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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in Saudi King Wears Shoes in Kaaba   
    Socks or not socks, he is still a horrible human and a hypocrite fake muslim.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   

    "Brothers, do not assume me getting this recognition puts me above you, as we all have equal recognition as members of a common human family. Rather, I'm hoping with this blessed opportunity here, I can help represent this madhab and bring peace, understanding, and reconciliation among all members, regardless of persuasion, by putting my best foot forward. With this comes intense responsibility and awareness. Brothers, I plead to you all, to help rally around Rasollulah (s) during my week of recognition and don't let pride or division reach your heart! I once experienced this when one day, I had extra candy as a child, and used it as leverage against my fellow youth. Willahi! Willahi! I learned my lesson and reflect on it every day! Look into yourselves, not for me, as I am insignificant, but for the sake of the human race and hereafter!"
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    Ali Hamieh got a reaction from AbdusSibtayn in Low tolerance towards ignorants.   
    Don't give them the attention that they want, we're all surrounded by "open minded" people and "smart atheists" when all they during their day is listen to what satisfies them thus increasing their ego. They're a nuisance but you should do your job and stay cool as no one is going to convert when they see an angry muslim, it increases their stand. Show them all the proof and they'll come up with the craziest explanations when they themselves know it's right deep within them.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to QiiQii in Praises and Thanks to God thread.   
    Allah SWT has been extremely benevolent towards me. He has always taken care of every single need that I have had. He has clothed me, protected me, nourished me, guided me, consoled me, raised me up alive and looked after my well-being. I attribute my continued existence to His mercy. He has taught me life and shown me clear signs of His magnificence, about endless possibilities in obedience to Him. He has taught me right from wrong, watched over me when I needed looking after and fulfilled all His promises to me. I'm comforted to know that He will be whom I will return to on the day of judgement. 
    Jazak Allah Khair for starting this post!
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to LinkZelda in Praises and Thanks to God thread.   
    This thread is solely for expression thanks to and praise and tribute and firm love to God.
    I will start with this:
    He/She/It is the one who guided me to proofs after I thought there was none, and caused me to see many wonders of his/her/it's book after I thought of it as gibberish, and he is the one who's judgement defines my soul and what it has earned, and he is the one who guides to the truth, and appoints us leaders who guide by his command. Upon him/her/it do I rely and turn to in hardship and ease.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in #12 Imam Mahdi (af) [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    Name: Muhammad
    Title: al-Mahdi, al-Qaim, al-Hujjah, Sahib Al-Zaman, Baqiyutullah
    Father's name: Al-Hassan Al-Askari - 11th Imam (pbuhim)
    Mother's name: Nargis - Daughter of the king of Rome.
    Birth: In Sammara, on Friday the 15th of Shaaban 255 A.H.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   

