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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yeah, as our friend mentioned 5 people is needed for Jomee prayer, one as Imam and 4 as Mamom.
  2. Alsalamo alaikom As i know jamaat with only one man or woman is permitted and 4 people is needed for Jomee prayer.
  3. Allama Tabatabaei wrote some good point about Adam and his eating (pbuh) in his book(Almizan): 1.In that paradise there was no law which we call it Sharia, thus that order was as a practice for Adam (pbuh) 2.Adam (pbuh) was the first human and he had never seen someone swear to God to deceive other and Satan actually did that and said i swear that i want the best for you and then they relied on what he said. 3.Satan never can enter paradise then surely that place was not the paradise we know.
  4. One of my teacher told me I've met ayatollah tabrizi and told him Muslims in west cannot find halal meat(maybe 30 years ago) and he answered it is fatwa go and Allah will help you and now a days halal food is known even for non Muslim. عسی أن تکرهوا شیئا و هو خیر لکم
  5. Three important points: 1. As our Imams PBUH told us, their narration is not understandable for every one, then this is not a true expectation for every one to understand all the narration, as we know that we are expert in our field like math , physics, etc. not all other fields, understanding narration has his own expert. 2.we(Shia) do not see authenticity of a narration by book or author, even if all scholars mention a narration in their book, this never guarantee the authenticity of a narration، then making a list of shia book never help till one can prove the authenticity of a narration. 3. Beside authenticity of those narrations, may we can find three strange point, first one about Imam's deed, second one about the time, third one about the position of Shia. about Imam Mahdi's(عجل الله تعالی فرجه) deed like killing enemies I have to say when I was younger I have been asking my self would it be necessary to kill enemies to have peace on earth and this was my main question till I saw Isis and their supporter like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and other Muslim supporter( let alone to Western supporter) I've found these narration got their real meaning, if we have some brutal people like Isis who just think of killing people or if we have one army like Saudi Arabia who are willing by killing other Muslim in Syria and Yemen, I concluded may killing is not always bad even if number is numerous, when we want to kill bad people. About the time of appearance, actually occulatation is a real exam for all believer precisely Shia, then knowing the time of arrival would make all this exam nonsense,then the appearance would happen in its time but as we have in our narration our DOA helps us to become stronger and when God sees our supplication will make arrival sooner. About the Shia position in that time, what we have to notice here is conversion in idea in any time is possible, when we see narration like what mentioned above talk about conversion, these narrations want to warn us about a possible danger, and that make us to study more, to think more about our duty toward Imam Mahdi.(عجل الله تعالی فرجه)
  6. Read my previous comment completely. I've explained about exclusiveness.
  7. What is important here is remembrance, not just a name when you call your son Ali what do you remember? Imagine you call your son Umar, then what do you remember? The difference here is love and hatred. When you name your child Abu bakr means you love this name and the person who is behind this name and the same thing when you name your child Ali. Maybe you ask why Imams named their children such a name? The answer is those names like Umar, Abu bakr, etc. Weren't exclusively for those persons in that era and you can see some of best companies of Imam Ali PBUH were called by those names, and when they named their children Umar or Abu bakir no one remembered those two person but after a while atmosphere changed and follower of Ahlul al bait named their children in the way that we see today, because those names started to become exclusive, beside we don't have any emphasis from Ahlu all bait to name your children like Umar or other names but we have narration to name your children Mohammed or Ali.
  8. This is your way, I mean almost all sunnies way to forget the reason but we as follower of Ahlul albait we think about the reason, why one Imam called his son such a name(like Kholafa) and if he did so, did he advise us to do that? The most important point is names in today life are most about remembering good names, more than a name, then this is natural for me and all other Shia not to name my son by the name of killer of Fatima alzahra PBUH I mean first khalif and second one or not to name my daughter the person who fought Imam Ali PBUH and did not allow Imam Husain to bury his brother in his house and so. Therefore we look at the reason when we look at the reason we don't kill other Muslim by the name takfir as your Kholafa did( first khalife sent Khalid ibn valid to Malik ibn novire because he didn't give allegiance to the Khalife and Khalid killed him and abused his wife and after this incident Abu bakr did nothing) this is your background and this is natural you and your fellow never think, because thinking hurt you, by thinking you find nothing value in your history and you can not continue in your way then if you do not want to think let's us think...
