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    Al Hadi reacted to LeftCoastMom in ♥ Marriage ♥   
    I just got back from a family gathering. We realized almost all of the couples there had been married over 30 years. We were being teased for being " lightweights" by the parents of one of the couples. They had been married 60+ years. We talked about how we'd all had our ups and downs, but we were all happy with our spouses in the end. It was a beautiful day.
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    Al Hadi reacted to ireallywannaknow in ♥ Marriage ♥   
    It's not easy, but it also should not be hard. I think when people hear it's not easy, it scares them a bit. But marriage is joyful and a blessing. But it does require some work on yourself, patience, and unselfishness. But mostly it's fun if your spouse is your friend. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in 10 Days in Iran   
    I am happy you had a good time brother!
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    Al Hadi reacted to Abu Hadi in Hoor al-`Ayn are not White Chicks   
    My father in law, who is an alim, explained it this way. 
    First, we should not focus on this subject. We all have a long way to go to get there, Paradise, if we ever manage to get there. Getting too much into these discussions is counter productive, at this point. That is why the Holy Quran did not go too much into details regarding the Hour Al Ayn. It is sufficient for us to know at this point the these women exists and that they are pure and pleasing to us. 
    Second, each houriat is 'custom made' for her husband. So if her husband likes white skin, European features, blond hair, etc, then she will be that way. If he likes darker skin and darker hair, she will be that way. The sole purpose of her existence is to please her husband, so whatever pleases her husband, that is what she will be like. 
    There is no purpose in focusing on this, though, because this doesn't exist on earth, in this dunya. The purpose of a wife, in the dunya, is not only this purpose. She has many other responsibilities, to her children, parents, family, community, and to herself and most importantly to Allah(s.w.a). Sometimes there is concordance between these responsibilities, sometimes not. The marriage relationship in this dunya is mostly a test and a responsibility, and we get some pleasure out of it here and there. But in the next world, marriage has a different purpose, and spouses have a different purpose. Since this is something we have never experienced, we are not expected to fully comprehend it. 
    It is sufficient to know that it exists, and is a reality and act as a motivation for us to be good, and obey Allah(s.w.a) so that someday we may get this. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to beardedbaker in RIP Fidel   
    If no expert muffassir did tafsir through his own ijtihad, he remains a muqallid in tafsir. Like 99% of establishment scholars. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to beardedbaker in RIP Fidel   
    It's called editorial content control. And Don't worry the MSM is full of the 'other' side of the story. Feel free to read up on Fidel's atrocities there. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to Hameedeh in RIP Fidel   
    To understand the life work of Fidel Castro, you need to look at what Cubans endured under the dictator Batista. Even President Kennedy admitted that there was no country on earth that was in a worse situation than Cuba and the US had a lot to do with that. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to zainabamy in Women of Islam   
    According to narrations, it was her face veil that was removed and not the covering of her head but this was a big deal for Bibi Zainab (sa) as she wasn't used to being looked at by men. 
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    Al Hadi got a reaction from Haji 2003 in Unlimited pleasure   
    If you want to keep up with the science on how pornography specifically harms people and society then here is couple of good websites I know of 
    the founder of the website has a book that came out a year ago I  the title is the same as the website and you can buy it off amazon.com I read it it summarizes a lot of the scientific studies and info that's there cause there is a lot of it.
    this website is less about science more on the morality and the societal harms of porn. 
    I visit both frequently they are very educational. 
    I learned the lesson you are trying to teach here from these websites the first one especially.
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    Al Hadi got a reaction from Sumerian in Islam and Feminism   
    E.L King
    Totally agree with you 100% bro. Honestly some Muslim women need to pay attention to the laws of Islam they do not promote Feminist Ideology at all especially if you read the quran and hadeeths of ahlulbayt(as) honestly. E.L King Love you man.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Qa'im in Islam and Feminism   
    Since what is considered "sexist" is gradually expanding over the years, you'll probably be sending your husband to that cold, filthy garage regularly. But what kind of man would listen to that advice? I can't even imagine a man ordering his wife to sleep in the garage, for any reason, but somehow you see the reverse as totally acceptable. This "gender war" attitude is exactly what is wrong with post-modern feminism. If you love your spouse, you're going to want the best for him - that includes forgiving stupid things he may say, or at least allowing him to sleep on the couch.
