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  1. Meanwhile the AoR creating new hard realities in the occupied lands. ‘Never going back:’ Israelis evacuated from border town with Lebanon fear war with Hezbollah By Tara John and Adi Koplewitz, CNN Updated 3:26 AM EST, Mon November 20, 2023 https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/11/20/middleeast/israel-lebanon-hezbollah-tiberias-evacuation-intl/index.html
  2. To me the coolest part besides the Q&As is the humanity’s transition from the penguin posture (head bend down, hard stoic stare at the blue screen) to the hand’s posture of Dua palms facing up, relaxed curve of hands, thanks to the device’s mini projector projecting on the palms.
  3. As expected, SHN refused to play on the turf laid out by others. Since the year 2000, when Axis of Res. (AOR) started receiving the tangible ends to their efforts, they have been playing by some simple but effective principals. Principal 1: Never do the expected. For example this time around the anglos/colonials were choking on for something major to happen on Friday but nothing happened - because read #1 above. Principal 2: Don’t go on the offense. This is self explanatory. All of those skirmishes, even the Oct. 7 was a reaction. They will always be reacting to the events fomented by the colonials. Why, because being reactive is cost effective and instead of damaging any number of war machines, calculated reactions damage the basic math of the offenders. AOR knows that Anglos can replace every destroyed machine with 10x more in quantity. What Anglos can’t replace is the lost offensive, which they have been losing in every major offensive event. Principal 3: Gain new leverage in every event of reacting. That is, turn every new adventure of the Anglos into gaining MORE in terms of influence, area of operation, tactics, kill rate, allies, or at least the introduction of the newer and different flushing tools. Read #2 and count these gains every time the AOR reacted. Principal 4: Never play on the turf rolled by others. Again self explanatory, read #1 and #2. Principal 5: Never be the war monger. Look at their record. Unlike what we read in white man’s press, AOR doesn’t like to kill more, destroy more, hurt more, or damage more, because violence for the sake of violence increases the resolve of their enemy. In AOR’s equation, instilling fear gets things done more smoothly and long lastingly than having their ethics agnostic enemy harbor vengeance. Above are my observations but I could be totally wrong because evidently, all of the AOR’s principals point to one essential element, the element of unpredictability. Also these principals help explain the disappointment that you must be reading on various forums, specially the Zio and Salafi channels who were expecting / hoping AOR to do something dramatic without the clear end.
  4. Don’t worry.. my feeling is it will be on all corporate owned MSMs with all the added spice of the armchair generals’ exegesis lol. They are waiting for it much more than the rest of us.
  5. Look at it this way, Yemen has been under combined US, Saudi, and Israeli assault anyway. Everything that has been happening in Gaza has also happened in Yemeni cities, mass starvation, destruction of entire cities, infrastructure, use of the Tera-ton bombs, and possibly a couple tactical nukes that have been hurled at them. in short Yemen aka axis of resistance aka AOR has nothing to lose and everything to gain from this. Gains Below: A. Saudis are more exposed to the silent lambs (whose bullion don’t matter anyway) as they become the official air defenses of the Colonials. B. Yemen controls the frequency and the magnitude of the projectiles. These onesie twosie we see are just testing the landscape of this airspace. C. AOR gets to find the holes in the long distance defenses. Every air defense has vulnerabilities, overwhelming of which could also turn into a friendly fire, and finding those holes can only be done once things get thrown at the systems. D. Red Sea officially becomes not-so-safe zone for the Anglos. Persian Gulf is already under subduable watch of the AOR. This is the beginning of the same for the Red Sea. E. What D means is that soon two major waterways around the Saud aren’t going to be safe until it’s safe for everybody. F. Although so far neither Russia nor China (read BRI) is lining behind the AOR but this Palestinian reaction to the years of humiliation is finally providing the “land powers aka BRIs” a leverage against the Sea powers (Anglos, Colonials etc.). Bigger picture - like centuries before, the fate of the world future again centers at the events in Levant. If BRICS (minus boot lickers in Asia South) are any serious about the Uni-Polar world, this is their pathway. Logically thinking this is one of the most brilliant gain being shaped by the AOR. The other being the attempted change of equation of the loss-rate at the southern border.
  6. Salam- Is anybody using AI at work, in what capacity (the purpose of the usage), what platform are you using, what services and why you picked one vendor (Azure, Google, or AWS) over the other? My context is I recently heard of a friend building a simple AI handler where they were vetting resumes (cv) based in certain criterion and were also interested in finding out what resumes were built using AI and what were hand written. My other context is how the AI solitons provided by OpenAI, Mindmap etc. stack against the cyber security, the data security, and protection of information in various industries? Even if you are over the ChatGPT, please share your experience. I’ve been reading @Haji 2003posts on AI and that didn’t answer some of the questions up here hence this post.
