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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. You said by yourself that you had seen imam mahdi in your dream,just check your posts. [Edited to remove inappropriate language.]
  2. Well,I know the reality.Sami has thought imam mahdi in his dream and with his subconsciousness.
  3. The world is led with the mercy of someone and he is cursed by everyone.The sun rises and sets with the oath of someone and he is cursed by everythings.How fool everything is!
  4. Bro Sami,do you have knowledge about time travel and extra terrestrial lives?I have a broad research on it and also submitted manuscript on this.You could share experiences on this with me.
  5. Which version of Imam is going to rule the world?Is he shia and hiding thousand of years or he is sunni and yet to born or he is neither shia or sunni,pls answer me.
  6. If someone 's end is the end of the world why he must be hiding for life since everything will end with his end?
  7. Dear Semi, I think you are facing some psychological issues.Things are not like that as you think about conspiracies.Every nations and their leaders are not hiding something harmful for their religions.Its just your misunderstandings and such kind of understandings only lead to cold war and thoughts which waste times.And its true that imam mahdi is safe since God's apostle can never be defeated.
  8. Dear Semi,if you agree to give me USD 2000 I will give you my bank details.And you can be sure this money will go to astray.LoL
  9. When the real imam come,Israel must join him.Because they know very well God's apostle must not be defeated.
  10. Imam Mehdi is the apostle of everythings.He is also the ultimate savior of every inward and outward things.He should not need any proof for his existance since everybody should know him with his appearance.Every living and non living should recognise him by his arrogance and majesty.He is the only one whom everyone should see by their own entities.His emergence will usher a new era of humanity and good deeds.
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