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    Al Hadi reacted to sidnaq in Islam and Feminism   
    i agree with el king, qaim and others feminism has gone too far in its own ways. unfortunately i havent read all the posts so i dont know what i may not agree on or have different points over but i agree with some of the points you guys hav made, i agree with el kings recent points cu i didnt read any others
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    Al Hadi reacted to Sumerian in Islam and Feminism   
    How stupid is this argument. You are assuming that that somehow men have the right to emotionally abuse women and that is a right. As if I ever said that.
    In Islam, for the man, it all comes down to 2 rights.
    1) Wife cannot leave the house without his permission 2) When the husband demands intercourse, he gets it.
    He does not have the right to make her cook and clean.
    The wife is entitled to: 1) Nafaqa, he clothes her and feeds her. His money is the family's money, not his personal money, if he does not provide these things. 2) She has a right to intercourse every 4 months.
    Again, you put words in my mouth. You seem to somehow relate whatever I say to how "Muslim men" act. I don't care how they act, this is not the argument. A masculine man is someone like Imam Ali (AS), and a feminine woman is Sayyeda Fatima (AS).
    You seem to be acting masculinity is a bad thing.
    Would you rather a feminine and pathetic husband? Would you rather a man who wears dresses? 
    Alhamdulillah my beliefs are backwards, because progressive beliefs are cursed. If by backwards my beliefs are in touch with the Qur'an and Sunnah, then so be it. Alhamdulillah.
    Alhamdulillah, Islam embraces "gender roles". This is why some jobs only males are allowed to have.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Sumerian in Islam and Feminism   
    Sorry. But did you read what I said? God-given RIGHTS. God-given RIGHTS. God-given RIGHTS.
    Is that clear? These are rights given by Allah, if you have a problem with these Laws, then you may have a problem with Allah.
    Examples of a feminine female is Sayyeda Fatima, Sayyedah Zaynab, among other Holy women in Islam. They should be the role models for sisters.
    And about your husband sleeping in the garage, that's your problem with him I suppose. I couldn't care less.
    I'm here to speak for Islam's point of of view, not 2016 point of view, or modern point of view. You brought up the part about the 1950s, guess what? These God-given rights have not changed since 1950. And they won't change.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Sumerian in Islam and Feminism   
    Sadly for you, Islam is Islam. Whether it is 700AD Islam, 1209AD Islam, 1950s Islam or even 2016 Islam.
    And this is why I will not marry a "strong woman" (whatever the hell that means, guessing you mean 2016 feminist women), instead I will marry a feminine women who respects my God-given rights as a husband just as a I respect her God-given rights.
    I never said women shouldn't have their own opinions, stop putting words in my mouth.
    Whether you like it or not, in Islam the man is the head of the family. And these Laws will not change even if the progressives cry.
    Right now you sound like an angry feminist. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to Qa'im in Islam and Feminism   
    I'm not saying it's impossible, but Ibrahim's wife's miracle is mentioned in the Quran, while I have not seen a source that says that Fatima was born from a post-menopausal woman. Either way, this is not relevant to this thread. I said Khadija was married before the Prophet, to show that she did indeed marry when she was "young", but you decided to interject to make a dubious, off-topic point about her age. You need to stop arguing just for the sake of arguing, especially when you have no sources and no clear end goal. Surra was making a different point, there's no need to jive. This is not the first time you do this and it needs to stop.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Qa'im in Islam and Feminism   
    She was older than the Prophet, and the historical sources say that she was either 40 or 28, but 28 is the stronger and earlier position. Plus, the Prophet married Khadija at around 595 CE, and he had Lady Fatima at 615 CE. It's very unlikely that Khadija was giving birth to Fatima at age 60.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Qa'im in Islam and Feminism   
    Actually, Sayyida Khadija was married and widowed before she met the Prophet. When she married the Prophet, she was 28 years old, contrary to what most people think.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Qa'im in Islam and Feminism   
    There is no a priori link between feminist ideology and capitalism, because intersectional feminism often runs against capitalism and co-opts Marxist ideas of labour and class. But there is a strong a posteriori link between feminism and capitalism, because the free market feeds off of female participation. It's an unintended unholy alliance - just as feminism encourages emancipation through economic independence, the free market will always want more consumers, more workers, more students paying tuition, longer hours of operation, more bank accounts (= more revenue from interest), and more people relying on outside food. I'm pretty sure most feminists today realize that there will not be a proletarian utopia, at least not any time soon, and so co-opting the current system is good enough for now. Many policies are being proposed and implemented to give women an edge in the business world. Today, women have a 2-1 advantage getting a STEM job at an American college (Cornell 2015 study). A lot of this is because of the oft-repeated statistic that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. The problem with this statistic however is that it does not take into account career choices, degrees, hours in the work place, men being more likely to ask for raises, and female CEOs less likely to give themselves a higher salary. When you account for these factors, the gender pay gap is only about 4 cents, and there is no way to verify if those 4 cents are because of gender discrimination or other reasons. Wages vs. earnings.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Sumerian in Islam and Feminism   
    I didn't impose that premise on anybody. But here's a clue, look at the title of this thread: Islam and Feminism.
