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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in Believing the unseen is rational?   
    Rationally speaking, we understand a reality exists beyond our immediate five senses because there are multiple forces at play we cannot empirically touch and analyze, yet we understand exists through its manifestations. 
    Therefore, the existence of the "unseen" is logical. The precise nature of it though, is told via divine revelation. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to notme in Respecting Parents   
    You have to respect your mother, but you don't have to let her verbally and emotionally abuse you.  
    Your stepfather is not your father, but if he is providing you with sustenance and a home you should appreciate that.  If he is good to you and your mother, that is worthy of respect.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to repenter-gone4awhile in Are Shia who support Assad party to his crimes?   
    How easily people are decieved.
    Barrel bombs....ask youself this...if an army that is fully equipped..would bother making barrelbombs. Then ask this...would you be happy if it was regular bombs?
    Then ask this....how would you react if syrian army did nothing and let ISIS take over? Then ask yourself how much you actually know about the situation to finally ask yourself how clueless you really are. Borderline hypocrites.
    Tell me....do you support liberation of Mosul? If you do, but at the same time are against Syrian coalition, and civilians dying in Syria then you are a hypocrite. if you believe that civilians wont die in mosul from all the mortars, air attacks, shelling etc, then you are also slightly slow.
    Using Assad as an argument for your lack of basirah and foresight won't work anymore. noone cares about Assad, its the bigger picture that is important.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   
    "baradar_jackson ONE......
    ..........Googoosh, Aaron Rodgers, Steve Jobs, Michael Moore, Hashemi Rafsanjani, Tom Brady, Karim Sajjadpour,  Martin Scorcese, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Nicholas Sarkozy, LeBron James, Amanpour, Winston Churchill, Uchiha Sasuke, Jon Stewart, Thomas Friedman, Mohannad from the Turkish soap opera, John Lennon, Shirin Ebadi, Donquixote Doflamingo, George Orwell, Ataturk, finance capitalists, greenies other than the Irish, and sosoolis ZERO"
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Ron_Burgundy in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    @DigitalUmmah is there any website where i could watch this debate. And i know Syed Ammar Nakshwani is a very knowledgeable person and could defeat any bakri any day. I am sure he will his reason not to accept this debate. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Gaius I. Caesar in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    Never, if Ammar is smart about it - Asrar Rashid sounds  one of those people who argue for the sake of arguing and drama, kind of like a schoolyard bully. I don't think Ammar needs to reply to such people, it's not worth the energy or the effort. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to DigitalUmmah in an Interesting journey with a turkish spy   
    Salam, Ya Ali (as) Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlulbayt (as)
    relevant bit of background about me - I can always tell what people around me are thinking, when they are hiding something, and especially when they are lying. 
    due to the problems with returning from ziarat this year, our boarding cards etc were not given to us till pretty late. my passport picture looks nothing like I do now, for a start in my pic (taken in 2009) i am completely clean shaven, short army cut hair, about 20 stones lighter, no glasses and I'm wearing a suit, I do not blame the turkish guy at the gate one bit for not believing me that this was not my passport, and it looked even more suspicious that I didnt have any other form of ID (I was dressed in all black dusty, creased shalwaar kameez, wild beard/ hair, buttons open on my chest, looking exhausted). 
    I got told to have a seat, left my passport & boarding card with them. I saw them doing something on their desk but it was all covered so couldn't make anything out, I definitely saw them take a picture of my passport though. they handed me my stuff and i go sit with my group. the FIRST thing i say to my little brother was "I'm getting gripped at manchester airport"
    now all my group throughout have had our plane seats all together, but this time I was separated, right near the front on my own when I got on the plane at attaturk airport. 
    secondly, i was sat in the middle of two REALLY pretty turkish women. like the sort of so pretty/ well dressed that it makes you uncomfortable. they were extremely chatty to me, way more chatty and friendly than anyone has any right to be towards someone that looks like me, that is just trying to figure out the air con fans lol. 