    "According to his profile, he is an 11 year old who was BORN on the day he registered on ShiaChat! His first words were on here!"
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Hassan- in The Battle of Aleppo   
    Tell these people to educate themselves and stop getting there information from western media. The west is spreading lies because they know how dumb people can be in believing them.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to DigitalUmmah in Nigel Farage launches devastating attack on Saudi   
    farage is definitely not someone who should be praised. even a broken clock is right twice a day.  
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to repenter-gone4awhile in Ayatullah Khamanei as the leader of Muslims?   
    That's what i thought, big mouth, no content. Goodbye. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to alirex in Ayatullah Khamanei as the leader of Muslims?   
    Alhamdulillah he is leader of Muslim Ummah. What's wrong in it. Those who are treating him as Leader are Muslims and from Ummah of Prophet. So for them He is Leader of Muslim Ummah. As simple as the Sentence tells.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to alirex in Sunni converted to Shia   
    إن شاء الله
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to amr in Sunni converted to Shia   
    In the Name of Allah
    I'm 31 years , I was Sunni , and converted to Ahl Elbyat  when I was 18 years old , but I Live in an Arab country , no one knows that i'm Shia, all my Family  are Sunni , and some of them are Wahhabi , I'm sorry for bad English , cuz my native language is Arabic , I ask you for Doaa and help . 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Ayeesha in How do you Shias view Ibn Taymiyyah?   
    I guess I'm different. I just stopped asking questions and found many of my answers by simply searching and on the bright side many older users and discussions were very logical, non emotional and convincing I'm not sure anymore which I look for older posts. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Gaius I. Caesar in Vladmir Putin is Julius Caesar   
    No, I am Gaius Iulius Caesar and I am now a mod. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to notme in A 'Women Friendly' Mosque ?   
    A room for providing child tending. The adults and older teens can take turns, that way the other adults can listen to the program.
    Also, rather than relegating women to a closet, an actual room would be nice, with a good sound system to hear the speaker if it is far isolated from the main lecture hall. It should be pretty close in size to the men's meeting hall, and have the same furniture, carpet, draperies, books, and so on, perhaps even an extra sofa for the pregnant ladies to sit. 
    I'd also find it perfectly acceptable for men and women to pray in the same room, men to the front, women to the back. I think the reason women are always shoved into uncomfortable closets is not because of the women themselves but because of the noisy and active children. Provide a safe place for the children and that problem is solved.
    Finally, the women need to police themselves better and frown at noisy chatters and gossipers among themselves. I think if the children weren't distracting then and they could hear the speaker, this issue might stop existing.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Hameedeh in Did the Prophet (s) and Imams (as) separate salah?   
    Within 10 minutes you asked a question and answered it yourself. MashAllah.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to DigitalUmmah in A sunni want convert choose twelever or ismaeli   
    Hazrat Ismail died during the lifetime of his father Imam Ja'afar Sadiq (as), so we have hadith that state that Imam Ja'afar sadiq (as) announced Imam Musa Kadhim (as) as the next Imam. 
    Hazrat Ismail did not have a sect follow him as the rightful Imam during his life, this began afterwards. Hazrat Ismail was indeed a great person who was dearly loved by his father the Imam (as). he is free of the deviation which happened after his death. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to guest050817 in Unity???   
    Both. Why must there be a dichotomy [a false belief that there is only an option between two choices].
    I've continued to ask those who run and moderate our forum to weed out and ban the use of the word 'bakri's'. Let's hope something gets done.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to repenter-gone4awhile in What Is Your Way To Cope With Stress?   
    Find a quiet place, do wudhu, put on clean clothes, sit down put on quran and follow the text, try to read it with the recitiation. Then pause after 10-12 lines, read the translation carefully(if you don't know arabic), reflect on it. Then continue. Do this for 30-60 minutes, if you can't get rid of the stress you can witness in the next world that repenter is a liar.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to ElAhmed in The Battle of Aleppo   
    Russia's aircraft carrier has arrived off the Syrian Coast and is now ready to take part in strikes against terrorists in Syria
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to ElAhmed in The Battle of Aleppo   
    Territorial Map of West #Aleppo showing recent advances by #Hezbollah/#SAA

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    Ali Hamieh reacted to S. Shuja in If God created the universe, then who created God?   
    If God created the universe, then who created God? And who created the creator of God?
    Dear Readers,
    The question seems mind-blowing and thus has been at the center of the most heated philosophical and theological debates in Islam. To solve the very problem, I would like to draw your kind attention to the following points that can easily solve the problem raised:
    A) The philosophical principles are always all-inclusive and do not undergo any exception of any kind. Hence, the impossibility of ‘effect without cause’ and ‘infinite regress’ are of those philosophical principles that can never be subject to any exception.
    B) To the Muslim Philosophers, the proposition “everything needs a creator” is not a true philosophical rule. As mentioned earlier, had this proposition been philosophical, it should have included all cases and examples. Nothing and no one should have remained beyond this philosophical rule. But as we see the proposition is not truly applicable to the Ultimate Cause. At least, from this perspective, Allah, being the Ultimate Cause, seems an exclusion to the rule.
    C) To solve the very challenging problem we must reword and rephrase the above-mentioned misleading proposition with another alternative. Instead of maintaining “everything needs a creator” we must say that “every contingent and possible existent needs a creator or an efficient cause”. The subtle difference between the two propositions is “everything” and “every possible thing or being”. As a result, It is correct to say that ‘every possible and contingent existent needs its appropriate cause or creator’. This sentence, logically and rationally, does not include the Necessary Being called Allah. For He is not a contingent existent rather He is the Necessary Existent. Thus, Allah or God, the Ultimate Cause of the causes, does not stand in need of any begetter or creator. This concept is harmonious with the Quranic verses as well that says: Say, “He is God, [who is] One, God, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent”.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Hameedeh in roast duck?   
    The taste of duck is similar to chicken, but it has a lot more fat in it, so the calories are double the amount for the same size of cooked meat. For anyone who is watching calories. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Reza in ShiaChat Member of the Week!   

    A true Sunni
    @A true Sunni


    "One big happy Shia family"
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