeem.com (Cannot deal with difficult queries)
    bayynat@bayynat.org.lb,  istif@bayynat.org.lb (Quality of responses: Good. Makes an effort to respond to difficult questions)
    info@lankarani.com (Quality of responses: Average to Good. Makes an effort to respond to difficult questions)
    info@ahl-ul-bayt.org  (Received very helpful answers from them until the representative advised that the responses coming from the office are no longer logical and convincing). 
    sistani@sistani.org, aqaed@sistani.org (They don't go into much detail but do respond. Don't think they are capable of dealing with complex queries)
    fatwa@leader.ir (Takes questions pertaining to practical laws only. For doctrinal questions, they recommend you to contact q-a@hawzah.net. This office can provide very thorough responses but unfortunately it takes a lot of time to respond. You have to be patient)
    makarem@makaremshirazi.org (Quality of responses: Good. Makes an effort to respond to complex queries)
    info@h-ansarian.org  (Quality of responses: Average. Makes an effort to respond to complex queries)
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    Askari313 reacted to starlight in Got a message from Najaf.org   
    Well the first time it was a something of personal nature and I didn't feel comfortable asking about it on the phone.  
    Second time around, I  needed a written fatwa so I figured there was no point calling.
    Third time , I contacted Sistani.org.
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    Askari313 reacted to ~Ali in Ali Yun Wali Ullah In Namaaz is Wajib   
    please see below forgeforths post......my mistake...........
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    Askari313 reacted to DigitalUmmah in This has been haunting me; I need answers   
    shaqq (doubt) is forbidden in our fiqh sister.
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    Askari313 reacted to Bakir in This has been haunting me; I need answers   
    Lost and suicidal...? Just why? I really can't get it. I only could feel happiness that both of you could enjoy a nice marriage after all the circumstances.
    In any case, being suggested to do something is not the same to being forced. You could have said no, as your father told you. Thus, it was your own decision, you chose to marry (regardless of the influence you had). People marry for many reasons that aren't necessarily love. And their marriage is perfectly valid.
    As for the question you sent, wait for their reply. It may take a few days but they normally answer.
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    Askari313 reacted to Hameedeh in This has been haunting me; I need answers   
    Salam, Sister. If you had told your parents you could not marry him, the wedding would have been stopped. You were at the wedding, wearing your special wedding clothes so you were willing to get married and your marriage is valid. Please stop having doubts about it. Has your baby been born yet? 
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    Askari313 reacted to haidermpr in This has been haunting me; I need answers   
    Wa alaikum as salam Sister
    In reality in Indian subcontinent, girls and boys only give permission to their respective wakeel/Maulana for marriage contract(read here actual Nikah in the form of Seega'h) and Maulana/Wakeel from both sides actually contract the marriage by pronouncing seega'h on their behalf. Hence this permission to your Wakeel/Maulana in any form is acceptable whether it is through utterances of words or by nodding your head or by some other way of informing. 
    You allowed this marriage to happen whatever reasons may be, it had been done with your permission and it is valid one. There is no ifs and buts in it. So be happy in your married life. 
    Islam is very simple and straightforward religion and kindly don't burden yourself with confusion and any wrong thoughts. 
    All the best for your future life, May Allah help you in this regard.
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