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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why O why did Mrs T come here.. I wonder... :P

  2. AFREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNN thankyou so much choteeeee behnaa ... aww tahnks for teh candles pics.. its so bootifulllll gothic bhayya is still ur bhayya naa :P lol hehe shukrun thanks :D :dry: ... lol :lol: calamaty it is .. thanks bro lol hehe thankssssssssssss a lot spizo... thanks ITS OKKKKKK my choteeeeee khojeee bhutniiiiiiiiiii behnaaa ... thanks for teh sweeetie duas.. i need them so much kay bus... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG nazoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :o :o :o :o where were youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thanks for your post and wishessss lil oneeee .... awww my choteeee behnaa... nazoooooooooooo ... i noo its hard to belv.. but lol see im married inshAllah on dec 3rd its our rukhsateee... if u were here in pak i would have invited you alllll without doubt... it would have been sucha beautiful thing for my lil choteeeee moteeee behnaas to come to my wedding ... thanks for the duas lil one.. thanks lol... shudnt have told about the pics. :dry: now everybody is gonna ask SEEE :mad: lol hehehe i will show them to you soon.. lets meet on chat some day ok i will show it to allll of you inshAllah... lol :D
  3. ok ..... * tries not to laff too hard* pakhana is .. ummmm ... hehe ... Sh!t .,... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHh LOOOOL HAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHA LOL HHAHAA oh pls .. dont tell me u tasted that LOL hahahah OMG ROFL ROFL ROFL... lol hahahahhahahahahahaha Sorryy .. ^_^ ... :Hijabi: .. :lol: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL hahaha :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: OMGG im sorry ..but that was just too .. much .. LOL ...
  4. LOOOOOOL salaaaam salman bhaii .... lool ... and i was thinking kay majrooh bhai ko bhool gayen hopn gay aap lol hehe buhat achay sher klikhay ... once again .. u have written so nicely lol liked them ,... maza aya perh ker lol ... :D :D :D pray that it helps me to live on the right path untill the very end and we both help eachother in religion ... thanks for ebing happy in my happiness... lol yasin :P .. its on dec 3rd inshAllah so pray for meeeeeeeeeeeee... i need them so much kay bus lol.. its a big responsibility ... lol .. will try to post the pic .. :shifty: lol THANKS ALL of YOUUUU ... it really is a big extended family over here ... of brothers and sisters... Means so much ... THANKSSSS...
  5. :D Thankssss lool ... So i am :shifty: LOOOOL thankooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my sissssssss :D :D :D hehe no i will treat her like that cuckatoosa ... did i ever tell u HOW i will treat that cockatooosa... ofcourse no one knows... i ama cokcatoosa myslef so i know how to treat one :P lol hehe ...THANKS FOR THE DUASSSSSS :D i wish you could come in my wedding lool hehe thanks !!! hehe yes excellent advice but u have no idea how much chipkoo i can be .. even cockatoosas will run away from me lool :lol: Cockatoosa : :o :dry: dude get a life ... even i need like 4 hours ... there is a limit to everything ... give me some personal time now will ya ... :P thanks anyways lol hehe yeah ... it really does.. i need all these prayers ... its a big responsibility... LOOOOL hehehe :D thanks for the duas lol ... yess i wish i could really make u all cme to my wedding ... :( esp my lil sisters who call me gothicbhaiyya ... all i can do is give u the sweet prayers from heart... dont think i am goign cheap :P lol i really do wish .. shukria... :D thanks i need all ur prayerssss soo much...
  6. i have downloadded and installed and uninstalled and then installed again the jre 1.5 and it verifies the java is working... dunno why i am gettingbthis error connecting server error somehow... when i uninstalled and installed back again it worked once only .. i have tried the deleting files thru internet explorer and java console... doesnt work now ... can any one help pls...
