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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to beardedbaker in RIP Fidel   
    Good summary akhi @baradar_jackson
    Social justice has no religion. Social justice IS religion. 
    Fidel and his companieros' purpose in life was/is to establish social justice at home, and export it abroad, helping fellow revolutionaries. 
    They are more religious than 99% of Muslims. 
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to baradar_jackson in RIP Fidel   
    I haven't read the comments but I have an inkling as to what was expressed.
    Just for everyone's knowledge:
    Right now is 2016. Cuba's revolution happened in 1959. It was a very different world.
    There were many movements at that point in time (particularly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America) which were neither atheistic nor anti-religious whatsoever, which because of the magnetic forces of the time (in other words: because of the political necessity of relying on the USSR for military and economic support), ended up falling under the greater umbrella of what we call "communist" or socialist movements.
    If we want to see what happens in those cases where such a movement does not lean on the USSR, just look at what happened in Chile with Allende.
    Moreover, although we obviously have our own ideology, at the same time we must recognize that other people who are in completely different situations, are not even in the position to know about our ideology, let alone make the choice to follow it or not. Do we really expect someone like Fidel to fight his revolution in the name of giving the power to the just, pious faqih? This just doesn't make sense. And if we are going to dismiss people so easily, then why did our Prophet not do the same with the ruler of Abyssinia?
    We have to think about these things and reflect on them deeply.
    Cuba before 1959 was, literally and figuratively, a giant brothel. It was prostituting itself both literally and figuratively. It was the place where American corporations acted with impunity and a place where American soldiers could "have a little fun." It was a place where the well-to-do could live a life of luxury unimaginable to most people, while the poor were treated like dogs. Fidel not only uprooted this cancerous foreign influence but also made his country much more just and equitable. These things have value. We respect these things.
    So to summarize:
    Was Fidel nominally a communist? Yes. Does that mean he is completely dismissible? No.
    And when assessing a leader who comes from a totally different context than us, we cannot just measure his beliefs against ours and dismiss him outright. That kind of mentality is what leads to Shias rejecting Bashar al-Assad simply because of his madhab.
    We know from the example of our Prophets and Imams that it is very important to find common ground with others. There is a lot to like about Fidel. He was brave, just, and did a lot of good for his people. Ideologically, obviously we have differences but at the same time we have to understand that in his time and in his country, there was no other path to take. And quite admirably, he pursued it in his own style. He didn't do everything like the Soviets would do. Who knows, maybe if he were in a later era, he would be praying for the return of Imam Mahdi while sitting next to an uncomfortable Mahmoud Abbas. It's a possibility.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Sindbad05 in Friends of the Mahdi   
    Imam Hassan a.s never married for joy but to for helping the widows and their orphans. In the likewise manner, a Muslim can have as many slave women in his nikah as he can bear because in this way those slave women will never get afflicted by the hardships of societies. If I am wrong, I require corrections.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to reisiger in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    What's with the labeling fixation with humans in general? Why can't we just be Muslims and leave it at that?
    With respect to (and for) the Zaydis, I would say that in my limited knowledge, their fiqh is Hanafi (not a problem at all), and they do not believe in the infallibility of the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (AS); they also do not follow Imam Baqir (AS) or Imam Sadiq (AS).  Whereas the Isma'ilis do, and they also follow the same Ja'fari school of fiqh (broadly) as Ithna Ashari do.
    At the end of the day, anyone who affirms the Shahada and believes that Muhammad (SAWAS) is the final Prophet and messenger is my brother or sister.  Let Allah (SWT) do the judging on the things in which we differed.
    And I say this with the absolute highest respect and esteem for everyone in this conversation.  I love you all for Allah's sake.
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    Ali Hamieh reacted to Ali al-Abdullah in A Guide to Sunni Trends   
    Zaydis are more Shia than Ismailis and Alawites atleast
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