    I looked around, and 1 row behind me (on a full plane) there was a ginger white guy who had a row to himself. I was suspicious right away because if you have a row to yourself, you sit next to the window not the aisle. khair i got up from my seat, went over to him and asked if i could get past him to sit next to the window. 
    let me describe this guy. 
    hes white. hes ginger. he has freckles. very lean/muscular, bright red, tight t shirt, blue jeans, navy blue baseball cap. stands out a MILE that he isnt a civilian. theres something about the eyes that look different. 
    he even has a really good geordie (newcastle for you heathens) accent. proper byker grove. 
    as i'm passing him, i'm looking down and I notice his boarding card poking up out of the top of his passport, he has some weird turkish name, I think nothing of it. plenty of turkish people in the UK. 
    we start chatting and he sounds drunk immediately. he introduces himself as "Lee". I know hes chatting bangers from the very outset, cos i read his boarding card. im reading his face, hes nervous and defensive, primed to fight. its so disconnected because from his voice/ outward demeanor hes just a loud friendly boisterous geordie making an aquantance. he tells me he works for the british embassy, in security. everything hes telling me is a lie. he doesnt have a kid due in february. he doesnt have a girlfriend. his parents arent coming to pick him up. he hasnt been away from home for 9 weeks. 
    by now ive clocked on that he is clearly secret service, as are the two pretty girls i was initially sat with, and casually glancing around under the pretence of looking for my parents, i spot 3 other white faces in a sea of brown. these guys think im a bloody terrorist! how insulting. 
    so we start chatting, and im watching his tactics as an outsider, to see how he tries to determine my threat level. I talk about my job, he asks what i am doing in iraq. I answer honestly enough about ashura, shias and so on. it must be his first day on the job or something because the guy straight up asks me "so what do you think of ISIS" closely followed by "but what were you doing in Iraq? were you joining ISIS"? closely followed by "ISIS are scum"
    this guy doesnt know im a bloody shia! how many times have I told him??
    so he realised that his frontal assault didnt work, he next tried a less direct route. he asked if its ok if he orders a vodka and coke, and say its for me to the trolly dolly. Im not bothered Im just trying to get some sleep so I say fine. now bear in mind its a plane full of muslims. he says LOUDLY "and a vodka for my friend over here". Im looking at the guy like "this guys a [idiot]!" but dont say anything cos I dont wanna go to guantanamo bay. 
    3..4..5...times he does this. no reaction from me. I understand that hes looking to see if, as an extremist, i get offended by this. 
    when THIS doesnt work, he tries his last strategy. now bear in mind I can read everything this idiot is thinking and planning. I know hes going to try and "accidentally" spill his alcohol on me to see my response. lo and behold, he spills his drink, but I moved out of the way so it spilled around me but not on me. again, no response from me. 
    by the end I think he realises I am not a bloody terrorist, and he unwinds. he puts his headphones in and puts the hunger games on the screen. I go to sleep. 
    overall a weird experience, but its interesting to see how poorly trained the turkish secret service is, or how ineffective they are at finding real threats. If they tried these tactics on a real deal terrorist, i am certain even that idiot would be able to see through them. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to guest050817 in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    I think you're going to the other end of the extreme here brother Haydar. 
    While he is not the fountain of all truth, the majority of his lecture's are based on acceptable shia beliefs. His popularity is in that he addresses contemporary issues affecting the youth, which are above polemics really.
    I don't agree with what everything he says just to be clear, or every approach he uses and so on. But i rarely do for most speakers.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Don'tMakeAس in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    From Asrar Rashid's FB page:
    Nothing else was ever going to come out of this.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Don'tMakeAس in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    Exactly- especially given the proposed subject matter. Some people on this thread are acting as if this 'debate' (if it happens) will be the criterion until the end of days between Shias and Sunnis and save the face of Shi'ism forever. It's quite frankly ridiculous to think that this debate could have any far-reaching effects on the Muslim world, or that the the honor of the Shi'ism is dependent on replying to some lunatic ranting on YouTube. This is really no different from the "refutations" that Shias and Sunnis have been sending each other from the comfort of their own forums/platforms since the dawn of the Internet.
    In addition to this, the publicity of this so-called challenge and response is being extremely over-hyped on this thread. There actually haven't been any social media implosions over this, and no one's losing their mind about rejected challenges. Do you really think SAN not responding to a random challenge is the biggest bragging right over us Sunnis have gotten in the last 1400 years?
