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  1. Hijab and veil is in Judaism and Christianity as well. Allah's deen has always been Islam that's why the Laws between Judaism, Christianity and Islam are very similar. Since all Prophets came from Allah, they all brought the same message...incrementally.
  2. Let's be careful here - slandering is different from narrating history. slander = making false statements against someone to damage a person's reputation Speaking about historical events does not equate to slander. Slandering is not permissible in Islam neither is using abusive language.
  3. Being a Syed is an honor but also a major responsibility. I know people who have a dislike of Syeds because only Syed can accept khums. They see this as a bias in Islam even though non-Syeds are eligible for sadaqa and zakat. Other communities do things that are specific to their community (Khoja) but people seem to ignore those. Respect good Syeds and good non-Syeds.
  4. Establishment Liberals Liberal and racially and ethnically diverse, they stand out for their optimism and support for political compromise
  5. Another in a long list of (il)logical sunni arguements. Lutf is not what Allah could have done but what Allah did do. Allah could have given us the 3 things mentioned above and it would be his lutf. Allah gave us prophets and imams which was his lutf. Just because Imam Ali (عليه السلام) mentions things which could have been Allah's lutf but weren't does not mean lutf does not exist. If means those were not part of Allah's lutf.
  6. Salaam and thank you. I was hoping more people would add shia cemeteries that they know off across the US. I will add more to this list as I find more.
  7. hahaha. You are right. I chose 3 for 3 reasons: 1) There are 3 shaitans 2) Keeping this one to myself 3) Arabic doesnt just have single and plural, but it has single, double and plural....so 3 kittens implies lots of kittens.
  8. Salaam, The Quran mentions DhulQarnayn going West and then East. Alexander mostly went East whereas Cyrus and Darius went Westward and then Eastward.
  9. For all the rhetoric, at the end of the day your most prolific narrator of hadith is:
  10. Shia: Hz. Khidr has been alive for 2,500+ years. Sunni: Alhumdulillah Shia: Hz. Isa has been alive for 2,000+ years. Sunni: Alhumdulillah Shia: A rock ran away with Musa's clothes. Sunni: Of course. I love rocks Shia: 12th Imam is alive for 1,200+ years. Sunni: Oh no, this is kufr. I am going to go blow up a mosque......aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh That about sums up sunni (il)logic.
  11. What about Hz. Khidr? Hz Musa was asked to follow him and Hz Khidr was not a prophet (although there is no consensus on this). There a number of ayahs in the Quran that mention "good" imams and "bad" imams as in "these imams will lead you astray" or "these will cause you to go to hell.." That alone is sufficient to understand that Prophethood and Imamate are separate "offices". What do you think?
  12. Thank you for this lengthy explanation. Others have also tried to explain things to him but when the heart is sealed, it is sealed. If I took him seriously I would have argued that Allah, Heaven, Angels, Hell, Shaitan, Grave are among a few things other things that are ghayab. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) was in occultation (ghayab) the first 40 years of his life; he was in occultation during hijra and even left a naib in his absence. Furthermore, Allah promised Hz Ibrahim (عليه السلام) that Imamah would be in his progeny. There was no caveat about Hz Ismael (عليه السلام) or Hz Ishaq (عليه السلام) only inheriting this responsibility neither was there a term limit on how long this would hold therefore Imamah would be in the progeny of Ibrahim until the end of time. With that said, Imamah ended in the progeny of Ishaq with Hz Isa (عليه السلام) who didn't die but went into occultation - Allah kept his promise. Similarly, the promise in Ismael's progeny couldn't end with the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) because he was martyred. The rank of Imamah continued through Imam Ali (عليه السلام) until the 12 Imam who also went into occultation like Isa - thus retaining Allah's promise to Ibrahim that Imamah would remain in his progeny until the end of time. BUT I can't take @sunni muslim seriously so I choose mockery.
