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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Suffering is not a competition. Those who engage in competitive suffering risk losing their sense of compassion for others.
  2. Prove it. Is this in Qur'an or a Hadith based on an untrustworthy chain of narration?
  3. It depends. Do we live in an Islamic theocracy? Or a theocracy at all?
  4. God's law. And? Leave it to the Almighty, my Brother. You have no business doing God's work. By being so arrogant as to do God's work on His behalf is blasphemy. That is also punishable. Be very careful, Brother.
  5. Huh? That makes no sense. Let God sort it out. That means God's law is the ultimate law. Your personal opinion is complete bunk and is not law in any way, shape or form.
  6. Of course I do. Let God sort it out. I suggest you stay out of it. It is none of your business.
  7. Forgot to quote Bakr Well, I am referring to race, not ethnicity as determined and defined by the US judicial system and in reference to discrimination NOT harassment. The law is specific regarding discrimination versus harassment. To be clear, a Caucasian-American, by law, must not, discriminate against an African-American. And an African-American Hutu cannot discriminate against nor harass an African-American Tutsi. The law is specific with or without nuance. The Caucasian-African case is an example of racial discrimination and the African-African case is an example of ethnic
  8. 1. Like what? In what type of situation are you allowed to murder a homosexual? I know of instances in which a homosexual was executed/murdered in a predominantly-Muslim country BECAUSE he was homosexual. Is that right or just in your view? Do you actually advocate for the murder of homosexuals? Sounds like Hitler and the Nazi regime. And if that is guilt by association, then you are guilty, guilty, guilty!! When are you allowed to express your displeasure? When? Is it your right to express such displeasure? I think God would not be so forgiving of such behavior against homosexuals.
  9. I'm angry? Not quite sure how you arrive at that conclusion. Anyway........... Are you actually allowed to speak against homosexuals? Specifically, to what extent are you allowed to express your displeasure with homosexuals? Internet posts? Yelling in their face? Murder? As far as the term "God's children", I understand that this is most definitely contrary to Islamic belief. Specifically, in our prayers we say "Neither is He begetting nor begot", which means that God does not have any children. But I should qualify myself and let you know that I was raised a Christian within wh
  10. You question my beliefs as a Shi'a? Shame on you. Too many people are caught up in other peoples' business. You're better off staying out of it. How does it actually affect your life?
  11. How they feel or think or what they do sexually is between them and God. It's none of your business. Accept them for who they are (God's children) and stay out of their personal business. But of you want to get caught up in other peoples' personal business, then that is on you.
  12. All laws are written and designed to discriminate against a particular population. It is what laws are for. Race has been considered an immutable characteristic by the US judicial system for quite a while now. What this means is that a person cannot be discriminated against because of a characteristic that they are born with (race and gender etc); an immutable characteristic. The US judicial system is starting to characterize homosexuality, sexual preference and gender identity as immutable characteristics. Ad because a person's sexuality is a born-with immutable characteri
  13. It doesn't take away from your condescending argumentation style. But if you want to equate yourself with the hateful, then so be it. God gave all of us free will. The association is made by yourself and I am merely pointing out how you are just like the people who hate you. Haters gonna hate no matter what cloak they wear.
  14. I find your argumentation style appalling. Poor logic? Reading comprehension? Would you like to know who else uses these same points? Far-right American Christian nuts who hate your guts and will stop at nothing to ban Muslims from entering the United States. So, nice job! You just put yourself on par with the very people who despise you to the very core. You are putting yourself at the exact same level of people who call the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a pedophile. It is this type of people who use the exact same argumentation style as you. Food for thought, Brother. Good luck
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