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  1. Well what if IRI pulls the Aliyev rug from under the feet of Erdo.. would be fun watching one wrapped and discarded and the other falling backward. Azerbaijan is what Russian Tsars carved out of Iran, IRI might just reclaim Azerbaijan and be done with it. Azer recently did the same to Nagorno Karabakh, the changing borders geopolitics of 17th century is back.
  2. They love blood between the kindred. In Rus / Ukraine, it’s Slavs vs. Slavs. In Iraq, it was Shia vs. Shia. At least that has been an attempt. In Korea, North vs. South. I’m sure some are hard at work at Persian against Persian, we have seen it on smaller scale at MKO vs. IRI. IRI vs. Azerbaijan would possibly be a great win for the MICs. On bright side, modern IRI has proven to keep the direct mass scale threats at bay since the Iraq war. I’m sure they are actively working on creating new realities that would keep Azerbaijan busy at its rear.
  3. Ya’ni triple Ibadah to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). You would be saving yourself from a potential major sin (potential because iA you would never act upon your leanings), all the while providing halal companionship to a random daughter of Sayeda Khadija, Fatima, and Zaynab - our eternal Salams (عليه السلام) to them all - all the while completing 1/2 of your Deen. I suspect, this would be more than sufficient for you to earn your purpose in life and qualify to be in the neighborhood of respected Muhammad and ale-Muhammad (عليه السلام) in hereafter. If I were you, I won’t let this one go. Bismillah!
  4. Jazkallah Kher for sharing. The video cycled through the viewing of the crowd, then the reciter, and then one random gentleman. Is that the poet or someone important? It was distracting for sure, as in the crowd of Aza’, all are supposed to be equals. Another random thought, I realized the Farsi and Arabic recitations are almost always recorded in huge crowds, where the reciters are drenched in sweat, with the crowd doing a euphoric worship of the matam, moving with the ebbs and flows of the poetry. Listening to this in distances of time and miles, the rest of us get drowned in the same ibadat with them, transcending the times, places, and the languages. Comparing it with studio recordings of the Urdu and most English reciters with shampooed hair sparkling in the floodlight, artificial beat in the background that nobody can emulate in real majlis, and their random hand gestures closer to a senseless dance, ends up stealing away all spirituality from their whole ibadat of Aza’. And on top of it, branding each recitation with the name of the singer & poet combo. Unfortunate!!
  5. Isn’t this the latmiyah of our Sunni bothers in general? Why Sunni religion sucks the analytical abilities and critical thinking out of the people’s brains. Even some reverts who turn to Sunni religion, become analytical dead and leave all of their inquisition behind that made them from XYZ to Sunni in the first place. Is this the rigid dogma of the two books besides Quran, the sahar of the Samri that they forged in Saqifah, the magical whims of the lady of the camels, or the glitter of the gold of sufyanis??? Genuinely curious!!!
  6. I can relate, don’t ask me how, in short I’ve lived in the most remote places on planet, without family, friends, and many other things that you might have. My escape from all that were two things. I suggest you do the same, 1. Live a purposeful life. Find a goal, are you in school, how does doing PhD. sound? Start working towards it now, you can take hundreds of free classes even from Harvard . If education is not your escape, how about learning a skill, an art, I’m sure woodwork and gardening would be there in your village. Do they interest you? If not a goal, how about a passion. What kept me going was my passion of attending majalis of Imam Hussain as, and back in my solitary years, I used to travel, by road, for hours to visit this Islamic center and that Islamic center, and that passion introduced me to some very interesting shia causes, that again gave me other purposes in my life. A life without either a purpose or a passion is a life wasted, boring, and dull. 2. Another thing that you need to get is a community, friends, and people who care about you. I don’t know if your parents know this, but it’s makrooh to live in a place where there isn’t much community. Making religious gatherings my passion exposed me to hundreds of wonderful men and women, mostly men of course, who became the most valuable presence in my life. You being a girl may have slightly different rules, which are completely justifiable, but don’t make marriage the purpose of your life. First because marriage may come, or may not come, it’s just what Allah gives to most, and doesn’t give to some. Second, don’t make goals that have dependency of others, meaning marriage would only happen if a man comes along, so it depends on his presence. If he doesn’t ever come, then what? Also be aware of the timing of the things. if you are in high school, obviously it’s too early to act on some passions that you may have. Wait it out bravely until you are in college, there is a time and place for everything. Once you have some independence, then use that free time to feed your passions. And lastly don’t ever fall in Haram and never tamper with the boundaries of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).
  7. Fantasizing is part of being human, as long as that fantasy doesn’t lead to Haram actions with others and to the self, it’s just the mind wandering. Haram watching is not good, these pixels arranged in the form of a human, would be almost close to reading a novel where you like certain characters, but it’s a bit more, the pixels are human figurines, so the affect might not be the same as creating imaginary figures in our brains after reading a novel, couple that most games don’t care much about nudity, or other boundaries. I recommend posting your question here and wait for the reply. Please do share once they post a reply. https://www.al-islam.org/ask
  8. How so? In how many riots, where the rioters are in hundreds (not in thousands or hundred of thousands) and yet you find almost 30 causalities of law enforcement officers? This was a blatant act of sedition and chaos, and nothing else. Even those who were running the show knew that it won’t break the IRI regime. They just live on fitna, bloodshed, and suffering. It’s a sick and sadistic mindset that is prevalent among the children of Satan and Marwan, and as time is passing by, we are seeing their alliance is coming to light for all to see. The next big addition to this would be the Cow worshipers. Like someone suggested above, it’s about the time Shia Muslims and sincere Christians start making their bonds stronger. Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has already made it incumbent in Quran.