  7. Don’t be. It’s not the hall of fame, it’s the hall of shame. I don’t know how anybody rolls here, but some out there obviously roll with porkies, rapists, mass murderers, baby killers and get paid in the process -:)
  8. Don’t be amazed brother @Hasani Samnani. From callous and brainless parroting of the Israeli lines (feels like reading Israel Times) to posting over 20 posts in the span of 2 weeks in supporting same sex marriage, to “rabidly” anti-anything-resistance all they way to Marjaiya; I kid not, I’ve an excel sheet in my laptop -that I admit I collect for fun because I like doing those sort of numbers - recording patterns related to the news of the time, the Hollywood, the correlation of the narrative in the gas station tabloids with their posts, I’ll say there got to be some glitter of the shekels here. Here’s one for sample https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/palestinian-influencers-social-media-standwithisrael-1234859782/amp/
  9. Oh you again Shekels -:) I’m curious, for the year end taxes, should it be paid in Shekels and then converted, or convert the money first and then pay taxes? What’s the conversion rate btw? Is the side money really worth it?
  10. Linear wars is so WW2 era and suits mostly the aggressors. I don’t think any of the resistance groups would ever involve in direct confrontations until directly attacked as was in 2006. In Islamic defensive wars as well as in handing out Islamic punishments, the purpose is never the annihilation of the bad actor, as long as the thunders put the fear of God in their hearts and the purpose is fulfilled. IMO Only an extremely stupid member of the axis would ever get headlong into a direct war, play on their turf, and get beaten by their tactics and material strength. Same thing with anti-axis, only their most stupid planners would ever send olive diapers into resistance’s turf only to be chopped into a salad juicer. This is the sort of equation that resistance couldn’t establish among Palos for a long long time and that’s what they are trying to establish at the cost of thousands. In simple terms, in Levant lands, children of Imam Ali are literally teaching the babysteps of هيهات من الذلة to the children of Omar… Hope it sticks though.
  11. I can tell you some of us on SC know him personally and he is not a sell out or any of that sort. In his position you have to agree to some jibbrish، دروغ، بکواس، اشغال، قمامہ، nonsense, هراءً etc. in order to keep your talking heads off balance, and get them speak the version of truth that they otherwise would never agree to, and then leave it to the audience to discern the real truth from many versions of it. Many here don’t fully appreciate the nuances of media (unfortunately no major media house is run by Muslims and Islamic rules of lies, truths, verification, and Gheeba), and won’t comprehend the amount of balancing act any ethical news analysts has to do to keep his presence onscreen. A simple example would be if you are in debate with polytheists, you don’t come out and say touching your idol would make me najis, and this elephant doll can’t be anybody’s god and what not. For a deeper example read the ayaat related to Prophet Ibraheem AS encounters with the idol factory and his discourse in finding God in moon and starts etc. Some simple minded black and white thinking brothers would claim looklook Ibraheem AS calling that thing god without listening to Imam Ibraheem AS’ debate constructs in Quran -:)
  12. This time it’s different. Israel and its sponsors have not many options left. What they are learning the hard way is that this opposition bites for real and it knows that Hamas is just the front man. Power perception is not about exercising it, because once exercised it almost always ends up in revealing that in reality there is no absolute power. In Russia vs. Ukraine, Russia learned it hard way. In the same theater, Russia vs. West, the West learned it hard way. Both turned out weaker than what was perceived of them. Look how quickly they jump to the nuclear option, which shows how empty they truly are/were in the face of a determined adversary. Israel wether it accepts or not is the product of West & Russia and is even more vulnerable than Koreas, Vietnam, or Haiti, by virtue of its geography, proximity, population size and the number of generational enemies it created by the sheer genius of its arrogance and stupidity. Arab culture is tribal in its essence where blood feuds run for centuries. What made Khazar nation think that they would be above the law of the neighborhood by carrying the biggest gun in town. They have many lessons to learn before they would eventually realize it’s better to shift their affluent ones in UK, US, and their poor ones in Poland and Ukraine. There is no other end game left.
  13. I couldn’t open the links above but: Recent performance of Palestinian arsenal shows us that they don’t have this sort of firepower that could topple buildings and turn concrete blocks into dust craters. For reference look at the damage done to Israeli cities in recent conflict. Meanwhile: 1. Israel has the firepower at its disposal 2. Israel has the delivery capability 3. Israel has shown the will to use that firepower 4. History of all past conflicts of Israel, and pretty much all of the sponsors of Israel’s conflicts show 100s of instances of this sort of destructive power used in schools, hospitals, mosques, bridges and weddings. Unless US sold its JDAMs, and their delivery capability, this size of destruction isn’t even possible from the Palestinians’ firecrackers.
  14. All 8 billion of us saw the face of these Shayateen from Jin and Ins in recent heartless bloodshed. We read their social media posts, we read the twisting of their words in their supporter media, we saw their dancing and cheers on the dead bodies of the innocent. And YES for Duas. We do need Allah’s help, biggest of which is the soon Faraj of Imam AS. One advice to my younger brothers and sisters, don’t despair, don’t be fearful, and don’t lose Hope. Humanity has seen worst before. Times like these are the best times to reestablish or strengthen our connection to the Imam of our time (AF).
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