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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is anyone fond of any other iranian reciters?
  2. Salam, I completely agree with your views. Education in this world is very important for our community to be recognised. Jabir ibn Hayyan was a companion of Imam Jafar Saadiq (a·s), not only did he excell in religious teachings but was taught chemistry by Imam. So his worldly profession was of a chemist. Apparently here in Pakistan, a lot of people have this point of view that worldly education is not important. Its just how pious you are matters. Well, someone needs make a change, and personally, I think it has to come from the youth itself.
  3. Does anyone know who the reciter of this manqabat is? This is really heartfelt.
  4. http://www.shiamultimedia.com/Sangat_Pursa_Batool_2014.html The third last track for this one too if you can. Thankyou!
  5. That link I just found isnt working. Could you please try this one, its the second last track. "Nana haye sughra mar jaway" http://www.shiamultimedia.com/Zahid_Hussain_Party_2014.html
  6. Salam brothers and sisters, Is there anyone who can tell me what this noha means? Theres no need for word to word translation, I just need an idea what it means. I'll be very thankful. http://www.shiamultimedia.com/03-nohay/audio/studio/Zahid%20Hussain%20Party%202014/07%20-%20Nana%20Haye%20Na%20Sughra%20(A.S)%20Mar%20Jaway%20(Shia%20Multimedia).mp3 Jazakallah
  7. No, they dont have English subtitles. I agree it would be amazing they did. But you can find excellent lectures.
  8. Salam all, I've been visting a webpage for a madrasa which contains amazing lectures according to the upcoming dates (most recent ayyam e fatimiyyah) They have whole lectures and short clips too. The site is run by a madrasa in Karachi. The facebook page has short ahadees, and they are presented so beautifully, it speaks of how much effort must've been put into it. I thought I should share these pages with you guys. For lectures: https://vimeo.com/alqaaim For posts: https://m.facebook.com/madrasatulqaaim Jazakallah
  9. Salam brothers and sisters, As Ayyam e Fatimiyya go by, I thought that I share some information about tasbeeh Fatima Zahra. Origins Imam Ali ibn Talib (as), Fatimah Zahra's husband, once told Ibn Wahid a story about Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) most beloved daughter. Imam Ali ibn Talib (as) said, Fatimah Zahra's (pbuh) hands were blistered from constant grinding; her neck had become sore from carrying water; her clothes would become dirty from sweeping the floor. When Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had received an influx of servants from some place, Imam Ali ibn Talib (as) suggested
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