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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah. So beautiful. So much power. Agha just cut straight to the chase. "When you're devout and see something which may lead to corruption, just get yourself into it and activate your religion and take it like a man"!!!!!!!!! Passive devoutness vs active devoutness -> Thank you so much. May Allah give you the best of best in life and Hereafter. And some fun kids(if not already) and ziarat of Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)). I feel so motivated. In just the first one minute. This video really vibes with me
  2. (Scroll below to the nutshell for the short answer) Your question is pretty qualified and conditional. No relation, no client, no 10 second. I guess I'd get into a not-10-second chat when the topic is something really close to heart and I feel a vibe with the other person. E.g. I love ranting and chanting about how Iran is the super-hero country of the world. So if come across a person who shares that feeling, then we'll go on and on. So basically, my reason for talking would be common/shared interests, regardless of lady or man. Being in a long-term relation, I believe in fidelity and lo
  3. I feel I'm not ambitious enough about financial growth. I just don't get winded up about it. Even though I need to get settled ASAP, pronto to turn my 3 year old nikkah into a marriage (rukhsati). But even apart from the marriage pre and post expenses. I want to get settled. I just fear the entire job/gig/work searching process and just can't get myself to do it. I see people starting with whatever comes their way and eventually landing some good job. And I just sit and wait for something 'perfect' and 'optimal' to come my way.... . Please suggest some al-Islam pdf content or persona
  4. Wow. It's been four years since I asked this question. Just posting this as a follow up: I could never get the kids to sit and listen to me while I read some religious books or text. But nutshell: I believe my role model did leave some dents and impressions in their minds.
  5. Aoa. My first post here though a silent reader since a while. The Lord has given me vision/insight allowing me to see the Truth. I am now disciplined in my 5 prays, majlises and abstaining from bad things. The question: I want my nephews and nieces (aged between:8-13 years) to come on the right line like our Infallibles were brought up. Of course not DIRECTLY like they were but upon on those lines. So what activities do you suggest? They do go for majlis and namaz but that is not enough. I want them to follow Islam in spirit, to inculcate in them a spirit which makes them actively conscious
  6. I'll limit my answer to the first question alone. You need to pray 5 times as a minimum to guard yourself against Satan's attacks. God didn't send you immune to satan in this world. That's why you need a minimum of 5 namazes placed at strategic timings to guard you from attacks. Once you've got the 5 namazes in place, do all the loving you want. P.S. Getting these 5 namazes through will also be counted as highly loving.
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