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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. They are attracted to the light when the temperature in the night drops , for the warmth
  2. When I first become muslim I was at a friends house. Well all her family went out for the evening and we were left er room. Any way we were talking about jinn and I think this was the reason for what happened next. While I was sitting with her on her bed I had this instinct to lock her bedroom door she has a ock on the inside. She told me not to be silly as all her brothers had gone out but I told her it just felt right. a few minutes later we started to hear scratches on bedroom door and we started to laugh thinking it was her younger brother playing a joke. then the door handle was pulled do
  3. my mother (non muslim) thinks its all a conspiracy. she asked someone sh knows who is a chinese engineer (non muslim) about the twin towers. she said the only way those buildings could have come down in that manner was from an impact at the bottom, not the top.
  4. (bismillah) just because they ae smokeless fire does not mean you cant see them I know a few muslims personally that have seen them One sister said she used to see one walking down her corridor. She said that It looked like a tall dark shadow but walking upright and others have said the same but Allah knows best salli ala nabi :wub: (pbuh) (salam)
  5. (bismillah) I read your post brought me to tears . I dont know exactly what I am Sunni or shia. from the outside im probably sunni as I follow sunni school of thought and I have sunni teachers but on the inside maybe Im shia because I love sayyiduna Ali more then the 3 caliphs and believe that Ali Fatima Hassan and Husayn (as) are the best out of al the sahabas and most loved to the prophet .I also have respect for the 3 caliphs even if I do believe it was the right of Ali (as) and would never curse them . We are all muslim whether you believe that abu bakr (ra) was the first caliph or Al
  6. (salam) There is a small mosque not far from victoria near hyde park corner station .I say it is about 10 minute walk. It is on the road to the right side of the hilton hotel. Nice mosque but small and looks like a house so if you cant find it then ask one of the porters standing outside they know where it is. Once I was in hyde park needed to pray but couldnt find the mosque I asked the porter and he told me. But seriously why dont you just pray at work? ya Rasool Allah madad (pbuh)
  7. Why are people so ignorant when it comes to the facts. There was a recent study made in the middle east on the issue of the hymen and the results were obtained from interviewing married muslim women. 25 % of women never bleed on their wedding night , either due to lack of hymen, the hymen being too elastic to break and bleed or because it had ruptured at an earlier stage. T he claim that a women who engages in any activity which may damage her hymen is commiting haraam is ridiculous as it is well known from hadith that heavy menstruation can cause the hymen to stretch or falling or not being a
  8. :mad: If someone accuses a muslim of adultery or fornication it is a duty that they present 4 witnesses to back up their claim. If 4 witnesses are produced who actually saw the alleged event then the punishment of one who is married is that of stoning and that of an unmarried person is flogging. So even if she was guilty which wasnt proven, her punishment should of been flogging not execution. I really wonder where all the mercy and compassion has gone if in fact this story is true . There is a hadith in which a women come to the most merciful of all creation sayyiduna Muhammad (pbuh) and tol
  9. :D at soas you can study arabic and persian
  10. (salam) TAQWA is the most important thing to look for when considering marriage. The Prophet (pbuh) said A women can be married for 4 reasons:her beauty, her wealth, her lineage, or her iman. Blessed be the man who marries a women for her iman. The prophet (pbuh) also said that if a man marries a women for her purly for her taqwa, he will be given her beauty and wealth too. For course this can be applicable for both genders. some people may find some non practicing muslim people desirable to marry for their beautiful , but what i find beautiful is a muslim who is close to Allah and the Sayy
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