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  1. It's actually about Iran and its allies because Iran still not on its knees in contrary to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. So jealousy regarding the firm stand of Shia Iran is one of thre main factors. You don't have to look hard to see that Saudi-Arabia, the Gulf-States and Turkey are all firm allies of the Superpower of today and is doing nothing for the Palestinians at all. But because certain Ottoman/Wahhabi vasal-states don't have the balls to do that instead of blaming theirselves for their cowardness they close lines with the West and blame Shia Iran for being deviated, evil or whatever. Second of all, as long those Ottoman/Wahhabi vasal-states do not protect minority groups in the M-E and specifically in their neighbouring countries so these minorities sooner or later will ask the help of someone else which is in this case Iran. That happens when you think according a backwarded sectarian mindset. This is what they wanted. So this is what they got.
  2. Salam, Erdogan is an Ottoman dreamer. There are some quotes about him from Asad-interviews which are quite correct. He is the hope for the Ottoman minded Turks and with this kind of speech and doings he makes them feel strong again.not knowing he and his country are on the path of self-destruction.
  3. Salam, There is a lot of anti-Shia propaganda on the i-net. In some countries when you are looking for info about Shi'ism the first Google-page is full of references to anti-Shia websites. But this actually only made me more convinced about it's truthfulness.
  4. Salam bro', It's not about travelling or access to i-net. It's just about being honest to yourself. You don''t need to have an amount of knowledge to see the light. I was actually not satisfied from the start with this whole caliphate thing. Allah would never let His Ummah go astray unless people choose for it by free will. But to dissasociate from certain people. I don't know bro'. If Muhammad s.a.w. would disasociate from certain people because of their refusal to believe Islam would never be as successful as it is now.
  5. Salam, Thank you. We should be carefull with and cherish our heroes. May Allah grant him the reward of martyrdom.
  6. Salam, I don't know if this is helpful in your discussion but what I know from some reading in the past that Kabbalistic Judaism believe that God sacrificied a part of Himself to make space for creation.
  7. Salam, Yes you're right but can you show me an authentic narrative that it is as you said i.e. that Imam Ali a.s. pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr?
  8. Salam, There is adult debate. Reasonable and factual. And there is childish skirmishing. In both ways one can provide useful information but the performance takes away the real message. If Imam Ali a.s. did accept or not accept it. Just give the references or show the weak chain of the opposed narrative. When people become dramatical and all then the discussion will degrade to the level of a Jerry Springer Show.
  9. Salam, I'm not someone from the inbetween or the yes and no at the same time. You can stay in the middle and not taking a risk but I go for the most positive narrations about him and in the first place his noble deed itself. And as I said before, intentions are only known to Allah and not the affairs of man. If you only came with narrations that are 100% autenthic it would be diffirent but now you yourself say you're not really sure about them either.
  10. Salam, Thank you for the clarification.
  11. Then it is up to him to proof his claims with the right sources and references.
  12. Salam, But there is punishment. And his intentions are only known to Allah.
  13. Salam, Nasibi's keep silent and are surely laughing about this internal dispute. Let's provide references for our claims instead of reasoning.
  14. I believe he did the best deed a man could do in his time (that's the proof for me) no matter what were the sayings about him. In the end a man is judged by his deeds and the state he dies in.
  15. Salam, Look, He took revenge on the killer of Imam Hussain a.s. People always try to defame such great personalities.
  16. Salam, I came to the conclusion that there are Shia scholars/narrations that claim no and others that claim yes.
  17. Salam, Yes I saw these kinda topics more and more and even though it is not the intention of those who started it, they are sugestive and can lead to fitna. A forum is not discrete for these kind of topics.
  18. Salam, He took revenge on the killers of Imam Hussain a.s. so at least he must have been doing something good. And if he is bad then why is his grave to be found at the back of Masjid Al-Kufa?
  19. Salam, As a new Shia why did you shiachat members never told me about Mukhtar al-Thaqafi? What was his role in Shia Islam?
  20. Look man, It's simple, you pay, they give. And not everyone living in Turkey making use of Turkish companies and facilities is pro-Erdogan. One-Third of the population is Alevi and/or Kurdish so ... Have a nice trip mayn!
  21. Salam, What is known about Ka'ab al-Ahbar the jew who was seen as a man with knowledge by Umar and who was regularly consulted by him because of his knowledge about The Book and Jewish Traditions. What was his role in influencing Islamic narrations and traditions with Isra'iliyyat (body of narratives originating from Jewish and Christian traditions) and are there books or studies about this subject?
  22. Salam, Once in a while I come across statements about Umar and his interest for Judaism and it's books. But are there clear references as well that can affirm this? And why did Umar had so much interest for it?
  23. Come on man! For a religion wherein a believer let alone a Prophet s.a.w. even has to sacrifice his own life this just sounds plain stupid. This wasnt a personal thing but for the benefit of all believers 'till the End of Time. And with the addition of 'the Quran is enough for us' Umar was putting himself above the prophet s.a.w. While during the writing of the testament of Abu Bakr who fell in coma as well, there was present a scribe, paper and a pen and Uthman waited for Abu Bakr to become conscious again and then finished it with the confirmation of the latter. To pass the succession over to Umar was obviously more important than a message which would not let the Ummah go astray.
  24. Outwardly it maybe went like that but do not forget the political mechanisms behind the curtain. I always judge an event and its intentions by the outcome and not what is apparently seems to be. The Ansar were divided in Khazraj and Aws. The Muhajirin knew they could be a binding factor but as Umar wasn't a populair as Abu Bakr because of his temperament and the last was older than him it is obvious that actually Abu Bakr was the only one fitting. Umar was smart enough to know that as he was the brother in Islam of Abu Bakr, if he was patient he could be the caliph tomorrow and that's the way it went.
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