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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It seems Arabic is not your mother tongue. And if so then still you did not check it out thoroughly. For if you only checked the word by word corpus the words Jesus nor He are nowhere in the verse. The last verse before verse 61 which is verse 60 is about angels and not Jesus so there goes your indication. Must be one of these poor interpretations of the Quran wherewith they try to fit the Quran in some concept so they demolish and change the entire verse with the translation.
  2. The West and the Arab world wanted to topple Asad from the start so you will never see evidence that will benefit Assad. Second of all, Wallahi! When Hillary said that the US would intervene IF Assad would use Chemical Weapons I knew that Chemical Weapons would be used as an excuse to intervene by the rebels and that Assad would be blamed and guess what happened?
  3. The return of Nabi Isa a.s isn't mentioned in the Quran either but it is in the Bible.
  4. Come on GCF, There is a diffifence between considering someone to be a disbeliever and still treat him as a human being AND to kill him, enslave his women and children and take his possesions. The first way is innocent and will only hurt the one uttering it if his judgment wasn't rightful.
  5. No. You asked me about Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi's statement about Takfir:
  6. He showed us mass executions, beheadings, suicide bombings in and near mosques and burning people alive and you are asking for his statement?
  7. Salam, Dear sister, The foundation of Shi'ism is that succession of the Prophet is a Divine affair and that Allah appointed Imam Ali a.s. through Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. as his successor. The number of Imams, if imamate has to be an unbroken line or not and the matter of occultation are the diffirences that made the sects while the foundation of all Shia sects is one and the same.
  8. The actual meaning of Takfir is to enslave the women of and to kill those who are considered to be non-muslims by people who consider themselves to be muslims.
  9. But not every Sunni wants to be called a Salafi or even identified with a Salafi. While all if not most Salafi calls a Sufi a non-Sunni or even a non-muslim so if you want to go specific then mention all the details.
  10. Look, My colleguae admitted himself a while ago that an Imam told him that the belief in Mahdi is not a part of belief. Not in the way that it is not obliged to belief in it but that belief in it is not Islam. I would not have said this if it wasn't the case. And as an ex-sunni I know there are ahaadith confirming the belief in Imam Mahdi a.s. So student, verify your facts first or ask me before you hastily draw conclusions.
  11. Salam, I have a Sunni colleguae with who I talked about the End of Times and then he mentioned the return of Isa a.s. Then I added 'and the Mahdi' but then he replied he wasn't sure about the existence of the Mahdi. I know he did not made this up on his own but because of hearsay as he is not a real student but one who follows authorized imams and some hardline Sunni sheikhs with Salafi aspirations. My questions are: 1) If there is a case of invention then should't the belief in the return of Isa a.s. be the first to reject as this belief could be ascribed to Israiliyat, the narratives of converted jews and muslims who added their narratives to our ahaadith while the belief in the Mahdi is much more close to us and last but not least because he a.s. is a son of Muhammad s.a.w., Ahl al-Bayt, Aale Muhammad? 2) Are there Sunni or Salafi scholars who reject the belief in al-Mahdi a.s. or trying to cover it up and if so why?
  12. Salam, Wasn't there a hadith as well that states that Adam a.s. saw the Throne of Allah with thereon the name of Muhammad s.a.w. or the names of the People of the Cloak and that by asking forgiveness in their names he a.s. was indeed forgiven?
  13. Salam, Brother, what I meant was that not all but a certain amount of ahaadith were just made up for or to emphasize ideological purposes that are contradicting the course of history or other ahaadith as well. I should not have said that you're a parrot. We're in fact all sudents. The only thing that bothers me sometimes that people take things for granted without verifying, comparing it to the Quran, reason and historical souces which in most cases are not such a rosegarden as certain ahaadith.
  14. Sakam, What were the words used by Adam when repenting to His Lord? And are they simmilar in Sunni and Shi'a sources?
  15. Salam, Thank you for posting this brother. It's clear to me that his deeds were apreciated by the right people.
  16. Because there was no need for him to do that as muslims already had the Quran and believed in and lived in the presence of the Last Prophet. Why do such a silly experiment?
  17. The Wahhabi sack of Karbala and the Ta'if Massacre of 1802. The true colors of Wahhabism.
  18. Salam, Sometimes I hear about hadith which forbids yawning because satan will enter the mouth or always put two shoes or sandals on instead of one because that's the dresscode of satan, to not whistle with the mouth etcetera. These things do actually make me think more about paganism and superstition than monotheism and rationalism. A lot of ahaadith I still remember from my Sunni period but there are probably such ahaadith in Shia books as well. Are these kind of ahaadith reliable or did they crept in in time? I fully believe in the islamic fundamentals which in my eyes are contrary to the beliefs of the ones above. If one would say that it are beliefs of pagan and isolated forest-, desert or mountaintribes, or villagepeople from the heart of Trans-Siberia I would believe it immediately but it's hard for me to accept they are an integral part of islam.
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