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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. walaykum salam sister, this umm Muhammad, may Allah dat ul dat help you and guide him, if he will read show him the history of tabari, volume 19 (sunni) that shows about imam hussayn as and the wretchedness of ummayyah la. another book that may help is the shia encyopedia section kabarla as shown by sunnis. my husband thinks you guys may be pakstani, so perhaps some of the works of hujjatul islam wal muslimin zafar naqvi woud be efferctive, like his majalis they wrote down and published on ahlul bayt vs. taghut imamate wa malakuyat. ya hussayn as always
  2. walaykum salam, this is umm Muhammad, look at tasfir for baqarah 124 in Arabic tasfirin, and you could try taman of sheikh saduq.
  3. walaykum salam wa khaify anna muhammadur khalifa min banu Fatimah as, this is umm Muhammad, ahsant, well done. inshallahi let thus who can try to do it with afarah or abu humza in qunut of witr, Sabah after the two for fajr, and dua 120 of sahifa alwaliyah in fajr qunut, with ahad and ziyarah ashura after fajr.
  4. wa alaykum salam, this is umm Muhammad, what you seem to be describing is called the evil eye. if you believe the hadith, stories about it, than the way he should avoid ill affects his simply 9 falaq and 9 nas (chapters 113 and 114) after fajr and maghrib salah. also one should consider the hadith of rasul Allah sawa and amirul mumin "everything fears the believer" and take note that shaytan only has the power of suggestion, and influence over people, but Allah dat ul dat will protect your daughter and her husband from the mischief of jinn, and men. if the jealous women in question are real dangerous in their intent from a spiritual intent he can read dua simat and jawshan saghir which have parts to ward harm from you to enemies. when imam hussayn as made zahur/walad (your aqaid your choice people) rasul Allah sawa recited among other dua, the following dua "oh Allah protect him from the mischief of jinn and men and the evil eye", so that prayer from a parent for his/her child is effective. many lebngthly rituals you may hear of are just superstion, my husbands stepfather is from an African tribe, before seminary he heard some very bizarre interpations of things, such as falan falan dream means jinn, did mutah with you etc. people come up with strange things. ya hussayn always
  5. walaykum salam, this is umm Muhammad, sorry the information was for a member who can't pm yet, because if he is truly in the situation he is in, ayatollah ibrhim jannati may Allah dat ul dat lengthen his shadow 's fatwa solve his issue in an equitable way, where as otherwise that person would need a sughrat fatwa from another marja, as that persons situation is not in harmony with most ulama fatwa, we don't want anyone to walk away from the din, but we don't want to lie to anyone either about our fiqh. for example giving a chronic alcoholic shaddah before they get sober is not good sense or dawa etc. we will try to post links instead, we figured out how to do it once. ya hussayn always
  6. as salamu alaykum, this is umm Muhammad, here is information on one of her lesser known marja-i-din who has leneit fatwa, that could solve promblems for many westerners, in difficult situation, we are endorsing him as the alim, we are just putting his bio got there to share knowledge and love of ulama. [Mod Note: The biography above ^ was a three page unreadable, mass of text, all run together, so it was edited into paragraphs. This is from the following website: http://jannaati.com/eng/?page=1 ] Selected Rulings [Mod Note: Selected Rulings, a copy/paste comprising five pages of text, was removed. See his website for specific rulings: http://www.jannaati.com/eng/?page=6 ] Mohammad Ebrahim Jannaati From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [Copy/paste was removed.] ya hussayn [Mod Note: Copy/paste ^ from Wikipedia was removed. See the webpage at Wikipedia for specific details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Ebrahim_Jannaati] Mod Note: Beware. Wikipedia articles can be edited by any person who has a registered account so it is better to look for an official website.
  7. as salamu alaykum, this is umm Muhammad, amal/latam plans for ashura
  8. walaykum salam, this is umm Muhammad, you are welcome from my husband, if he were here. ya hussayn always.
