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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I haven't been able to find the source but I believe Juma has to be recited within 1 hour of adhaan and if not, then Zuhr has to be offered. Not 100% sure though. Other way around. Most offer it and some say it has to be by Imam they offer Juma and then zuhr as precautionary.
  2. Use this link to Sahifa-e-Sajadiya. Its a treasure trove of duas from Imam Sajjad (عليه السلام).
  3. Lanat Allah on Sipah-e-Sahaba and whoever supports them. There are some who say SSP is not a violent organization...just misunderstood...they are all kharjee scum.
  4. I went through this with Cherry and didn't have answers so he changed the topic. Please recite fateha for me - Cherry is going for the kill and may nail my coffin.
  5. What is it with Sunnis and violence? You are either demolishing or destroying or nailing my coffin. I think you are turning violent because you can foresee (may be ilham) that you are about to lose. You have gone from treaties are purely political to "Treaty is divine decree and not divine legislation". For your 3 points, the answer is as simple as Allah made the divine decree to sign a Treaty with the Kuffar of Mecca. Therefore whatever treaty the Prophet legislates with the kuffar, that in effect becomes divine and fath mubeen. The problem here is not takwini, tashri'i. The pr
  6. Yup, still a very sunni answer. Use Wikipedia, don't cite it...what you mean is use and cite as long as it serves your purpose. Kind if what you did the reference above. I wish you success in your business. I am sure you dont employ any Christians and even if you do, make sure you don't let then take off on Christmas....exclusivity'n'all
  7. This is such a sunni answer. yeah, you may be a nuanced writer but you are a horrible reader. I never said you used Wikipedia. I said i remember you telling someone not to use Wikipedia. Just to be clear, you love Wikipedia but don't recommend anyone use it. Very sunni of you. All Muslims believe Islam is the one true religion. But if you are so true to Islam, why do you take the day off on Dec 25. I would insist on working to send the message that Christmas has no meaning. The above (bold italics) came from Wikipedia.
  8. Liar liar pants on fire - I remember you telling someone not to use Wikipedia as a source. I was merely pointing out that because you live in a multi-cultural society, by default you are not exclusive. For example, are you off work/school/etc. on Dec 25th and Jan 1st? If yes, then you are adopting Christian practices hence not exclusive I can be as absurd about this as you.
  9. Oh great. First we are splitting out the live of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) in different states - Prophet, Administrator, etc. Now we are splitting divinity into divine decree and divine legislation. I hope everyone can see how you are grasping at straws.... I have been in agreement that caliphate is a separate rank than Prophethood from the very beginning. I even listed out the 4 offices we have and the 2 offices you have - so you haven't done anything. No coffins have been nailed. Where we differ is in your question - "should the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسل
  10. For a person who doesn't know when "fasting on Ashura" was prescribed and why, you haven't proven anything other than copy'n'paste skills.
  11. Cherry's blessings are good but incomplete. May Allah bless you and set your affairs in order for the sake of and in the name of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and his AhlulBayt (عليه السلام).
  12. Salaam, From a "self-Improvement" perspective, I would say you need to learn and understand that a spouse is a partner in life. As such, be ready to give up 50% of what you are used to and accept 50% of what your spouse has to offer; similar goes for your wife. For example, right now 100% of your time is your time. When you get married, you have to devote time to your spouse. My wife didn't work when we got married. I was used to coming home and 'chilling' for a couple of hours by watching TV, snoozing, etc. But she had already done the chilling part in my absence so she was ready to go o
  13. David - you are always welcome just like you are welcome on ShiaChat. BTW, this is not a Shiah vs Sunni issue. I have met shiahs who think like Cherry as well. With the adage that "Man is either your brother in faith or brother in humanity" - Imam Ali (عليه السلام), it is always good to let a brother know that even though even though we have disagreements, we can still all get along. Me exchanging gifts on Christmas is not going to make me Christian as much as me not exchanging gifts will make you Muslim. I get "Eid Mubarak" greetings from my well wishers all the time. A couple
  14. Really Cherry???? You remind me of Jews who fast on Yom Kippur as a celebrating of Moses' victory over Pharoah (or whatever the folklore says).
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