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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams i would recommend "The Choice Vol 1 & 2" by the late Sheik Ahmad Deedat.. Although he was a Sunni, his debates & lectures were purely Islam vs Christianity.. His book also come with a section called "The Combat kit", useful for when those mormons stop you in the street or Jehovas Witnesses come knocking on your door, you'll know how to confront them. highly recommended & easy to understand.. Once he has read them, then perhaps some of the other books suggested in the previous replies might also be good. :Hijabi:
  2. Yes i remeber it... great goal indeed... heres one that just as good, if not better!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_ZwL6ArJ2E...ted&search=
  3. (salam) Yes in my opinion he is also the best ever.. Just listen to the former greats of the game & their opinion is such.. I have watched Sampras & Agassi & while they were great players, Federer, is just out of this world... & getting better... Certain columnists(cant remember now) had a rating system they used.. eg, the surve, backhand, forhand, volleying & speed around the court.. etc + a few more..& on the 2 occasions i read these ratings, Federer would have beaten Sampras 7 times out 10... I'd say he has at least another 2-3 yrs at the top & if he remain
  4. (salam) Im not a convert, but here in Sydney Australia, we have a variety of places to attend... We have Mosques(mainly arabic) & Islamic centres which which have lectures speaches & guest speakers(all in english, but some stuff is in Arabic).. In the Arncliffe mosque(mainly Arabic), durring muharam, u have a choise of both Arabic & english lectures & the same goes for the majlis... In the islamic centres, I know of 2 sheiks, Sheik mansour(imam Hussein Islamic centre) & sheik Jihad Ismail(Nabi Akram Islamic centre)... Both are excellent... Most reverts go to these 2 pla
  5. Very interesting, but troubling. how do you see the result of this?
  6. (salam) 3 brilliant articles... i couldnt agree more... Alhamdullah it was a great victory indeed... :Hijabi:
  7. (salam) I want them out....especially Junblat & Jaja... ooohhh they make me mad!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :Hijabi:
  8. (salam) Totally agree.. I would love to see the day when JAJA & Siniora & Hariri are out!.. A ofcourse other bafoons like Junblat!!! That way it gives Chidiac & Nasrallah Sfair no say in anything... can stand those 2... :mad: :Hijabi:
  9. (salam) Brilliant article Lester... :Hijabi:
  10. (salam) I disagree.. When He said "I and the Father are one in the same"... what did he mean? in my humble opinion, he meant that... I & my Father are one in the same... purpose.... to guide manking to the right path... Not I & my Father are one in the same being... Christians are like Wahabies.. they read things in their scriptures & take the meaning literally. :Hijabi:
  11. (salam) totally agree.. ive been to a few cities around the world... not may compare to Sydney.. In saying that, i havent been to any European cities yet... :Hijabi:
  12. (salam) The only time Hezbollah should lay down its arms is when the zionists leave ALL Lebanese territory, realease all leabanese prisoners & respect Lebanese land & air space. Also for the Americans to stop telling the lebanese people whats good/bad for them... In the meantimetime Hezbollah with not be a threat to any 1 particular party in leb... When all the above happens, the Hezb can then, in my opinion, integrate into the Lebanese army & become its elite forces & all its weapons will be under the control of this elite force... that way they will have a powerful, "leg
  13. (salam) I dont think you have much to defend urself... As i recall, dosent every book of the bible begin with... "the bible according to..." eg .. "the bible according to mathew"... So from my understanding, whoever was the one to wrote those books were not the actual "deciples" themselves... it was someone else, and many years later i might add!.. one other thing, with regards the so called "crucifixion"... according to the bible itself... no deciples were actually present... "all his deciples foresook him & fled"... So at the most crucial time in the life of Jesus(pbuh), his so cal
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