  9. http://www.jannaati.com Selected Rulings Marriage with women of Ahle Ketab (Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians) is permissible for Muslims. Marriage with women of Ahle Ketab (People of the Book) be it temporary or permanent is permissible. as salamu alaykum, this is umm Muhammad here for little while, hajj ibn-kevin does not need to leave his wife, the post was in general and not addressed to him or anyone else, but he and all non muitjahadin need to refer to the fatwa of a muitjahadin who is a marja taqlid and has some sort of isfifa (q and a), risalah (manual etc.,) . unless one studies for years to be a muhtat (follows precaytion) or even more years to be a muitjadin, we can not give fatwa. imam sadiq as says "whoever gives a false fatwa will spend 70 summers in the fire" being akhbari doesn't solve this as they reject these marriages, and even many times mixed manthab marriages, see sheikh ahmad Bahraini circa 1700s on that. however he has a unique situation, that can be solved in one of two ways taking taqlid under a marja who allows mixed faith marriage who is alive, such as ayatollah ibrhim jannati may Allah dat ul dat lengthen his shadow or follow another marja, present his unique situation and see if the marja may Allah dat ul dat lengthen all their shadows would give a sughrat fatwa for his situation based on hujjah illa araba ie quran, hadith, ijma, wa aql. like the fatwain, of some ulama on taharat of non muslim parents, for some talba who where in that unique situation. I know some who got sughrat for that personally. ya hussayn always
  10. as salamu alaykum, this is umm Muhammad, no his staus was never lowered mutaqi talut as status, rather he was simply preparing the way for nabi dawud as, as nabi yahya as was preparing for nabi isa as, and as khorsani ra and yamani ra will prepare the way for our beloved imam as. ya Mahdi labaykh
  11. as salamu alaykum, this is umm Muhammad, No he doesn't. And even if he had one, no one would have gone through the trouble of visiting a pagan. are u irani? been to terhan? because we haven't yet either but we know many irani, and Iraqi/pakstani people who gave gone there after visting sayyid tathir as and sayyid abul azim's as imamzuddin. they is third imamzuddin on that property, but Allah dat ul dat forgive me, I don't recall for which sayyid as. as salamu alayana ya abu abd Allah hussayn as
  12. wa alaykum salam, this umm muhammad no for the most part there timing is good. however shia and shaffi muslims 7 to 20 minutes should be added to magrib. these timings on that site are hanafi expect for the fajr, which is more like maliki. at any rate this article to help all mumin understand the fiqh, and use caculations from math etc. if you add to detrime the time without internet. also ayatollah Sistani - may Allah lengthen his shadow has a salah time website thru one of his wakilyat. ya hussayn always
  13. as salamu alaykum, this is umm Muhammad, me and my husband know a certain member was looking for this info, but doesn't have enough posts to pm, hope they get it. Shia Muslim Student Association Tucson 702 East Joan Place, Tucson, AZ 85719
  14. as salamu alaykum, this is umm Muhammad, highly debated, figure. no books on jim alone that we've seen, mentioned in other histories, tarikhs etc. he does have zahri or shrine in terhan, and when the cab drivers pass many of the utter a certain pharse, we know 5 or 6 people who were in terhan to see the 3 famous imamzuddin, and went to see him as well. ya hussayn always
  15. as salamu alaykum, this is abu Muhammad, I figured this was a topic that benefits all, and is not contoverial. this is an article I wrote on detriming time of salah, in the west, as based on quran, hadith, sarf, and fatwa of majority of ulama. please particularly check with your marja in reference to salat-ul-fajr. AL FADL ASR ILLA SALAT THE MERITOUS TIMES FOR THE PRAYERS by name is not importantespecially inlight of online safeftly issuses We should know that the daily prayers are verily important, as salah is the first action or amal awwaid to be reviewed on the day of regret. If it is accepted others are accepted, and if it is rejected others are rejected. Rasul Allah sawa said “prayers are the first deed to be looked at my almighty Allah on the Day of Judgment, if it is acceptable, he will look at other deeds, if it is not acceptable, he will reject all deeds”. This hadith is jamian because it is accepted by both Sunnis and Shia, as well as mutawir, and mashur, being narrated by seven or more chains, and famous. We must once knowing that salah s important prayer the earlier times, and this is found in another mashur or