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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think abu bakr al baghdadi al hussaini, is a man prophesiced by Ali r.a in shia hadith ! Ali r.a said: one of my son will wage war against injustices and will fight with them for rights, but he will be unable to reach far in his mission and will collapse in iraq. As we knows abu bakr al baghdadi is hussaini & was wounded in iraq by iraqi govt & its allies ! So "maybe" he can be that prophecised man by Ali r.a. Iam unaware but Allah knows best. Is it possible !! W|s
  2. NO, iam not keen for anything that you had blamed me for. Dont you read/sees news, what is going on in mid east ! Simply tell me what bashar al is doing is correct, and by supporting him iran is doing any good or not ! Thanks you welcomed me as muhajir on this forum.
  3. By supporting tyrant mass-killer like butcher al, and helping hizbul-terrorists who are assisting in crimes of assad ! Being shia you can say they are pro islam, and for uz they are anti islam.
  4. simply you would have said, iran and its shia allies who are against sunnis ! Thanks
  5. @op is that your bread or your beard ! To be frank i didnt liked. :-( M|s
  6. MashaAllah brother, but they will not agree with sunni Ali r.a, they will bring their Ali a.s now ! Prescribed by majlisi.
  7. Thanks for your advice brother, but Alhamdulillah iam not strugglingforthelight ! And imam mahdi is not mentioned in Quran but satan is mentioned. You mean as per qiyas ! M|s
  8. By the way, can i know who is/was imam mahdi ! Thanks in adv
  9. Sry Sc shia & sunni members, exams are ahead ! Unfortunately cant take part in discussions. Dont wanna lose my concentration. Will join you all soon insha'Allah ! All the best to ME, no need of anybody's duplicate prayers. #Thanks :-)
  10. No, its in your books ! Inserted by haters of Islam for their personal propoganda, rather i doubt al mahdi will kill many non arabs. M|s
  11. @shias why to blame sunnis for uthman r.a love ! Prophet s.a.w himself loved and trusted him, and gived His two daughters in marriage to uthman r.a. Did Prophet s.a.w erred ! According to uz no 'maazAllah'.
  12. @brother sami, i would like to know what is your opinion regarding zulfiqar (sword) ! Your imam mahdi will fight with it, or with any other weopen personally. And its also in shia hadiths said by one of your imam: that zulfiqar will start talking to imam mahdi before his uprising ! What does it mean according to you logical. Thanks in advance
  13. words of Uthman r.a ! maazAllah no, but it is thawab al jariya for him.
  14. ^@brother plz dont give examples of Prophets to imams like ayatullahs ! Five were there in cloak of Prophet s.a.w, not four. Why you are disobeying Muhammad s.a.w by taking one lineage of Hussain r.a and leaving another lineage of Hassan r.a ! Bcoz he gived bayah to muawiyya r.a, which cant be applied to your later aqidah ! And as for surah Ahzab ayah 33, in it imams cannot be fixed there's a topic you can see (incomplete imamah) here on Sc. Alhamdulillah in Hassan r.a lineage too there are imams and saints, like: Imam Abdul Qadir jilani & many. M|s
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