  9. Assalamo alaikom All your answers and more information about Shi'a can find in this book: DF]Download “Shia In Islam” – PDF - ByISLAM www.byislam.com › uploads › 2015/04
  10. Poor Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, he didn't know how to misuse narration in a way he can decieve more people but seemingly your Imam is a good cheater and knows how to misinterpret narrations and relate all the names and characters mentioned in narration s to himself, just by disguising three names he became Imam, sure he is an Imam but Imam of disbelief and heresy. And I accept your idea: "Imam al-Mahdi pbuh because he is the Hujja of Allah swt, while his son Ahmed pbuh is the Hujja of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh, and Imam al-Mahdi pbuh is higher in rank than his son Ahmed pbuh, and his son and Successor Ahmed pbuh will become the Hujja of Allah swt, when death reaches Imam al-Mahdi pbuh." Imam Mahdi PBUH is Hujja and Imam PBUH stated in his letter to last appointee you are the last special appointee and everyone who claims after your death he/she sees me or he/she is as an special messenger and deputy of me, would be a liar, and if you say Imam Mahdi PBUH changed his idea, Imam a.s should declare it for all to know that but till we didn't receive anything from Imam a.s we would wait till his appearance عجل الله فرجه and after that we accept everything Imam a.s says.
  11. About illogical issue in sunni ideology. Just as an example look at to the book: " Mosnad of Hanbal" under the narration number 7941 is written: God created human alike His face and the height of God is 30 meters. This is one example from thousands, you can find more and more if you really seek for truth. و السلام علی من اتبع الهدی
  12. Really? Even if we know that some sahabaa are sinful, sunni people count Moavia as a Sahabaa but he fought with Imam Ali a.s and poisoned Imam Hasan a.s food and killed Imam PBUH thorough food, he killed lot's of people just because if love if Ahlul albait, he started the war of Seffein against Amir ol momenin, he did lot's of crimes and no one can calculate them completely. Do you like him and respect him!?
  13. 1.deduction from Ahadis does not relate to the simplicity or other factor, it means everyone by having no required information start to interpret Qur'an and Hadis, while we know Ahlul albait Pbut repeatedly stated that: our speech is sophisticated and no heart can bear our Hadis except those who Exalted God had examined them. Then you see a real scholar never let himself to talk about the religion till another great scholar confirm his ability to understand religion as it is, then he after passing a long time of study and experience start to interpret Qur'an and Hadis, like our Maraje. Then even if we accept you can understand narration but how do you can say this person is the same person mentioned in the Will. What factor make him a real Ahmad alhasan, what if I say I am Ahmad alhasan and narration appoint to me as a successor of Imam Mahdi PBUH. As we see you yourself don't know who is Ahmad alhasan and where he lives, some of you say he lives with Imam Mahdi PBUH, ibn-ibrahim says: e a.s. is here on this earth veiled with his father Imam al Mahdi Muhammad ibn al Hasan a.s wherever Allah wills, the ones in contact with them are 12 men a.s at this current stage . And others say he lives in Najaf, Mr. Anderson says: Brother do you have proofs for such claims or do you just repeat what you heard from some enemies of the Imam pbuh? The Imam pbuh lives in Iraq and his Official office with the Deputies appointed by him is in Holy Najaf and everybody knows where it is, Ansars or Twelvers, and even his enemies. We have in narration there are two ways of recognizing an Imam: 1. Clear state from previous Imam about the Imama of the next Imam. 2.miracle: being able to do whatever the previous prophets or Imamd did, including possessing the Qur'an written by Imam Ali a.s and the ring of Soliman PBUH and etc. Then a person is Imam and unless Imam PBUH Shi'a has no obedience to anyone else even a marja, we follow maraja as a general deputy of Imam PBUH not as a person who is a special appointee of Imam Mahdi PBUH and those special appointee were four men in the time of little Ghiba and after that Imam clearly stated whoever claims after these appointees، he is my appointee he would be a liar, then we have to wait for Imam Mahdi PBUH to come and then we follow whoever hr appoints as his successor.
  14. What then? Around prophet PBUH there were hypocrites, you call them all Sahabba and by this you want to give them a level of infallibility, because they were around prophet PBUH but this is not as simple as you think, being by prophet PBUH for a while , even a long time does not mean they were eager to Islam and prophet PBUH, clearly some of them had this mission from Jewish society to assassinate prophet PBUH and they tried over and over. و السلام علی من اتبع الهدی
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