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  1. If you've ever wondered how could the Imams have been betrayed, here is a prime example. "We love Nasrullah! He is the best! Long live Nasrullah" Doesn't announce war with Israel. "Nasrullah betrayed us! He is sellout! He is scary cat."
  2. The wife needs to tell her plight to anyone and everyone who listens but without aggravating her husband. The friend on the other hand should go to all the authority figures in the world to get them to take action against the husband. In real terms - there should already be a case files against YAHOO at the ICC. Even if it amounts to nothing, there will be a lot of press out there against him. Then constantly raise the issue at UN, UNHRC, etc. South Africa got rid of apartheid not because of the goodness in the white man's heart but because of INTL pressure.
  3. actually, I believe the very opposite (your red text). I think 90% of what the Israeli media and rest of European media is telling us is false. I agree with everything you've written. The blue text is where the problem resides. the difficulty in explaining is the fact that there are hostages. There is no such thing as a benevolent kidnapper and therein lies the problem. Yahoo is a psychopath who neither cares about Israeli lives nor the Palestinian lives. He just got a carte blanche to completely decimate Gaza. I have yet to see a video or picture of him since Oct 7 where he doesnt have a slight smile on his face - he is almost giddy with excitement at the opportunity Hamas' actions have provided him.
  4. What betrayal? Lebanon can barely afford bread, how/who would fund a war?
  5. Perhaps RealMan. There is a reason the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) chose to make peace with the kuffar at Hudaibiya rather than jump into a battle he could not win. Umar called him hopeless (paraphrasing).
  6. The victims are Palestinians, not Hamas. Had Hamas attacked the IDF only, we could have a different conversation but they didn't. They chose to target IDF and civilians thereby giving YAHOO the excuse he needed. Your analogy is wrong Israel: psychotic and abusive husband Daughter: Palestinian people Hamas: Daughter's "friend" who slaps the husband without thinking of the ramifications of her actions.
  7. Israel admitted to bombing Jabaliya Refuge Camp. At the risk of sounding redundant, HAMAS' actions gave an evil despot YAHOO the perfect excuse to massacre millions of Palestinians while the whole world watches powerlessly.
  8. Its called the Real World...not some fantasty world where all the Muslim countries unite and defeat the evil Israel.
  9. That's what I am saying. Israel and the Zionists will be defeated by politics, wisdom, public opinion, strategy. HAMAS' 10 bombs will not do the trick
  10. Yaser Arafat, PLO, FATEH, HAMAS are all useless and work against the interests of the Palestinian people. Yaser Arafat died with $3bn in his bank account in France.
  11. The solution here is not to fight fire with fire because the Israelis have a much stronger fire. Fight fire with WATER.
  12. They certainly won't be free with HAMAS scratches. Still waiting for some to explain how this benefits the people of Palestine. Only reasonable explanation is this action was done to pause the Saudi-Israel alliance. Other than that, no benefit at all.
  13. You must have missed the carpet bombing being done by Israel. That is REAL. Exactly how will it be a victory?
  14. Over the past 10 years, there has been a gradual shift in the West from siding with Israel 100% to moving to a more balanced approach - gradual movement not all the way there. We saw more and more celebrities, politicians and even regular people calling out Israel's apartheid and injustice against the Palestinians. Add to that an unpopular leader in Israel and there could have been opportunities to get something from Israel that would actually benefit the Palestinians instead of what we have now. People who were actively speaking out against Israel are afraid now because they don't want to be seen as terrorist sympathizers. Thanks to HAMAS, YAHOO has a green light to perpetuate his atrocities on the Palestinian people per his whim and the entire world is quietly watching. So yes it does matter that HAMAS made a ruthless war monger become the most powerful emperor in the ME. what are they going to lose. If anything YAHOO is going to take at least half of what's remaining in GAZA because the West has given him the green light. Living in La La land brother. Lebanon is essentially bankrupt. they are fighting for bread. How will they pay for a war with Israel? Iran will help? Also bankrupt. Russia? Also bankrupt China? Not likely. There is a time to fight and a time for diplomacy.
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