famous hadith that reached the level of sahih ankbar wahid, being a strong sound hadith with all just narrators, that is narrated in six or less chains, that both Rasul Allah sawa, Imam Ali as, and Imam Jafar As Sadiq said “whoever neglects salah will not be eligible for our intercession” in the wording of the hadith from Rasul Allah the last line is “is not of my Shia or followers” which is interesting as it is found in both sunni and Shia quotations. In explaining this statement we get an extension of the last sentence by Imam Sadiq as “the people asked oh of Allah’ s Messenger what is negligence of salah, is it not making the prayer on time until it lapses? Imam sadiq as replied no, verily it is not making the prayer at the earliest time”. So our prayer is very important, and making it at the earliest time is very important, so therefore we will present the times for the prayers. 1. Tahajudd: it is the night prayer made of 8 rakats in sets of 2. It is followed directly by shafl being one set of 2, and witr being 1. The time for this prayer, is true midnight which varies nightly. To know its time you take sunset and astronomical dawn and calculate the distance between, then divide by two, and add that to sunset, and you get true midnight. The prayer can be made from true midnight to 5 minutes before astronomical dawn. 2. Fajr: it is the morning prayer, it consists of 2 rakats. Its time is when the white thread can be distinguished from the black thread in the hand. This is when the first light reaches the earth. Therefore it is astronomical dawn, which can be obtained from any good calendar site such as www.sunrisesunset.com . It has two Sunnah/nafl rakats that are said before it, being between adhan and iqamah, or after witr. The adhan of fajr can be 15 minutes before astronomical dawn, with niyyah of announcing the prayer or waking people. It is better to say it at astronomical dawn. The time of fajr iqamah is after nafl, and before starting fajr. 3. Ishraq: it is a 4 rakat prayer, in 2 sets of 2. It can be made at sunrise, and its precautions time is 20 minutes after sunrise. 4. Dhur: it is the afternoon prayer. it is one set of 4 rakats. Its time is astronomical noon, and its precautiously time is 15 minutes after astronomical noon. It has 8 sunnah/nafl rakat in sets of 2, being 4 sets of 2, that are said after its adhan, and before its iqamah. The time of dhur’s adhan is astronomical noon, but for purpose of announcing it can be said 5 minutes before expect on Friday. The iqamah is after nafl and before dhur. After dhur there are 4 sunnah/nafl rakats in sets of 2, being 2 sets of 2. 5. Asr: it is the late afternoon prayer. It is 4 rakats as one set. It can be said after dhur, when traveling or not. When said immediately after the post dhur sunah/nafl it has no adhan, but has an iqamah. When said at its own time it has both. The individual time of asr is halfway between astronomical noon, and sunset. To find this you take the time of both, calculate the minutes between, the divide by two, and add the time to astronomical noon. There are 8 rakats of Sunnah/nafl before asr it set of 2, being 4 sets of 2. When asr is said after dhur, you can say them with the nafl of dhur, or after the post dhur nafl. The adhan of asr again is only for its individual time, and is at that time, and iqamah is always right before asr. At its individual time the adhan can be called 5 minutes early for the purpose of announcing. 6. Magharib: it is the early evening prayer. It is 3 rakats in one set. Its time is 7 minutes after sunset, it precautious time is 20 minutes after sunset. To know sunset times check daily paper, or sunrise sunset calendar. It has 4 rakats of Sunnah/nafl after it, which are said in sets of 2. Being 2 sets of 2. Its adhan is at 7 minutes past sunset, but for announcing can be done at sunset. Its iqamah is right before the prayers itself. 7. Isha: it is the evening prayer. It is 4 rakats in one set. It can be said after the Sunnah/nafl of magharib whether traveling or not. If said after magharib it has no adhan, and an iqamah before the prayer. At its individual time it has adhan, which is at time or 5 minutes before for announcing. If said at its individual time, it is 52 minutes after sunset during winter, being October 1st until March 1st, and during this time 1 hour 5 minutes after sunset precautiously. During the summer being March 2nd until September 30th it is 1 hour 37 minutes after sunset, or during that time 1 hour 50 minutes after sunset precaution. It has one Sunnah/nafl rakat after it, which is done as 2 in the sitting position. ya hussayn fathi
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