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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you to all of you for your responses. I am a bit saddened that some turned my questions into an opportunity to argue. In my initial post I expressed my discomfort with the practice of tatbir, to which I received responses that comforted me that I need not agree with such practices to be shia and that, indeed, I would not me alone in my disapproval. It does not particularly make sense to me that anyone would find it necessary to start refuting such comfort by getting defensive. Are you trying to push people away? Also, I must respectfully disagree with the gentleman who suggested that bei
  2. Salamu'alaykum, I'm a Sufi living in Arizona and I'm interested in becoming Shi'i, but I have many questions I need answered before I can commit to the change. (1) I'm married to a Jewish woman and she is very happy in her faith and has no intention of becoming Muslim. Our interfaith marriage isn't a problem for us, nor is it a problem for any of the Sunnis I've known, however I've heard it would be a problem to the Shi'i. Thoughts? (2) I'm an American and although I don't always agree with everything my country does, I am still proud to be American. I worry, given that many Middle Eastern Sh
  3. How do I get into the live chat to ask questions?

    1. Hameedeh


      Salam and welcome to ShiaChat. New members cannot use the Chat Room. You must become an Advanced Member, by making 25 posts in the Forums. Click on Forums at the top, find a forum and click on a topic. Reply to post #1 or comment how you like the topic.

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