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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. IF it's possible to do sports in such temperatures... and if anyone of you did them in such heat. The kottest it gets in my country is 35-36 degrees Celsius so I simply don't have clue what even warmer weather feels like.
  2. Hi When temperatures are about 40-45 degrees C, is it possible to do physical activities outside, like waslking, running, hiking (if there are mountain), provided that one stays hydrated and covers properly (an Arab headscarf , sunblock)? I am quite heat tolerant for a Central European - last summer when it was 36 degrees Celsius outside, I would go outdoors and barely even notice the heat, it just felt like perfect weather to me.
  3. Relationship based on fear isn't a healthy one. There's no reason God would want people to fear him.
  4. And yes - since politics is inherently subjective, then when it comes to politics, one man's liar can be another person's honest person. During ww2 there was a guy called Stepan Bandera -a famous Ukrainian nationalist leader, a Nazi collaborator and a man responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Poles. In Poland he's universally treated as a war criminal but Ukrainians revere him so much that they erect statues of him and call him a national hero... so you can see even such a morally unambigous person can be treated in completely different way by not so different people.
  5. Just stop. Nasrallah has as much right to criticize Syrian rebels/ISIS as Hitler had to criticize Stalin. Iran under Khomeini (which is what Hezbollah is trying to imitate) was not much different from ISIS and both of them were murderous clerical regimes There is no right to claim a moral high horse if you yourself are, or want, a theocracy. Become a secular republic with full freedom of religion (with freedom to preach any religion, including Hinduism, to Muslims) and then you can claim "we are better". So far the "moderateness" of Shias is 100% out of political expediency and the need to operate in a Shia-minority worldd.
  6. Only KSA is facing difficult times... Turkey and Israel are doing very fine, strong as ever.
  7. Go back to 1993. Seriously. That's when Saddam together with Ad Douri started their "Faith Campaign". They added "Allahu Akbar" to the Iraqi flag, instituted death penalrty for prostitution, banned public consumption of alcohol, started building mosques (giving Salafi preachers free hand - while previously preaching was banned), added Quran to school curriculum etc. And whether it was planned or not - numerous Ba'ath Party officials and army officers picked up Jihadi Islamism as their ideology of choice.
  8. Christians in Gulf countries are highly educated people from Europe and United States. There is barely any interaction between them and the native population - they usually live in separate compounds (that resemble small towns) and tend to not mingle with Arabs.
  9. 1. How is Iranian Christian community going? Can they build new churches? 2. Are there Christian preachers in Iran?
  10. What strategy would you, Shias, use to turn Northern Iraq and Syria from a Sunni-majority to Shia majority states?
  11. To be more precise - for centuries European states did not separate religion from state per se but they 1. Did make a separation between religious and secular power 2. Did make a separation between secular and religious laws (Christianity, unlike Islam, does not prescribe a fixed legal system.)
  12. Hello. Do you know any Twelver Shia thinkers (Ayatollahs, Grand Ayatollahs etc.) who postulated western-like separation of religion and state i.e. supported democracy and postulated that obeying sharia becomes a personal choice?
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