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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As Salam Alaykom dear Lara, to the best of my knowledge there are no such things as "evil eyes" or "omens" in Islam. You may chill out
  2. I hope the Golden Age is still ahead of us, Inshalah...
  3. Do you have close persons who would support you in real life? Friends, family?
  4. And what if someone prays for death in order to help other people in their lives? I can imagine situation where someone's death may bring good to other people?
  5. What do you mean "the attractions are too much"? I guess boredom is not a good reason, but sacrificing your life to help another person is a noble deed
  6. Clinical depression is one of them. Your mind is confused and your are not able to well assess your conduct
  7. I believe it is not haram in all circumstances. There are a few exceptions, to the best of my knowledge
  8. Does she really?.. With all due respect, I am sad to hear such opinions. Sadly, those views are actually making me ponder upon the decisions that I have already taken. With such statements you are devaluing your own (noble) currency, if you know what I mean. Shia is a religion of mercy and tollerance, I believe, but it turns out that not for all If you answer to hate with hate, hate will be neverending...
  9. You mean that Allah knows what's going to happen but he does not influence human life?
  10. As Salam Alaykom, this point has always given me a lot of food for thoughts. I have been taught that God knows exactly what will happen to us and knows all things to come (that is to say, they have been already settled and decided). In other words, human has got his "free will" but God knows out future deeds and decisions, and consequently, our Hereafter. You have said that human life is a kind of an "open issue". The same thing, I have heard a lecture by one of Shia Imams about the book, that contents of which may be altered as a result of our prayers. This statement seems to imply that
  11. As Salam Alaykom, thank you for this black and white picture (Shia - "division good-evil is strong and entrenched"; Sunnis - "utterly confused by their dogma". The statement does not always hold true, though. A vast majority (if not all) of the Shia I have met have been pious and noble people, but not all Sunnis have been dumb and narrow-minded. This division applies not to sects but to the minds of particular people.
  12. Alas, I don't think so. I wish I could but I can't. Though the humanity is getting ever worse, and the morals and mores are in ruin, I am afraid that the show must go on. I have heard a lot of opinions both from my fellow brother Muslims, and from my previous fellow brothers Roman-Catholics about the oncoming Armageddon. Indeed, the Bible also contains the Apocalypse chapter with the ennumeration of "trumpets" apparently portending the end of times. The truth is that most of those "signs" or quasi-signs is so enigmatic that they may suit any period of time. It may be tempting to consider some
  13. Is it? I have come across (and I may produce) a linkt to a youtube clip with a quite extensive version of Shia Shahadah. A young Shia from the UK heavily curses Abu Bakr, Omar, Osman and Aisha and testifies they are all in hell. Strangely enough, this brother seems to have proclaimed Shia Shahadah at least on two different opportunities (two different versions available on yt). So is there a consistent stance among Shia with reference to (not) cursing Sahabah and Sunni Kalifs?
  14. As Salam Alaykom, some time ago I enquired about the characteristic features that determine the Shia unique identity and make it different to Sunni. The feedback I got was very positive. A couple of brothers ennumerated such noble features contributing to akhlaaq as mercy, piety, courage, etc. And I humble believe that if we base this task (developing unity) on a search for our common goal - strong akhlaqq, and if we hold a postive akhlaqq ourselves., there is no need to be afraid of turning into "some weird mongrel sect". Alternatively, if we bear a grudge and stick to cursing each othe
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