    I'm only posting about what Islam says. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to Sumerian in Islam and Feminism   
    If you start from the premise that Islam is the one and only true religion amd all that comes from it is the truth, you could very well make generalisations about wrong things.
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    Al Hadi reacted to Sumerian in Islam and Feminism   
    No such thing as good feminism. All feminism is bad. First wave, second wave, third, fourth, tenth, eighteenth, all the same. All these waves and useless movements are against Islamic values. 
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    Al Hadi reacted to Gaius I. Caesar in Islam and Feminism   
    Don't be condescending, sis. You know nothing of Enigma's life and you know being condescending is bad akhlaq. If you don't know what you did, reread what you wrote or ask. Just saying, I am not trying to lecture. I'm just trying to remind you, that's all.
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    Al Hadi reacted to baradar_jackson in Islam and Feminism   
    Whenever I hear the term "male privilege," I think of all the Afghans back home, or the Mexicans in this country... spending all day out in the sun and heat (or in the cold), doing back-breaking labor -- often treated like garbage -- for the sake of sending back some tiny piece of money to their families.
    What a privilege.
    Do you know who is privileged? Feminists. They talk about women in the workforce because they've never done a day's work in their lives; meanwhile, the common woman has always worked. They talk about male privilege because they don't even think about all the common men destroying themselves just to gain a livelihood for their family. And you can see from the nonsense they talk about: female lawyers don't get paid as much as male lawyers, guys!!! Yeah well to hell with them both, they eat their bread and then some so here's the world's smallest violin playing a sad song for all for lawyers and their "struggle."
    They also tend to be reductionist, in that they will reduce everything to their nonsense ideology even if it makes no bleeding sense.
    I remember overhearing one of these feminists give her analysis on the word "baby mama." If you're not familiar with the term, it basically refers to someone who is the mother of so-and-so's baby but she and so-and-so are not an item. (This is not really a situation we have in our communities, thanks God). Anyway, her analysis was: the term devalues women because it implies that the woman is nothing and is only described in terms of her relation to the man and his child.
    I wanted to break up that whole conversation and say: "OK, now give me your analysis on the term 'baby daddy.'" (Baby Daddy is an analogous term referring to the father; I am not sure if she was aware that such a term existed)
    But it's pointless. Some people will only see what they want to see. The idea of male privilege in the general sense that it applies to every man... is kind of like Donald Rumsfeld's "evidence of absence vs. absence of evidence" thing. They use this term to vilify men, and then if men respond to this, they will somehow use this as evidence of the male privilege itself.
    Sorry @Qa'im bro now everyone is gonna think you're a he-man woman-hater like me because I keep responding to your topic.
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    Al Hadi reacted to enigma313 in Islam and Feminism   
    Wow, you're ignorance is so deep.  The hardest years begin after the age of 4.  
    So only women who are thick and dumb stay at home, if they are intelligent they go out and work.  Spewing even more ignorance here.  I am educated to degree level, choose to work part time in television, and spend all my free time with my children. 
    I know women who are talented in the home and in the workplace, and they would surely wipe the floor with someone as ignorant as you. 
    The number of women with mental health issues is on the rise, as is the case of the number of women being treated for eating disorders, and the list goes on.
    Oh and btw, did I mention or emphasise enough how ignorant you are, and how insulting your comments are too. 
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