  9. Do Dua’. Someone asked Imam Sadiq AS exactly the same, Imam (عليه السلام) replied what if what’s apportioned for you was intended for you only if you make Dua. So essentially you are missing on those things, for which the key would be the Dua. No key, no open door. Salat is literally a connection. So you dialed the phone to Allah! You established the connection. Then HE talked to you, you are reciting HIS words (Al Hamd etc.), aren’t you? Now it’s your turn to talk to Him, that is called Dua. But you remained mum, means you missed on the opportunity to talk to Him. Your loss!! Do trade with Allah. Nothing is wrong with it. He actually asks in Quran to do trade with Him. He calls it Qarz Hasana, He promises to return it 10 folds, and in one Ayat 70 folds, and in another Ayat, unlimited folds. So yes, do the trade with Allah. Allah calls us His Fuqarah in Quran, meaning we are His beggars. So don’t ever have any shame, restrain, or shyness in asking Allah whatever you want, or need.
  10. Doesn’t it all look interconnected? This is the chronology of events, I’m intentionally not naming the geographies. To me it’s all happening on the planet earth, to the collective group of Muslims claiming to be associated with the house of Fatima Zahra (عليه السلام). 1. Chaos and looting as soon as a Marja decides to step down, to disrupt the Arbaeen walk 2. Grandest Arbaeen walk since Covid still continues in Karbala 3. Couldn’t swallow the ummah’s bond; Masha is marked and used as a fodder for the chaos 4. Police officers murdered in broad daylight, mosques burned, Quran desecrated, weapons confiscated at Azeri border 5. Rioters observed, captured, interrogated, found pointers 6. 73 projectiles with many number of self propelled molten steel sent towards the seditionists hideouts across the northern border, many terrorists’ casualties reported 7. Hundred of miles East, a Shia school was blown up in response, killing over two dozen young children I don’t know why some good natured, well intended brothers and sisters don’t see it this way. Like it, accept it, or ignore it, the fact remains, this will continue till the banners are handed over to the real leaders of all these, one to Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام), one to Prophet Jesus (عليه السلام), one to some one eyed minion, one to someone from Najd, and one to Iblees.
  11. You should assess: 1. Are you breaking any gender boundaries established by Allah? 2. Are you in the right age and mind to start this as a relationship? 3. Is your frontal lobe developed enough to make a long term decision, or would you need your parents’ wisdom? 4. Are you telling your parents about it from the get go, if not, why not? 5. Why someone’s few smiles (lips bent upward and sideways with teeth showing), fast replies to the texts (each one of us are trigger happy when it comes to opposite gender), and complimenting us, all the while being respectful equals that he is a great guy? 6. Why do you need validation and a resolute No from him, are you in the needy emotional state? There are many more, but as a parent, if my child tells me this, I would be asking her/him all of the above, as starter!!
  12. W’salam- Brother my eyes started hurting, and my mind started boiling reading your post. Later I got heartburns. Effective, and understandable communication is among the big differentiators between ordinary humans and ordinary animals. Eloquent and intelligent communication is a major differentiator between an educated person and the layman crowd. Kindly repost. Humble apologies if I’m offending.
  13. @Qa'im @kadhim I enjoyed reading both of your comments here. What do you really suggest though? At what trajectory, and to what extent should the IRI mollify the current laws, and its enforcements? Also what, and where (at what stage) should the Islamic education be changed so the IRI youth learns the essence of Islam as opposed to the superficial deen? My simple reading into the completely atheist youth is, their parents are and were like this and have been since the revolution, so they never accepted their setback since then. If you have met those extremely rich, and rabidly racist shah-Iranians, you would know each one of their egos are the size of the Sun, and they never swallowed the defeat they had at the hands of a poor man with a white beard. For me the strangest thing was witnessing their egos ballooned at the wins of Qasim Sulemani, all the while celebrating his martyrdom. Obviously IRI isn’t immune to grave and long lasting mistakes either, one among those were their population control in the 80s & 90s. IRI should have been a nation of over 200mil. Another recent one is their sharply reducing the subsidies, and miscalculating it as the sole reason for the corruption in their economy discounting the incompetence and the role of the huge state owned enterprises. If indeed not rightly managed this weird push and pull of religion there, it would become their mortal mistake; and no freedom minded, anti imperialist, anti tyranny person, who cares for this planet earth would want the fall of the modern IRI.
  14. Salam- InshAllah you find one very soon, that gives you halal and convenient Rizq. If you can, start reciting Ziarat Ashura + Dua Sufwan (the Dua immediately after the ziarat) If short of time, start (or at least once), offer the Isthightha salat of Imam Mehdi AS. Recite “Asthgfirullah Rabbi wa’atub Eleh” whenever you are by yourself. After your Salat ul Esha make a daily habit to read the Dua after Esha Salat (taqeebat Ehsa) followed by Sura Waqia. Salat ul Layl - best for the dunya, Akhira, and in between realms. We have treasure trove of Duas from the Ahlulbayt AS, so it’s hard to give one or few out. Most importantly, don’t lose hope, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has never abandoned anyone, and not an iota that happens anywhere is random; everything is in His view at all times, and HE knows what you are going through.
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