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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What about when it comes to the Prophet's knowledge and this verse: [Shakir 12:3] We narrate to you the best of narratives, by Our revealing to you this Quran, though before this you were certainly one of those who did not know.[Pickthal 12:3] We narrate unto thee (Muhammad) the best of narratives in that We have inspired in thee this Qur'an, though aforetime thou wast of the heedless.[Yusufali 12:3] We do relate unto thee the most beautiful of stories, in that We reveal to thee this (portion of the) Qur'an: before this, thou too was among those who knew it not. I've been taught that
  2. [Shakir 5:12] And certainly Allah made a covenant with the children of Israel, and We raised up among them twelve chieftains; and Allah said: Surely I am with you; if you keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and believe in My messengers and assist them and offer to Allah a goodly gift, I will most certainly cover your evil deeds, and I will most certainly cause you to enter into gardens beneath which rivers flow, but whoever disbelieves from among you after that, he indeed shall lose the right way. Salaam, We know that the children of Israel strayed from the path of Allah. What I'm t
  3. Relaxing the "suitable for kids" requirement, what's are your feels with the tafsir on hubeali.com? They try to explain each verse through hadith, although I don't know whether they test the hadith for authenticity...?
  4. Salaam brothers and sisters, I'm looking for a Quran that has simple tafsir attached to it so I can read it along with my children Insha'Allah. Basically the Quran and tafsir in book form, something like iqrasense? Thanks!
  5. Salaam What do you know about these questions related to the Quran please: 1. Was the book form compiled during and under the supervision of the Prophet (saw)? 2. Is the Quran in the order as intended by the Prophet (saw)? 3. Why is the Quran not in the order of revelation? 4. Were entire verses revealed at a time, or were segments of a verse revealed on separate occasions but collated into one verse at a later date? (E.g 33:33 first part that talks about the wives revealed in January, second part that talks about purification revealed in July). Just some backgrou
  6. This is an awesome thread, that would be even awesomer if someone could post links to any English translated works. I did actually make a niyat to learn Arabic and made some effort towards that [such as material collection and some learning], but guess it will take much time before I can understand Arabic scriptures. If only Arabic was my mother tongue
  7. Salaam, I'm looking for English hadith sites, compilations from al-Kafi, Wasail Shia, Biharul Anwar, etc. Also, I'm looking for translations of the will's of each Imam [as]. Particularly Imam Kazim [as]. Am aware of *******.org serving translations of Wasail Shia [yes I know who the owner of the the site is, no need to bring that up]. Also aware of mutabaralkafi.wordpress.com, which I believe is a selection of muta'bar ahadith from al-Kafi. I use almizan.org for the Quranic tafsir. JazakAllah!
  8. Generally one is required to perform any of their act in sincerity, that is, not to fake it. But we find, that when it comes to the commemoration of Imam Hussain [as], one is said to pretend crying if they can't do so naturally. Reminds me of a narration whereby the masa'ib of Karbala was being recited during the time of an Imam [as]. The Imam [as] inquired from one of his followers as to why he was not crying!? The follower said that he was crying and presented his handkerchief that collected his tears. The Imam [as] said to him to wail/cry aloud next time. One would have thought that the I
  9. ^ It doesn't matter where one is settled in this digital age. Personally, if blood-letting is an issue for the sensitive then the fatwa should be put on the images and videos that distribute the act. There is no better compromise than this if there is the slightest of care for Shi'i unity. Other than that, completely agree with abbas110 and Irani313 for advocating verification. Too much digital falsehood about. However, I can verify. He is pro-tatbiri as was confirmed by my uncle who personally asked him. In my uncle's words, he said that Ayatullah Basheer said "bring it and I will do it a
  10. ^ The rules change when it comes to commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain [as]. I have not come across a limit set by the Aimmah [as] as to how one should mourn, so I don't understand why the followers try to set a limit. If someone wants to mourn and feel the pain of the Imam [as] by way of self-inflicting wounds, why should I intervene and make a public outcry? I mentioned earlier whereby the Imams that followed wanted to feel what Imam Hussain [as] felt. In particular when one Imam [as] was nearing death, he requested that he be put on the bare ground so that he could get a feel for w
  11. And what type of war is that brother? Being a keyboard warrior in Shiachat? Seriously, just look back at your thread and see that you've achieved nothing positive. And there are dozens n dozens of these threads building up in Shiachat's databases. It's old, move on. Find a better way to campaign [not bash] your fellow's actions. Furthermore, work on yourself too, your mind and your nafs. Take lesson from the signature that you possess because clearly you are not a freethinker... and that's exactly what this discussion has become - "worse than useless". Khuda Hafiz
  12. Correct. Reddit pretty much houses anything you can [and can't] think of. It categorises into what is known as subreddit. So the /r/Shia subreddit is exclusive to Shiaism. But because reddit is so big of a platform, we get people of various faiths coming into the Shia subreddit. If you're worried about viewing other stuff, you could come directly to www.reddit.com/r/shia Thanks
  13. Likewise, don't associate your public whinging to the Ahlul Bayt [as], because all you're doing is creating fitna, discord and disunity amongst believers which itself is a grievous crime. Nothing good has come out of this thread, nothing ever does. Unless of course you're more concerned about appeasing those that hate any mention of Shia. In which case, well done for providing more ammunition to the enemies. I request the mods lock this thread and stop any further similar threads opening, for the reasons given above. Thank you... Fi Amanillah
  14. Temporary marriage isn't the only shia sunni disputed issue that i mentioned. If it's not about Sunnis then why this comment below? Finally, no one is stopping you from following the version of Islam that you want to follow. Likewise I'm sure no one is forcing you to follow another version either that consists of tatbir. So i don't know why you're feeling so inclined into forcing people to do what you agree and disagree with. Just like me, you are a no body. And the beauty is we can agree to disagree with each other, can't we. But that doesn't mean bashing one another in a public lobby, certa
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