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  1. i am so lucky to meet the person behind pure stream, thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for your channel, do you have an email i could contact you in, i mean the alireza videos help save my iman , and i am so thankful to you to upload his translated lectures, thank
  2. Salam, could you give me the name and email of this imam, id like to contact such kind imams too. if thats okay with you
  3. Salam brother, could you please make more english subs of ali reza panahiyan, i find his lectures very motivating and i desperately need more of his lectures. JazakAllah please post them on your pure stream website.
  4. does anyone here eat fries with mayonnaise?
  5. Does it apply to them? Even the first one , You shall have no other gods before Me. How do Christians explain the first one?
  6. you must visit Jaffari Islamic Centre in Vaughan in Canada
  7. i want them to cover topics the sunni british person dawah man covers,but the shias here dont understand my point of view. you dont need to necessarily agree with everything on dawah man, but the important thing is he covers contemporary issues, i understand he made wrong beliefs of the shia topics , but his youtube videos on hijabi youtubers or muslims on snapchat are reminders worth noting.i dont see shias covering this stuff.
  8. Alhumdulillah, just had a chicken supreme pizza, tasted a bit like pizza hut, it hit the spot, and then i had dairy milk cake, apparetnly there was such a thing.
  9. has he stated the reason why he doesnt wish to go to majlis? does he feel more inclined towards sunnism or think that majlis is not improtant in shia islam?
  10. Thoughts on his tweets? is this funny, or is this wrong? and deplorable, first of all imagine a sunni sheikh answering these or even worse a salafi, would you be angry over the type of statments givens and would you ridicule him, yet why is shaikh azhar nasser giving out this one of two might be funny but the rest are actually really wrong to state and to make fun of a believer predicament i would never like it if i went to sheikh with a serious situation and he posts making fun of it , it would really hurt me. https://themuslimvibe.com/featured/this-sheikh-tweets-questions-he-gets-about-islam-and-its-hilarious
  11. hmm yes rectangles, unless of course 3d holograms comes into play
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