  7. bhai hum ko khud nahin pata tha kay sub kuch ho jaye ga ... BUs Allah ki madad say sub kuch ho reha hay abhee to.. THANKooooooooooooo my lil khoja sista :P loool :!!!: OMG lady caelum loool awwww i so wanted that sound on my day LOL hehe inshAllah .. thanks for the duaaa .. :lol: thaanks :D
  8. OMG :!!!: :!!!: lil raat is a big girl now ... i hope you can leave your milk bottle now and move upto a mug lol hehehe ... happy birthday lil one... :P
  9. Thanksss qookieee :P lol May Allah bless you too and :shifty: ahem ahem awwww sis raaat so many thanks really ... thanks for ebing happy in my happiness.. :D may Allah keep you happy always as well .. elahi Ameen ... thanks sis thanks Bro... LOOOOOL my smarty lil sis :shifty: lol hehe well you iant that smart now are you hahaha. well .. actually to be honest ... even i didnt knew that i would be nikahfied in like two days ... HE (Swt) arranges things so easily .... and so swiftly mashAllah the ceremony went so nicely and all .. may hint kia deyta mujh ko khud nahin pata tha :P loool Thanks lil sis :D Ya Ali Madad ... thanks for the dua bro.. Aww bro thanks for teh nice dua .. may you baghdad become peaceful as well... and May we all follow the path of ahlul bayt ... THANKKSSSSSSS LOL YESS ME GOT Married lol :!!!: hahahahaha ... lol imprisonment is sometimes freedom from whats outside of prison :P loool :D hehe about wat she said :dry: how do you know it aint any thing bad ... u dont now urdu :P :P lol thanks aww bro im in khi ;p lol even i was invited like just two three days before nikah lol valima will happen soon as well :D salam Bro ... wish you the same as well ... thanks :D lool hehe thanks ... thanks bro ... :!!!: :!!!: thaaaaanksss LOL hehehehehe doesnt matter you forgot wat comes next ... lol hehe lol lil sis thanks a lot haha ... Ameeeeen .... P.S majrooh means ... wounded .... something to do with my life ... :P but i have a nightingale to look after me now ... mashAllah ... Allah bless her .. :D loool thanks i will lol :D.. of course whyy wont i :D hehe ... :lol: hehe .... i know why you wanted to post lol ... hehe ... may you remain happy as well lil one ... thaaanksss Thanksss bro ... :D Thanks sis :D may Allah Bless you and your children as well .. thanks ... Allah bless u too Lol chotee behnaa ... nooo i was going to pak but marriage wasnt really confirmed mashAllah He (swt) helped me out ... not even i knew it would happen ... i have no idea what He has plans .. InshAllah He will me help out again as well ... at every step ofcourse without such help we cant go any further ... Thanks LIl sis ... chotee behnaaa thankyou so much ... thanks InshAllah :D :!!!: LOOLL yeaah GOTH GOT Married loool at laast :P hehehehhe thanks a lot bro ..
  10. Oh my Godddd :o :Hijabi: loool omgggg ... lool thanks sis blessed for making this thread ... lool omg im Soooooooooooooooo thankfullll to you guys for posting and congratulating mee .. lool i have to reply to each one of you ... so manyyyy thanks ... Yes .,.. may Allah bless this union and may Allah bless you all as well ... Gothic.... ^_^
  11. LOL .... buhat khoob .. kia layen hayn aap majrooh lay kalam say ...
  12. shayyad bhula chuka hay wo IS muhabbat kay falsafay hota hay shekhs hawa may chahay bayree ho paon may banta hay shahid Khuda kay mowjzon ka insaani kainaat may jub milta hay us kay dil ko dilasa aik naye ghum gusaar say Yeh wo muhabbat hay kay hay jeet donon jahan may yeh wo shikest hay kay hota hay surkhru asmaan pay yeh wo ishq hay jo maqbool hay Khuda ki nazr may yeh wo jihad hay kay hay jo parewee-ye-Imam may leg jayen gay per. uraan hogi meree namaaz o kalam may mujh ko mili hay kunji arsh ki aik barey piyare say insaan may Majrooh ne ik palloo tham kay hayn ansoo poch liyay aik muskaan nay feqet sub kay sub ghum jhaar diyay wo zakhm bhe ber jayen gay khud hee apnay aap say jub ruhon nay apnay Uzow apas may muss kiyay waysay naam bara khoob chuna poora fit bethta hay LOL.. buhat khoob nazm kahee char misron ki lol...
  13. I know you didnt ask me -_- but my nick means wounded ... and its my takhallus/ pseudonym for my poetry
  14. No body asked you... :dry: she was giving your name as an example as to how ppl have their own names as their nicks.. BUS KUCH POST KER DOON FORUN.... SPAM KERDOON ....ALI IMRAN KEE TEKKER PER AJAAON KISIS TERHAN.. her thread may kuch likh doon.. chorooon nahin kisi ko :dry: :angel: :!!!: LOL TAPII TAPIII JALII JALII
  15. one of the masjids is where i go to sigh ...
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