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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. InshaAllah i will "not" post in this section : shias laws and Jurisprudence ! You may terminate my account anytime as a "shia chat admin", iam aware.
  2. As I said friend, imamah & imams are basic pillar of shiism, then you would have answered me about your 12th imam whereabouts instead of pushing a incomplete verse of Quran first, bcoz we are aware of "Quran" and its whereabouts and all history, but iam not aware of your "present" imam ! But you nor even your ayatollahs are capable of giving answer of your imam's "mode" of operating and not even you people know about his resident/family/assistants etc ; unfortunately friend you disheartened me and iam unable to get "salvation" from your topic neither from you or any 'self proclaimed' shia
  3. Ok, so let's take this verses of Quran for imamah, then thats what iam asking you, where is your present "imam" and what is his "mode" of guiding for shias !? As he is not only created for shias "alone" but for all "humanity", according to your aqa'id ! Then can I get any trace of him, so that i can become his shia (battalion or gang member) ! But i will not give qums to any "fallible" person after tracking him. Thanks in advance
  4. SubhanAllah, and a member was too removed for 5 days for an "advice"!
  5. You may proceed by Googling too, bunch of ahadith are there, and after all bro "burden" is upon you ! Will catch you, time for rest.
  6. Firstly bcoz your "not" Abu fatimah al ! And secondly congratulations you takes a nice "u-turn" as i said, like a "good shia"!
  7. MashaAllah zaheen hummm, read my full post, as i mentioned there will come a 'time' Ummah will be without imam /leader, and their will be "tyrants" ruling unjustly, as per some ahadith foretold by Prophet s.a.w ! So no "point" of "jahiliyya" is there.
  8. What ! First tell me what i asked, can't the" qums amount" reach 12th imam like "letters" by water ways ! And give his "address" or ask your 'present' imam' about your coming imam, and let me know his invisible "resident, family, children & assistants"! Or you may U-turn in any direction as a 'good' shia.
  9. @abu fatimah Wasalaam. Again i would like to say, ahadith above hints "imams" (ie; caliphs, leaders, and rulers etc)! No where ahadith are clearly mentioning which 'rulers', and there are spiritual imams too chosen by Allah. So by "not" following which 'imam', does one dies death of jahiliyya !? Like in shiism presently not following an "invisible" ¹²th imam is kufr ! And sunnis are following other ahadith which hints towards a time when there will be only tyrants, and Ummah will be without any proper "rulership/imamat". And shias are waiting for their "hidden" imam, and following Irani
  10. Shias contradictory books themselves says one side to "wash" and on other hand to "wipe" feet ! But ayatollahs and majlisis always prefers opposite of sunnism, for sake of tabarra.
  11. Act of "cowardice" by killing children women and unarmed men, totally "against" jihad principles ! "condolences" to victims. And shame on people who are defaming Allah and his Messenger s.a.w (Islam).
  12. Its seems your logic is "defected" now ! Iam sunni not so called Quran'ist.
  13. Actually Allah "ordered in Quran" to worship Him, though i used to do so ! Otherwise as you stated there's no need to worship Allah, if Quran is in "cave", then people used to be in mourning groups hitting themselves "which is not ordered in Quran"!
  14. @oneofthesayyad, first read my post properly, then decide who is fool, the list of all "sunni ahadith books" you pasted above are not from "two sahih ahadith books" ! I have told you : mahdi is not in sahih'yain, check my previous post. Also shia books are not hujjah upon me, so 12th hidden imam is of no use for me nor iam interested in such a myth ! And don't troll by taking support of sunni ahadith for your invalid 'non-existent' saviour, as they are told "weak". Good bye. Thanks sc !
  15. First Move these sunni (nasibi) ahadith aside as per your belief, for your qumsi agenda ! And don't be silly there's not any proof or evidence of so called mahdi historically nor he left "behind" any sign before going in cave or wherever he hid himself "according" to his four deputies ! And even sunni sources for mahdi are "weak". He never existed nor there will be any mahdi in future InshaAllah.
  16. "Yes", as i said in my previous posts : majority of ahadith are "weak", and there is no ahadith in sahih'yain about mahdi.
  17. Yes, majority of ahadith about mahdi are "weak"
  18. Congratulations to you in advance, "your belief"! I will pray for oppressed Ummah of Prophet s.a.w, not for any baseless character.
  19. Yes "weak", and so are many ahadith on this subject !
  20. Though many Syrian too became homeless, orphans, widow, poor and many have been killed just for two political "rivals", especially by assad al group ! Why only Palestine on agenda because there's aqsa and someone will conquer it on land, why not in sky !
  21. InshaAllah that day will not come of anyone's coming, and as for palestine why shias will liberate it, your al aqsa is in "sky" not in palestine & majority of people there are sunnis !
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