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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Holy Prophet s.a.w Said, " One who disbelieves in the Qaem From My sons, Disbelieves in me " Ref : kamaaluddin vol .2 pg412 MAhdi a.s is not for shia's only, imam al mahdi a.s is not for the Muslims only he the Saviour of the universe ,today Every Religion believe in the Saviour
  2. http://sayedammar.com/lectures/ you can find all imam's biography here along with many other lectures
  3. Thankyou So much brother, yes indeed Imam e zamana hears each words i wrote lot of poems about him And Thankyou For Correcting my Mistake i 'll Write better next time
  4. Dua e nudba 

    I eagerly long for you who is out of sight,

    but has not forsaken us

     I eagerly long for you who has departed and is invisible, but is not far from us.

  5. Poem About Imam Muhammad al mahdi (ajtf) The Awaiting Saviour I am so... Tired..of living the way of believing i am so ..so Tired ..of living The way of believing(2x) My heart is broken. my hopes are losing and i am still living and i am still hoping oh master.. oh master My lips are moving , my eyes are waiting and i am still praying and i am still gazing With the glance of hoping ... Oh .. master oh .. master i am so ..so Tired ..of living The way of believing(2x) My Aims are weakening , My strength is losing And i am still li
  6. salam o alikum Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) says: Modesty is the symbol of faith and whoever has no modesty (Hijab), has no religion Now a days Many girls shows their pictures on social media , Because they think hijab is just covering their bodies and hair, its not harram in islam to post the pictures But Indeed it is not permissible To show your pictures to non mehram on social media there is no restrictions for anyone So Everyone can see the pictures included non mehram If you have privacy To your pictures And only mehram people can able to see your pictures so there is no probelm in
  7. I am sitting in the dark alone thinking that from where they belong whenever someone dies it shows that life is a lie Now pain fill the earth crust people hurts ! and there is no more trust oh Mahdi a.s for you anything i can bear Because you are so near And you always take care Please come ! and Get us out of this night To make our future bright And to lead us to the path of right Written by , @Zeynab Abbas As Imam Hussein a.s said that " This is the time of Imam Mahdi a.s our Awaited imam a.s So you ought to be preach about
  8. I need to know somthing, My brother is coming and he have to travel 2 days can his fasting is valid in this condition?
  9. Alsamo alikum , ya ali maddad.

    1. Zeynab Abbas

      Zeynab Abbas

      ws, Mola Ali a.s Madad 

  10. i Also love Persian nohas but the problem is that the lyrics are not given on the internet even in the Persian language so we can use the google translate
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