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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. But I do wonder what the child should do who's biological mother left (without any answers) and the child lives with step mom. Who would be given more importance? The mother who gave birth or the mother who raised you?
  2. So I have been suffering from incontinence for a long time and I have recently discovered the rules of how I should perform prayers with it. The thing is after praying my wajib salat I went to do an istikhara. By this time though I had some urine that came out. I thought about doing wudu but the online site I was looking at that told me how to perform istikhara and did not mention having to do wudu for istikhara. So Ignored doing wudu again ( because I didn't think I have too) and performed the istikhara. Now I am wondering if the Istikhara is correct or not? So question is can I do istikhara without wudu?
  3. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-40224291 Why y'all not talking about this??
  4. There are so many things that contain alcohol through fermentation. Yogurt, cocoa butter/powder, cornstarch, etc.? Edit: and also let's add in the extracts which are derived from alcohol. And if it's not Alcohol then it is animal by product. If its not that then is your fruits and vegetables being dyed which can use solvents that are animal by product.only way you can guarantee 100 % halal is if you grow it in your backyard.
  5. He is an understanding person most of the time; I discussed with him before and he says that I am respectIing his wishes which I am not trying to do. I just want peace on both sides. Btw He won't threaten me but he will get upset.
  6. Actually they were confrontational to him. He was living his life minding his business.
  7. Assalamalekuum 2 months ago my husband and I got into a fight with my uncle and his wife. After that my husband told me I am not allowed to talk to them. You see me and my uncles wife are actually good friends. I don't have a problem with her. Personally i don't like to keep grudges; they are exhausting and annoying. I like to clear up the matter. My husband is the type to keep grudges. Now the problem is do I listen to what he said and cut ties with them or should i ignore it and at least talk to the wife to start clearing up matters. I have been told if your husband tells you not to talk to someone you have to listen. But cutting ties is a no no. Islamically what are we suppose to do in such a situation?
  8. I have recently discovered that majority of the fresh food we eat possibly added with artificial FD&C and there is a chance FD&C might contain pork glycerin as a solvent. How do survive when everything is mixed with something? By organic is so expensive?
  9. But does that include what i mentioned above?
  10. Assalamalekum Are foods that are fermented Halal? Because if they are not we are not allowed to consume some of foods that are so common such as cornflour, cocoa powder/butter, etc
  11. Why didn't you call? Was the question not important enough?
  12. Did you call back? @Ali Hussain @Ali_Hussain
  13. I sent a message yesterday to Najaf.org. in reply they told me to call the rep. of Ayatullah Sistani. Does this mean the issue is serious? Has this happened before?
  14. Thank you Hameedeh. Trust me I am trying my hardest to come out of these thoughts. I have emailed sistani.org and najaf.org because I need reassurance officially. It so hard for me to communicate with my husband because of these doubts.
  15. So when the representatives was asking infront of a lot of people do you accept and I nodded yes but in my head said no, it doesn't affect it?
  16. This situation I doubted that is why I came asking for help. Could that bring a problem or its only when you are certain of the problem? Thank you so much brother.
  17. Thanks you everyone for your replies. @khadim uz Zahra : can me doubting it now cause a problem? @hameedeh Yes she is born.
  18. I feel lost and suicidal because of the implications. Even if I had such intense feelings during the Nikah? In the rulings it say bride/groom should be willing. Is that different then wanting? I haven't sent my questions yet. I am afraid.
  19. Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim Assalamalekuum brothers and sisters I have a very serious problem that I need help with. If I don't get answers I will go crazy. Please if you have answers can they be backed up. It is long but every detail is important. May Allah give you patience. First question is during the time of Nikah can the girl nod her head in reponse or does she have to utter the words of the Nikah? I have seen this a lot in IndoPak marriages. And the representatives who are local scholars don't object to it. So is this acceptable? Second question, God forbid the Nikah is read wrong and both the boy and girl become aware of this after conceiving a child, is the child considered illegitimate? Now my biggest question. This is detailed. 3 years ago I had hurt my parents and made them cry because I humiliated them infront of their friends (wasn't intentional) and felt really depressed and guilty for hurting them. They soon after wanted to get me married. They suggested a man that I wasn't excited about and I briefly told why I wasn't (age gap) but they try to make me understand in their parenting ways that age doesn't matter. I didn't fight back because I didn't want to hurt or bother them again so I agreed to the marriage. Fast forward a couple of months and I have travelled back home and i have met this man and his physical appearance threw me off ( I didn't like him and what is worse is that I liked someone else). I still didn't say anything to my parents. Fast forward to wedding day and at this point my whole family has travelled back home to attend this big wedding gathering. I still didn't think of saying anything to my parents because I couldn't hurt/humiliate them again. Forward to wedding night. I am asked by a representative for my nikah acceptance and I nod my reply as yes. During the nod I am thinking with overwhelming feelings that God I don't want too wit . I spend a month with this man and I do like him as a person. Still not fully in love. I travel back home and stay with my family for a year. Once again these overwhelming feelings come back. My father finds out about my feelings and he says he values my happiness and says divorce him and why didn't I say anything before. Around this time my husband had just immigrated to my country. I was indesicive at first but I couldn't hurt someone like that again (and this man really loved me). I decided not too. A couple of months later I finally muster the courage to tell him my feelings and soon after this I genuinely fell in love with him (he put more effort to make me happy) and wanted him as my husband. I soon get pregnant and I by chance ended up reading the rulings of Nikah (I never studied it; I was just told what to do and trusted it) . Which leads me here seeking help. Question is; Is my Nikah valid? Do I need to repeat it? Asking him to repeat it is going to cause adrift between us because he feels that nothing is wrong. I am afraid otherwise. I was not forced. My guilt and parents satisfaction brought me to this decision but now I am happy. I had to muster up a lot of courage to post this. I am going crazy. I am afraid of finding out the answer ngl. But this is driving me crazy where I am feeling lost and suicidal. I don't want to be in a haram relationship. Please somebody help me. I tried messaging Ayatollah Sistani but got no answer back. I am afraid of trying again.
  20. (Bismillah) Assalamalekuum I am really confused and I need help. I made a post about it before but don't know where it went. I was not coerced into marriage (I had consented to it) but was unhappy with it but soon after the marriage I went to Ziyarats and when I came back I had told him about how I felt and then I started to love him a lot. Since the beginning I had excepted him as my husband but during the time of nikah I was unhappy about it and now I am not. Has my marriage been valid?
  21. If my dad (owner of the house) tells me that I can't use a washroom to take a shower because I make a mess or whatever but end up forgetting and go in and mid ghusul remember what my parents told me but then make sure the room doesn't become messy and continue with the ghusul, is the gjhusul valid?
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