    This entire controversy has progressed along extremely predictable lines:
    A) Sayed Ammar does one of his usual pump-up lectures along the lines of what non-English Shia scholars have been doing elsewhere for centuries, and says something about debating somewhere in his fiery rhetoric.
    B) Some semi-famous dawa-type Sunni Youtuber decides this would be a good opportunity to jump on that one sentence and make an hour-long 'refutation' with nice editing and clips of Sayed Ammar thrown in, and following SAN's example, issues some sort of joke challenge to all Shia scholars, especially Sayed Ammar.
    C) Sayed Ammar ignores the challenge from this lowlife, as he probably should.
    D) Allahyari, a common YH-type cleric (I'm surprised he speaks English), decides this fits in with his anti-Sunni fitna-spreading worldview and would probably rake him in some extra publicity. He has nothing to lose. So he presents himself in the nick of time to save Shi'ism.
    What a recipe for success- I love the direction our ummah is headed in.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Abu Hadi in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    I don't think he would get destroyed, but he would definitely be sweating under his collar. lol. 
    If he did debate a Knowledgeable Sunni who is also good at debating, the Sunni Br. would put him on the defensive by asking him to prove, from sources he finds acceptable (i.e. Bukhari and Muslim, the Sahih books) that Umar tried to burn down the house of Fatima, broke the rib of Fatima, etc, etc. This of course is impossible since the evidence doesn't exist in those books. 
    Whether a debate can be won or not depends on the term, ground rules, and premises that are accepted by both sides. It has very little to do with which side is right and telling the truth. A liar can easily win a debate by twisting the rules and engaging in polemics. A truthful person can easily lose a debate by sticking to the rules and not engaging in polemics. 
    That is why we shouldn't engage in open ended debates with our Sunni brothers, as they always end in disaster. You can debate very specific issues (i.e. did x ayat in Quran talk about y or z) provided that ground rules are agreed upon and stuck to by both sides. But if the specific topic is not clear and ground rules are not established, agreed upon, and stuck to by both sides, then a debate quickly becomes a match of who can shout louder or who can spam post faster. When it gets to that point, it is a waste of time. 
    Unfortunately in these types of topics, either ground rules are not agreed upon, not stuck to by both sides, sources are not agreed upon, or topic is changed midway thru the debate. This is why I don't do many online debates anymore. Maybe Dr. Nakshawani has a similar opinion about this, but I've never actually spoken to him about it so I have no way of knowing. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Mohamed1993 in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    Also, if you notice he takes down every Shias insult down in his comments section, but Sunnis say horrible things about us and he leaves their comments there, he clearly has a bias. He talks about Shias hitting themselves but has nothing whatsoever to say about the Sunni terrorists in Syria/Iraq/Libya etc. Look, its pointless to debate a person who is never going to listen to you and is just there to slander you. If I was a scholar, I would not debate someone not worth debating.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Haydar Husayn in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    Let's be realistic here, Nakshawani would get destroyed in a debate with any knowledgeable Sunni. Playing to the gallery in a Shia centre with cheap polemics is a million miles away from a formal debate with someone who knows what they are talking about.
    I understand that people enjoy Nakshawani's lectures, and that's fine, as long as they realise it's just entertainment. This idea that he is some kind of fountain of knowledge is pure delusion. Contrary to what he loves to claim at the beginning of his lectures, his arguments are not 'academic', and for him to have any chance in a debate he would need to significantly backtrack or tone down many of the arguments he has made, because they just don't stand up to scrutiny.
    As it is however, Nakshawani has little experience of formal debates, so he is wise to avoid them. Unfortunately, any debate between Muslims is unlikely to go well anyway, because after a certain point it always seems to descend into a shouting match (usually when one side realises they are losing).
