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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam and thank you. My debate had not met as he have not reponse questions . and Hayder husayn you have gave me a good point there.
  2. If any of you know how dose the percentage work please share because it's too complicate
  3. Yes brother I have al humdel Allah. but here I'm stuck at where he do the percentage part. Where it don't make make sense. I just gave him a response that he do not not want to see a simple truth.
  4. That prove Quran had more cruel words. When I show him a keyword kill in bible and Quran bible had like 413 words of kills while Quran had 53 . But he did something with percentage Quran had more.
  5. Ok I try to provide picture but it hold over 500 kb anyway it's a key word search on bible and Quran the bible have twice volence words then Quran such as kills .punishment etc etc but a Christian brother came up with something like this Quran is half teh size compare bible and he worke out th percentage and show that Quran had more . This is a blow to me. Or can I prove him anything ?
  6. Salam the best place to stay is in arncliff a lot of halal marketing and the main Shia mosque al zahra there. Catch a train that take you to 2 different top uni will take you 50 minutes more or less. Life here is more expenisive than Canada as I been there. Community here is great. No crazy rasicm like in America. everyone live their fair life work/studies home eat sleep lol. And pray There are cheap for a small 1 room apartment somewhere in the kogarah or rockdale area.
  7. Salam one of my aunts live there same road just 2 minutes walk away. Told us story.her apartment was rocked out like earthquake and bombed like a lighting. Looked out side everyone was running toward the first bomber few minute later another one. She tell me some one knew a 2nd bomber. He jumped and grabbed him so tight. Without him there be more dead. And on the 3rd one was at a hospital she think where all the injury going had failed been beaten up my civilians police take him away.
  8. Salam. Who should I vote? I've seen most of your post in SC but just tell me a little about yourself and SC. Inshallah
  9. Is there a audio where I can download?
  10. Salam thank you. It is ok I hold paper? As I wear glasses Oh btw i find it hard to read Arabic in English translate . A sound speaker would help me learn faster insha Allah
  11. Salam all. I been praying in English language Al humdeel Allah But my family say it better In Arabic. Is there a audio where I can save it in my phone where ever I go and prastice pray in Arabic? Thank u bliss u all.
  12. Why bomb a mosque where we worship Allah?why are they doing this? I'm sad
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