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  1. First of all I did not said sons. I said offspring. The question was: Why was not all the offspring of Ibrahim a.s. part of Imamate? And we know the answer of Allah to that question. Who decided Imam Ali a.s. to be the successor of Muhammad s.a.w.? Same principle for the next and then the next and then the next and then the ..
  2. Ask the People of the Book or better said Ask them what is in their Book is said in the sense that the stories that Allah revealed to Muhammad s.a.w. are still existing in the Book and therefore are no fairy tales. But I understand it's loopy for some people because the Quran is the Criterion that shows what is still authentic and what is not and the condition is that one should believe in the Quran as the Word of Allah. For someone who does not it doesn't make sense I think.
  3. Salam, It's clear that Al-Murtada isn't comfortable with the hadith as well and tries to de-antropomorphosize it while there are sunni scholars who love to emphasize the claim that man is created in God's image. Must be jewish ancestry or influence or something. The Judaization of Islam started with the interrest of Umar for the Taurat and consulting the converted jew Ka'ab al-Ahbar. This consulting of him continued during the caliphate of Uthman as well as Muawiya the governor who also consulted him often, This Ka'ab told Umar to put the altar of the Dome of the Rock towards the sakhra (Jewish Qiblah). I can't say that there is no Israiiyat influence in Shi'a ahaadith for there is but there are elements of Israiliyat incorporated in the creed of Sunni Islam and it should be located and erased.
  4. Salam Sunnibro, The explanation and meaning of the ahaadith about man created in the image of Allah according to a Salafi Q&A site:
  5. Ayatollah Khameini is a good man. I love him. I don't see him as my religious leader but as a political leader I could swear allegiance to him under certain circumstances yes. There are even Sunnites who accept him as their leader.
  6. Not according to me but according to your sources, my sources and historical accounts. - Asking for something on false grounds: Who refused Fatima a.s. to give her inheritance to her and was it her right to ask her inheritance? - Participating in an ungodly process: Who made this proces ungodly? Why was it ungodly? Was it ungodly in itself or because of the conditions that were made? - Handing over leadership over to an unfit person: Who was unfit? And whose fault was it that he was unfit? The Ahl Al-Bayt a.s. just did what they had to do and they are not responsible for the deeds of the perpetrators.
  7. The revelation and meaning of the last sentence of the verse is confirmed in an authentic Sahih Muslim hadith which adresses the ones under the Cloak as those who are purified. Now you can come with books and libraries to prove your point but the truth is right before your eyes. Plain and simple. And in your own sources as well. Just accept it.
  8. Why was not all the offspring of Ibrahim a.s. part of Imamate. Why were not all of Bani israel prophets and some not? These questions .....
  9. Only if this part of the verse wasn't revealed separated from the former part. The verse does actually consist of two sentences and the part which we are discussing is surprisingly the complete second sentence.
  10. These people are actually exposing theirselves. Not the one or the ones who set up the conditions.
  11. That part came down after the event of Muhabala according to Shi'a and Sunni narrations. The Sunni narration of Sahih Muslim is already mentioned.
  12. Maybe jealousy so they gave him the feeling break up would be better. (Because they couldn't ave what he have.)
  13. Did she convert or wasn't that enough?
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