  13. I posted a link to it in this thread. Oh man this is so confusing - shia concept of Imamah is false; sunni concept of Imamah is right. But then you confuse the matter further in that either Imamah is true or Ghaybah is true which is different from imamah is false. Wouldn't it be true that if Imamah is false then ghaybah would automatically be false too? Is your problem Imamah or ghaybah? You also didn't state that you believed in Imamah just not how the shias believe in it. Your initial post should have clarified most of this - you proposed a 1/2 baked hypothesis and are blaming me for poking holes in it. Lastly, why so angry? Was it something I wrote?
  14. it was debunked in 2016 and earlier. I can't take you seriously because you flip-flop too much. take a stand brother.
  15. Here you go son. there are multiple levels of mocking in this in the blue section. Pop quiz tomorrow.
  16. Wow. Your reading comprehension is really limited. I literally said I was making fun of objectionable sunni beliefs. Further explanation of why I said belief and not books because Shia and sunni books have objectionable materials but we easily reject the false or absurd narrations whereas sunnis think that if a hadith is in Bukhari or Muslim then it MUST be true so the real problem is BELIEVING false narrations. Yes, I was in the mood to mock @sunni muslim. I find him amusing and can't take him seriously. Clearly along with comprehension, you lack research skills as well. I already posted a link to a post from Oct 4 2016 on this topic. Back to school youngling. Still NO. The challenge is that sunnis believe this to be true whereas we dont. His debate was completed when he admitted believing in Imamah on Pg3 (I think) and then again admitted to having the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) as his Imam. The difference is as shias we reject the objectionable BUT sunnis are forced into accepting objectionable materials simply because it is in Sahih Bukhari or Muslim. Get the gist? Just to be clear, I am making fun of him, you and objectionable sunni beliefs simultaneously Okay youngling, you will get a diagram tomorrow. To show you how far ahead I am from you and sunni dude, I specifically chose the Musa narration and then mentioned Kitty-Daddy because this absurd narration comes from him in Bukhari. Be honest, had you connected the dots? Now go to sleep, we will continue schooling tomorrow.
  17. Here you go: The funny thing that same thing happened 6 years ago...hehehe.
  18. So Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) is not your Imam anymore?
  19. This silly topic has been discussed on SC several times. Want to pick it up there?
  20. Why don't you search how many times this topic has been discussed on SC and see if commented on it to figure out if I knew about this narration existing in shia text. I can't believe I have to piece things together for you so much. I am not wiggling out of making fun of sunnis because I am making fun of sunnis. Spelling it out for you...I am making fun of sunnis for believing in something stupid. I am not making fun of sunnis (in this case) for having something stupid in their books. That's another fun topic for another day just not this topic. If needed, I can draw a diagram for you (now I am making fun of you).
  21. Not sure where you are getting this from but I am not denying this episode is mentioned in Shia books. I am clearly and categorically saying it is false and I do not believe it to be true. There is no need to wiggle out because I dont believe it to be true but sunnis believe wholeheartedly in this magical rock. You should go back and re-read what I wrote. If I made fun of sunnis for having the narration in their books, then you could make fun of me because it is in shia books. However I said "you believe it to be true" so now you will have to prove that I believe this narration to be true AND then I will try to wiggle out of it. I can't believe I have to help you to make fun of me.
  22. you answered the question yourself. You asked: Is there an intellectual necessity of imamah? I asked: Who is your Imam? You answered: Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). Clearly there is an intellectual necessity for imamah because you just accepted you have an Imam in Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). Now, the question of who is the Imam now, is it 12 imams, 9 imams, 6 imams, 4 imams is a different topic. It only took 2 months and some hundred posts to reach this conclusion
  23. being in a book doesn't make it right nor do I have to believe it. I am not bound by sunni (il)logic.
  24. I hope you realize that we dont accept all hadith as sahih. Verse 69 of Surah Ahzab doesn't refer to this miracle rock story but refers to the incident where Qarun accused Hz. Musa of adultery and was proven wrong - the slander was adultery that was disproven, not Musa's private parts. Secondly, a Prophet of Allah is the Allah's authority on Earth. Musa had authority over the rock and not the other way around, so no Musa did not run after a magical rock. Anything else?
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