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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for your reply. My point was that the way you stated that sentence that I quoted seemed very discouraging to those sisters who do want to wear a chador or the abaya, or those who already wear it. If you want to encourage sisters to wear the hijab (which is very good, I'm not taking those beautiful intentions away), there is no need to devalue the abaya or chador or those who wear it by saying "keep the ethnic clothing for your trips back home". The same way you're trying your best to encourage sisters who are hesitant to wear the hijab, keep your words also pure towards those who choose respectfully to wear it. I also live in the west, I also wear the hijab, and no I do not wear the abaya or chador either, but we should respect everyone's choices and try to be more careful in our words towards our fellow sisters.
  2. Really? Do you think Sayeda Fatima would like to read this comment? If she was living in the west right now, do you actually think she would compromise her beliefs and her father's Islamic traditions because of being scared of being a "threat"? Do you think she would wear such clothes that we could say someone is wearing the hijab better than her? Then why are you saying such discouraging words, sister? If nuns can wear their hijab the way they want, without caring about what other people think, then why can we not? We live in a society that encourages people to be who they want to be, and to dress however they want to dress. So if you actually want to 'follow' this society, then wearing the abaya is the ultimate statement that reflects self-confidence and independence.
  3. where can I find the content of this post? (im an amateur lol)
  4. Try to find out how to combat this problem (you've already set your first step by recognising the problem and by reaching out for help). You can find out more about the way you study, and what problems you may face when studying (getting started? procrastination? being chaotic? etc.) Watch youtube videos or look up websites that have useful tips on how to study efficiently. Stay healthy. It is important that you eat well, and get the nutrients you need. Be aware of the fact that, since you live in Norway, you may be vitamin D deficient, which might be a possible cause for your feeling "lazy". Try to eat the food that Ahlulbayt (as) has recommended us. They've recommended it for a reason. Do your best, make dua as much as you can & leave the rest to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. The one who is able to perform miracles. As mentioned before by someone else, it could well be that you may have a concentration/focus disorder. You should try to see if this is the case by consulting your physician or psychiatrist. To be fair, if your father has seen you work hard for it, and knows you did your utmost best, than there should not be a reason for him to be furious. Try to talk about your issue with someone at home, if you can. You got this!
  5. I know your comment is really old but just wanted to ask: I thought saheeh muslim and bukhari were considered 100% saheeh?
  6. Assalamu aleykum everyone, I'm sure many of you know ustadh Nouman Ali Khan and his bayyinah institute. In my opinion he gives great lectures and his institute is much promising. However, he is a sunni, which means that he'll interpret some ayas in the sunni way and also remembers us to some sahabis whom I'd rather not want hear about when learning the qur'an. For example, in some of his videos he talks about Abu Bakr and Umar as if they're the greatest. The institue also has ahadith videos, I also want to learn about ahadith, but I want to learn the truth... That's the main reason why I would rather not sign up on bayyinah.tv. And this is unfortunate for me, as I really want to learn arabic as quick as possible... And ustadh Noman Ali Khan is really good... So, does anyone of you know a really good institute like Bayyinah TV with Shia teachers? It would help a lot. I'm willing to pay, as long as it's worth it. Jazakum Allah ghair
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