    I think some people here don't really understand how debates work. Who wins in a debate often has little to do with who has the stronger position (although it obviously helps, all else being equal). It's much more about the ability of the debater to make best use of the arguments he has, and to highlight the flaws in the opposing arguments. A skilled and experienced debater should usually win a debate with an unskilled debater no matter which position they take. I fear that too many people have read 'Then I was guided', 'Peshawar nights', or some such book, and imagine that armed with that knowledge they could take down any Sunni scholar themselves, so any debate with a Shia scholar must necessarily be a massacre. This is just incredibly naive.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to DigitalUmmah in Challenge To Debate Sheikh Asrar Rashid Accepted.   
    to summarise - sayed ammar nakshawani gave a majalis about 1 2 and 3, he was pretty derogatory towards them lol.
    this got the sunni in an uproar so king bakri debator, asrar rashid, immediately challenged nakshawani to a face to face debate to discuss the things that nakshawani said in his majalis. 
    nakshawani, to put it bluntly, "did an omar". 
    as you can imagine, to the bakris, someone like nakshawani refusing to debate was basically 1000 eids all in one. twitter, facebook, whatsapp etc have been blowing up with bakris gloating how shia cannot argue against them when asked to provide proofs, all our beliefs are lies, our foremost speakers are cowards etc etc etc. 
    sheikh allahyari has risen to the challenge, and will defeat them inshaAllah. this debate MUST take place now, to save further shia humiliation. Allahyari is good enough for them. and plus he calls sunni "followers of omar" so I might actually be in love with him
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Hameedeh in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   
    magma aka Reza 
    Let's make ShiaChat great again!
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to certainclarity in Books   
    This site also has some great books :
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to narsis in Pray or Obey Parents?   
    As I told you before, this order approaches recommended (Mustahab) payers.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Irfani313 in Can one be a Shia while rejecting intercession?   
    No brother. 
    Salawat or durood is not a salam. Durood is extactly that, the tawassul.
    Notice what you say in durood. Allah humma Salle-Ala ------
    Salle means connection coming the word slw.
    In Salat you are asking Allah swt to connect to Muhammad and Ale Muhhamad and have you connect with Muhammad and Ale Muhammad as well.
    Read the ayat of Quran again, that starts with "Ina Allah a wa malaikat hu yusaalon al an nabi ...... notice how sallu and tasleem are differentiated.
    A Shia who does not believe in tawassul is at best an ignorant Shia who does not know the teachings of those who he claims to follow.
    At worst, he is a Shia who is arrogant and thinks he knows better than the Prophet S and Imams.  
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Qa'im in Even If Islam Was False I Would Still Follow It   
    I see no reason to envy secular life. They are just waiting to die, trying to have some fun before they do. That fun often includes drinking (which hurts your liver, your head, makes you vomit, gets you raped, kills people on the road, makes you say and do things you'll regret), panty-raiding (20% of Americans have an STD, and that number is going up. People who have had more sexual partners have unhappier marriages. Over 40% of U.S births are out of wedlock. Mental health issues are on the rise - I am sure poor relationships have a lot to do with that), eating-disorders (over 35% of American adults are obese), idle activities (music, television, watching sports - they'll entertain you till you drop dead), and gambling. There's less incentives now than ever before to settle down, get married, stay married, and have a family (which is our best natural and societal long-term interest). Chivalry in men is dead, modesty in women is dead, and soon all male and female identities will be merged. People just work during the week, drink on the weekend, go on vacation once a year, change partners every so often, and repeat. No purpose, no community, just first-world-problems.
    These problems affect some Muslims too, but mostly because they do not truly understand or appreciate what they have been given.
    Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq said to an atheist, "If what you say is correct - and it is not - then we will both succeed. But if what I say is correct - and it is - then I will succeed, and you will be destroyed."  ( إن يكن الامر كما تقول وليس كما تقول نجونا ونجوت وإن يكن الامر كما نقول وهو كما نقول نجونا وهلكت )
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    Ali Hamieh got a reaction from Hameedeh in Praying after surgery   
    Thank you.
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    Ali Hamieh got a reaction from Hameedeh in Praying after surgery   
    I have recently done a minor surgery on my forehead and since I can't make it tahir I'm confused of what I should do.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to notme in Praying after surgery   
    If you are bandaged, you can pray as normal. If the wound is open, cover it. If you are unable to fully complete wudu, you can do tamayyum. Allah is merciful and just. Do your best.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Abbas. in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   

    This guy has never been appreciated for his contribution to the forum. Don't care if most of us disagree with him. He has been a valued contributor over the years. 
    What I like about him: 
    1) Ability to share a different perspective to a subject matter. 
    2) Learn and evolve with time.
    So ...... Thank you.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   
    Abu Nur
    @Abu Nur

    "Veteran member"
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   
      "Left coast, left wing, left to fight the good fight"
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