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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. More than one Pope has wanted to visit. Glad it finally happened. Hopefully the meeting of these two leaders will have good consequences. PS...nice of Sistani to wish us well.
  2. ^ It didn't degenerate into a gunfight. The Mini-Klan left when they saw the AIM warriors. I was was wondering if the tall and silent Anishinaabe woman ,dressed all in black with a huge black bow and midnight -colored arrows ( apparently she preferred dealing with potential problems old-school), got to ventilate anyone,but probably not. Lol.
  3. For what it's worth: SG says most Shia communities have "serious racism problems" and can hardly be expected to understand race issues in the US until the Shia community here "grows up and faces reality ...or the old people die off. " Shia folks commenting from outside of the US he just ignores. I dunno. Not my circus. Got enough issues in the Church. It seems some church officials got a little miffed about statues of a couple of priests being removed. Lol. They won't be going back up. Good riddance.
  4. For the most part, they know exactly what they are doing. That's why some statues remain untouched. It's worth noting that there are many groups out there. Some of the native front-liners guarding the neighborhoods have run off white supremacist groups bent on destruction. And a few people are out there just venting. That's probably what happened to the statue of Heg in Wisconsin after yet another arrest. The protestors explained that removing " Forward" was justified because the state's race relations were not moving forward. Most people know what they are trying to accomplish and I'm proud of them. Asking nicely for years didn't work. Getting votes and orders for removal were blocked by injunctions. Now folks have stopped asking for permission and trying to use a failed system. As my grandpa said...You can only kick people for so long.
  5. ^ I already answered that.
  6. Stretch your old bones and realize that God has decided to give you a few things before you shuffle off this mortal coil. Like toppled statues,name changes, and Supreme Court rulings. Life is good.
  7. ^ lol. It's not " Ishtar" it's " Eostre"... Two different entities, And that's only in English and I suppose the Germanic languages. In Latin and Greek it's Pascha,etc. The bunnies and eggs are symbolic of new life. Pretty much all religions pull in stuff from older ones. And yes they are delicious!
  8. Catholics are supposed to do the same. Balance.
  9. One of my best friends on the Dineh reservation just lost her niece to this. Please take it seriously.
  10. Well, for Catholics it sure has been an interesting Lent. But Easter comes anyway. To everyone celebrating ( somehow) today: have a Blessed Day of the Lord's resurrection! We said our prayers and sang our songs, dyed our eggs, and are off to do an on-property egg hunt for the little one ...then a small family feast! Easter baskets and chocolate...here we come!
  11. Watched it when it came out. Was thinking it was prescient.
  12. Some stupid pastor in Floriduuuuh held a service for his 4000 member some- kind -of -church in violation of county emergency ordinances and got his dumb self arrested. Hope they quarantine his whole flock,too.
  13. I would welcome you all into the One True Church, but it's locked, so.....
  14. Well, I'm Catholic and the early church had plenty of them. Ascetics. The monks still take vows of poverty. There are two sacraments of vocation in the Church : Holy Orders ( the priesthood and diaconate) and Marriage. Considering the ruling on birth control ( leaving aside the fact that plenty of Catholics ignore it) ,I've always felt that a vow of poverty should be tacked right on to those wedding vows.
  15. Same here. Fortunately, no one has died here for a few months.
  16. @notme My husband makes it a point to buy one more of certain necessary items ( like toilet paper, shampoo, soap, water,etc. )than we need when he shops. Just one, but over time it stocks a pantry. So we're okay for now. Every few years the roads become impassable for a bit due to one or more natural disasters, so he has developed the habit. I am not as good at that as he is. Our oldest son is a regular" Boy Scout". He probably has a bug-out bag ready at all times. Meanwhile DD is running around being Nurse Nancy, spraying anything new that comes into the house with homemade disinfectant and taking everyone's temperature on the daily. All of them are making sure their father and I remain under "house arrest". Adult children are fun. I thought they left you alone more. They do not. I'm glad they love us, but it's a bit like when they were little and you were trying to take a shower or something and they woke up from the nap and were banging on the door. I can't do anything without going through them first. My life is now ruled by a committee.
  17. ^It's hard to beat an incumbent. But this Virus/ Potential Economic Crisis has shuffled the cards. So now I don't know.
  18. No, a few good rounds on the "shooting range" always make me feel much better...
  19. @hasanhh Any number of reasons. I'm more interested in the reactions to it.
  20. Notice: Now the church is just locked up. You can watch your priest on you-tube I guess. Weddings,etc. are postponed. No public Easter celebration. The priests have, however, been taking the Processional Cross and Blessed Sacrament through the streets praying for protection from the virus. Everyone stays inside and listens for them. Looks vaguely medieval, but is interesting and comforting.
  21. Yes,but they set in really well. Hope you are feeling better.
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